Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.85

Had a fantastic breakfast with a friend on Monday ~ Australia's bacon is closer to Canadian bacon. I asked for mine burnt, they obliged, and I was pleased. 

A little eyeliner sampling

It was a rainy, dreary, cool week. A tea break, on those type of days, is necessary. 

A ladies' night out on Friday - all four of us are graduates of Texas A&M University living in Sydney. 

Terrible picture. Yes. But these birds are so pretty. Can you see them?

Two reasons I lovvvvve Sundays ... our adventures with Sally and Dolly ...

... followed by Sunday snoozefests with the feline family members. 

How was your week?  


  1. Good week here for the most part! I can't complain! Trying to enjoy every last second of my summer vacation!

  2. That's so fun that there's college alumni friends living in Sydney like that. I know when I run into people from "home", it always feels so comforting.

  3. All your critter pictures are the greatest :) Also, that tea pic totally inspired me to get up and make some right now!
    We spent most of Sat. & Sun. with K's family since they were in town for his cousin's wedding!

  4. LOVE the picture of all your critters. <3
    And that plate of food looks delish!!

  5. Yum that breakfast looks delicious! And that's awesome to meet up with some fellow A&M grads!

  6. snuggle kitties! never gets old :) and yes for tea and girl time! a great week indeed!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. That breakfast looks delicious!!! And I really love that bottom liner color. Is it a deep purple? So pretty!

  8. i hate australian bacon! hahaha. mum asks for hers burnt as well! she loves american bacon.
    i love how much you love your pets :)
    love your girls night with your friends, how cool that you all went to the same university and are now living on the other side of the world.

  9. The dark purple is my favorite eyeliner color too. So pretty. The breakfast looks delicious. And you know I love the kitty and doggie pics. Nothing beats a cat nap. :)

  10. The Aggie network is seriously my favorite because of the fact that there's always somebody near by! I love that you met up with some fellow Aggies for a HH! I loved seeing all your snapstories of your pups playing at the park! They looked like they were having a blast! The cat shenanigans are always fun too :)

  11. That is so awesome that you get together with other Texas A&M alumni & having a girls' night is always warranted! :)

  12. BACON. yum. I dont have it too often but when I do, I EAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT.


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