Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#Fav7Films times two

Twitter circulated a hashtag: #Fav7Films.  If I wasn't such a lame blogger, I'd take a couple of minutes and attempt to find how/why this hashtag began, or who started it, but I'm lame lazy. 

I participated and rattled off my #Fav7Films, published the tweet, then thought "wait, but, what about........" and felt I needed to list seven more.  So, I did.  Really, do I need to follow any "rules" when it comes to twitter hashtags?  No.  So, I rattled off seven more. 

I started thinking about these movies and this exercise.  What I liked about it is that I didn't put much thought into it.  I spilled out fourteen movies that I think of as my "favorites", and in that quick, fun tweet(s), I think I came up with a pretty solid list (for me).  So, I thought I'd share them with you.

Plus, it's a good time to talk about movies because jenn's "fall film challenge" begins next week.

Love Actually - It makes me laugh, and it makes me cry.  It makes me enjoy a different storyline or actor or character almost every time I watch it.  I always end with a full heart after watching it, and there's not much better a feeling than a full heart.

The Outsiders - The only piece of poetry that I can recite from memory is the Robert Frost poem that Pony Boy recites in this movie.  My heart loves this movie so much.  Patrick Swayze is so wonderful in so many films, but his supporting role in this one is my fave.  And, I love Cherry Valance (Diane Lane).  And, Matt Dillon as Dallas Winston.  And, Soda Pop and Two Bit.  And, of course, Johnny and Pony Boy.  Oh, and did I mention Tom Cruise is in it (before an agent got a hold of him and made him fix his teeth)?

Urban Cowboy - Stereotypes exist for a reason, because sometimes there is some truth to them.  I have a friend in Texas.  Her parents met at Gilley's.  Her father was a bullrider in his 20s.  Her mother was an underage teen that snuck into the bar.  They married after knowing each other for only 2 weeks.  They are still together with two children and three grandchildren.  This movie is a slice of Texas life and culture that I cherish.  No, the domestic violence and adultery aren't pretty, but they are real.
Notice John Travolta's white boots with brown tips on the toes.  Yep, I had some.

Grease 2 - Stephanie Zinone is so much cooler than Sandy.  I wanted to be Stephanie Zinone.  In the first Grease, Sandy had to change to snag her guy finally.  In Grease 2, a guy had to change to get a girl.  I like that.  Plus, I like the songs better.  And, Maxwell Caulfield is dreamier than John Travolta.

Almost Famous - For someone like myself who feels like some music really speaks to them...or that some of their favorite musicians are "friends", this movie is wonderful and poignant.

Good Will Hunting - Another movie that makes me laugh and makes me cry and is filled with life lessons.  Robin Williams at his finest.  And, hey, that Matt Damon guy and Ben Affleck dude are pretty good too.

The Fox and the Hound - I've mentioned before that this is my all-time favorite Disney movie.  My love of animals and the story of friendship makes me continue to love it, even as an adult. 

Moulin Rouge - The music.  The colors.  The costumes.  The story.  Satine & Christian.  Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.  I love all of this movie. 

Sleepers - This story stuck with me.  The cast and performances are fantastic.  The question of right and wrong...who are the "bad" guys and who are the "good" ones in this particular story is one that is thought-provoking.

A Time to Kill - This movie punches me in the gut every time I see it.  Who won Oscars and Golden Globes that year?  I don't know.  What I do know is Samuel L. Jackson should have.

Pretty in Pink - I adore John Hughes movies with Molly Ringwald as his muse, but this one is my favorite.  James Spader is particularly slimy.  And, really, who doesn't love Duckie?

Brian's Song - I can not watch this movie without sobbing like a baby.  Based on the true story of the life and friendship of Chicago Bears players Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers.

Less Than Zero - I don't really know if I thought much about acting skills until I saw this movie and Robert Downey Jr.'s performance.  Oh, and slimy James Spader makes another appearance.  It's a cautionary tale that "drugs are real bad".

She's the One - I'm a fan of Edward Burns.  There is something miserable, yet comical about this movie.  The familial relationships and love interests are dysfunctional and authentic.

I've got some honorable mentions...but, like I said, for a quick off-the-cuff response, I think this is pretty great reflection of my #Fav7Films. 

What do you think?

Quick.  Don't think too hard.  Tell me your #Fav7Films. 


  1. Wow I love this post!! You've listed some great movies - and a few I haven't heard of so I'm going to check them out!! I, too, love Love Actually. And The Outsiders. I actually haven't seen Grease 2 but your comments about it make me want to!!

