Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Thoughts vol.3

I posted a whopping two "Thursday Thoughts" posts in 2015 (one in April, the other in September).  Clearly, I'm consistent with this prompt.  I thought I'd give it another go. 

Apparently, this has made its rounds on the internet for a while, but this week is the first time I saw it.  Michelle may be my new hero.  She's one of them, at least.  Read this:  Woman has a romantic evening with her tinder date. Then he texts her to tell her she's fat  The guy claims that he doesn't want to sound like "a total knobhead".  He failed miserably.

Most of you know that I'm a book challenge junkie and that I'm almost always juggling several book challenges at once.  I'm smack dab in the midst of the one I host and have a few others going on as well.  But, I've received library notifications that two different books are waiting for me to pick up.  Neither book is for a challenge.  They are just books that I want to read.  Hooray for books!

Speaking of books, I got my hands on Karin Slaughter's new book in her Will Trent series.  Today, as my train pulled into the station, I audibly cursed.  I did not want to stop reading.  I'm at work now, and I really wish I was somewhere that I could read until the book is finished.  #KarinSlaughterFangirl

My guy and I watched a HBO produced documentary titled Silence in the House of God.  It details a history of abuse and corruption of Catholic priests and many in the hierarchy of the Church.  The story centers on sexual abuse that occurred over decades at a school for deaf children in Milwaukee.  I wept, and I couldn't stop crying for about 45 minutes straight.  I've stated several times that, in my opinion, crimes against children under the veil of religion has to be the worst criminal acts committed.  My heart ached for the victims.  And, my heart aches for all good, honest, devout, loving parishioners.  At a time in my life, I considered converting to Catholicism.  Still, when I go to church, I often attend a Catholic one.  The traditions and reverence are uplifting to me.  But, one can not deny the corruption that existed (and still exists), and the damage to so many innocent lives.  It breaks my heart. 

Helpful hint:  I gave Kristin this advice, and she said that it made sense and asked why weren't customers told this... Good point.  So, I'm passing along my "expert" advice.  (I'm not really an expert, but my guy is, and I've worked in the industry for 6 years.)  If you have a watch with a dead battery, get it changed promptly.  A dead battery that sits in the watch for months can corrode, rust, or release acid and cause more severe damage to your watch. 

I've got Olympic fever.  Previously, I wrote about Watching the Olympics as an Expat.  Y'all.  It's tough living in the times that Olympics results are splashed all over social media.  No longer am I sitting at home watching an event anticipating the judges' scores or the split second finish.  But...I shall not let that spoil some of the fantastic Olympic moments I've already witnessed. 
One of the greatest sports photos ever taken - Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty 
If Americans don't win, I'm happy when the Aussies do.
I miss watching gymnastics.  I miss it a lot.
Who runs the world?  Credit: Emmanuel Dunande /Getty

After the men's 4x100 freestyle relay, and the Americans winning gold, an Australian radio personality called them "Arrogant yanks!"  We had a minor twitter feud.
I'm referring to "Cate", an Aussie swimmer the night before who swam the final leg of the gold medal winning relay

But, we made up.

How adorable is this picture of Katie Ledecky getting an autograph from Michael Phelps ten years ago??
Shared by Good Morning America (H/T | Ledecky Family)

I'm getting inked tomorrow.  In two places.  I've been wanting each of these tatts for years.  I found a female artist that is Sydney-based, and I'm obsessed with her work.  After 2 different appointments that had to be rescheduled, third time's a charm, right?!?  Be prepared for me to share many pics on various sites.  Not telling you what I'm getting yet.  You have to wait and see :)

New Bon Jovi tomorrow/Friday the 12th.  #jovigirlforlife

Happy Thursday, folks!


  1. what is this shit about if the americans don't win, i'm happy if the aussies do.

    it's USA SWIMMING or nothing, woman. come on.

  2. I am so excited to see your new tattoos!

  3. I told Teh German that it was awesome having 2 countries to root for.. except for when they were competing against each other. He suggested cheering for whoever was winning, but that didn't help because they were tied.

    I've looked at that photo of Phelps a lot and I kept trying to tell myself the other guy was just breathing, except that he definitely wasn't if they were swimming fly. You normally look straight ahead for fly.

    Yay for watches with no batteries! Even if they don't light up... grumble grumble grumble.

    The Catholic church thing.. yeahhhh.. I think documentaries on the actual brutality of the Catholic church are quite interesting. They were essentially the ISIS/ISIL of the Middle Ages. Let's review that.. CHRISTIANS were terrorists. They killed people for not following their religion. At least history is consistent.