  2. I haven't heard of some of these, but I love Love Actually.
    My top 7 list would include The Mummy (90s version), Alice in Wonderland (made for TV version), Fantastic Mr. Fox, a John Wayne film (it'd be tough to narrow it down on the spot), The Italian Job, X-Men: First Class, and Talladega Nights. Haha! (This list is exclusive of Harry Potter Films. lol)

  3. I've seen precisely one of these films... The Fox and the Hound. Obviously I'm missing out!

    Off the top of my head and in no particular order, my top 7 list:

    1. The Princess Bride, 2. The Crow, 3. A League of Their Own, 4. Clue, 5. Dogma, 6. Edward Scissorhands, 7. The BFG (animated version - I haven't seen the new one)

    Now I'm probably going to think of several dozen that should have been on the list!

    1. Aaah, see... I knew it! Now I wish I'd included High Fidelity! Maybe in place of The BFG?

  4. seriously so great. love actually always warms my heart. and almost famous - love love kate in that! moulin rouge! baz is the best with his direction of films. i'm totally going to do a post on my fav movies i'm all inspired :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. I love this. SO many good ones here. But quite a few I have not seen. I'll be honest and say that my 80's move exposure is kind of low. hehe Gosh, my top 7: (aside from LOTR / Hobbits - because that's how I roll) Superstar, French Kiss, Danny Deckchair, Garden State, Little Women, Stardust, and gah I dunno - something. Probably just put in the hobbits and LOTR as one! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. Ohhh, good choices! I may have to try to do this...yea, I think that I will. :)

  7. Moulin Rouge! That was at the top of my list for many years... I saw in 8 times in the theater alone! But I haven't watched it in a while so I'm not sure it still makes the cut. My top 7 are: 1) It Happened One Night - I hope you like this one! 2) Stranger than Fiction 3) The Family Stone 4) Dan in Real Life 5) The Philadelphia Story - Another 1930s film with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn 6) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and 7) Moulin Rouge, Look it did make the list!

  8. Are you a podcast listener? If so or even if not you need to listen to Still Buffering How to RomCom as they have a serious Grease 2 conversation!

  9. Moulin Rouge & Grease... you are speaking to my musical loving heart with those two.

  10. LOVE Moulin Rouge! For a while I swear I watched that weekly. It's been too long now! That would probably earn a spot on my list. I might have to do one of these...but then I see Kelly's comment above and she reminds me of more movies I would have to add and then I'd have like 39. Yikes! Ha!

  11. Okay, I'm not sure if these are my top 7 movies of all-time. But these are definitely favorite movies that I watch over and over: Goonies, Star Wars, Toy Story 3, Beetlejuice, The Wizard of Oz, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, The Breakfast Club. Beyond Toy Story 3, they are movies from my childhood, so a lot of nostalgia, I guess. You've shared your love for Grease 2 before and I can't remember if I've seen it. Grease, yes. Many, many times. But I like the guy having to change for the girl, so I need watch Grease 2 the next time I see it on TV.

  12. There are a few on this list that I'm embarrassed to say I haven't seen!

    "Tom Cruise is in it (before an agent got a hold of him and made him fix his teeth)" -->I think this every time I watch Top Gun. He was cuter with the little imperfection! (and before the Scientology...)

  13. These are some great ones! I SERIOUSLY adore Love Actually. It makes me cry every time!

  14. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  15. i haven't seen the outsiders - is that diane lane in that gif?! i listened to rob lowe's book and he talked about it (he's in that, right? or am i thinking of something else?)
    i have never seen urban cowboy. one day i will watch grease 2. i love moulin rouge, it always fills me with joy.
    off the top of my head: pride & prejudice, austenland, the decoy bride, calamity jane, stardust, ever after aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the princess bride. i could probably name like 75 more. haha.

  16. So many great movies! Also so many I haven't seen. I wish more were on Netflix. I just added Urban Cowboy to my Netflix queue, because dang how have I never seen that. I also love Moulin Rouge, I just am afraid to watch it again because the eennnndd. I've never seen Grease 2, so that probably needs to happen.

  17. Great post...I should take it on to get out of my blogging slump. I do like Sleepers and A Time to kill from your list. Haven't watched a lot of the others.

    My tops favs would have to include You've got mail, Crash, Monsters Inc, Inside out, Mary Poppins...and then I have to think some more

  18. I should make a list of my favorites for a post sometime. I've been meaning to do that forever, but so far I've only shared specific types of favorites (like scary movies, for example).

    I actually haven't seen most of these movies ... I should change that! I do love that you included Sleepers, though. I feel like that's a really underrated film. (Or maybe I just don't know that many people who have actually seen it?) When Eric and I first started dating and were talking about favorite movies, Sleepers came up for both of us. I remember thinking that he had good taste in movies. :-)

  19. I don't think that I'll ever ever get sick of Love Actually! It's such a good movie and one that I could watch year round despite the fact that it's a Christmas movie. I haven't watched Grease 2 in a while, but I think that I need to rewatch it, especially since the guy changes for the girl! I'm pretty sure that I can quote and sign every song from Moulin Rouge! I watched it over and over again in high school!


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