  4. I love the autograph picture! Olympics are a dreams can come true thing for me. I love it.

  5. I love that you feuded with the radio! Haha- glad they made up for it. (I totally think our US swimmers are a little arrogant, but I still grin when they win. Plus, they worked hard for that shit so it's ok to brag a little... ha.) I LOVE that photo of Katie and Phelps- my husband will enjoy that picture We've been cheering both on them on!
    Can't wait to see your new ink!

  6. i am SO excited for your tattoo reveals! and once healed of course. love them. and how cute is that photo with Phelps! and i'm glad you made up with the radio guy. seriously people don't realize what they are saying sometimes (this is what i like to believe). i need to watch that docu. sigh. even if it'll upset me i love learning more about all things

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. I loved your Tweet about Michael Phelps, I died when I read it. Tee hee!

    New ink?! I'm so jealous! Cannot wait to see what you get! :)

  8. Twitter feuds... always fun :)
    I'm afraid to read the link about the tinder date... I think I'm going to get infuriated at the stupidity of people.
    I love when a book is so good you just DONT WANT TO STOP!

  9. Ooooh! I cannot wait to see what ink you've gotten. :) Eep!

    Must watch that documentary or at least try to find it. Sounds equally riveting as it does deplorable. Jesus.


  10. one time, in london, i got on a train and was reading my book and i looked up when i finished it and i was 2 hours outside of the city... which i had not planned to be haha. i was so pissed, because i had nothing to read on the way back!
    god, what an arrogant australian to say that! don't they know you're not all yanks?! RUDE. good for you for standing up to them. people in my building are trying to get in feuds with me about australia vs america and i'm like i am equally happy for both countries - actually, i am happy for every single person that works their ass off and gets a damn medal, something i could NEVER do. so screw every rude person.
    YAY NEW TATTOOS! I haven't gotten a new one in 10 years, can you believe it?!

  11. I agree wholeheartedly - abuse against children is despicable but somehow even worse when use religion as an excuse. I believe there is a special in Hell for those people. Oooooh, I'm excited about your new tattoos. I don't have any but kind of want one but am kind of scared. :) And I love it when you have a great book that you can't put down but hate it when you're forced to do so!

  12. Yay for new tattoos! I can't wait to see what you got. I am living the Olympics vicariously through Facebook post and random Internet posts. I have been able to watch because we do not have cable and I'm too lazy to look it up I suppose. However I have been watching the replays of the gymnastics because that is my favorite no matter who wins I just think it's beautiful and brilliant!

  13. Olympic fever is strong here too. Love that Ledecky/Phelps photo! How bizarre though that he was already a huge star a decade ago. Can't wait to see or hear about the new ink!

  14. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't watch the gymnastics! That would be the hardest part about watching it in another country! Well, and the fact that they're not cheering for the right team! I'm glad that you're still friends with that radio announcer, even if he couldn't admit that he was wrong!

  15. FYI -- kayla LOVES bon jovi; she asks me to play "Bad Medicine" repeatedly lol

  16. My next the people changing the watch battery speak to the customer about any potential damage? hmmmm

    That picture of the future Olympian with Phelps is adorable.

  17. AHHHH MICHELLE IS MY HERO TOO! It really hit me right in the gut when she said he has a daughter at the end of her post. That poor girl. Hopefully he doesn't mess with her impressionable head.

    Ahh that picture of Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky!!! So cool! I haven't watched like ANY Olympics...I really want to find all the gymnastics events and watch them because I'm obsessed. (Even though I know the outcome.)

  18. Oh man I have serious olympic fever over here too! Gotta see those tatts - post em stat!

  19. I just saw that tinder date thing this week as well - apparently I live under a rock? She is definitely my new hero. Go Michelle!!

    Jan is boycotting the olympics for various reasons. I could watch if I wanted but I don't care enough, so I'm just finding out which medals Britain has won by what my brother posts on social media ;-) Speaking of swimming, YAY Adam Peaty!

  20. Did you see Spotlight at the cinema? Such a good film but so heartbreaking. And Oranges and Sunshine. Anyway, depressing films aside, the Olympics are so exciting! It's the only time I ever feel sad about not having a tv. I can watch catch up online but it's definitely not the same. Also I want to watch things like US gymnastics but it's just not at all shown here :(

  21. Ohhh I never thought about the watch battery thing. Good point! I need to go home and take mine out immediately! And yay for tattoos!!!!!!!! I want another one!!!


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