Monday, November 21, 2016

Blogger Love vol.9

I really should do these on a regular basis, but oh well, I don't, yet I'm still going to share the "blogger love".

In case you missed it.  THIS.  I shared it before.  If you read no other link but this one, please read this one.  From Kaity...  He Grabbed Me By The Pussy: My Sexual Assault Story

People are Diverse. Books Should Be Too.  With a title like that, how can Rose's post go wrong?  It doesn't.  It is wonderful.

From Alyssa's prompt "What You Hope Others Receive from You", Megan shared this lovely post.

Speaking of Alyssa, her "Back to Blogging" ended and she wraps it up with this post:  Well, That Was Fun - when you have some spare time, I highly suggest digging into her link-up and posts.  There's some great stuff there.

Jana gives you permission.  Mic drop.

This couldn't have come at a better time:  Tanya's Tired of all the Toxicity? I've Got the Cure: Cute Animal Pictures, Funny Memes, and More!

There have been a lot, and I mean A LOT of posts during and after this Presidential election, but this one gets a standing ovation from me:  Ericka's Dear Mr. Trump

From my personal archives, my feelings expressed in this post from 5 years ago are the same today about Thanksgiving

Have any blog love that you want to share with me?


  1. These are all such great posts. Thanks so much for including mine along with them!

  2. yay for blogger love! that first one still gets me. and i am bookmarking the dear mr trump - i'm sure i'll love it if you do! happy week girly :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. These are great. I like the mix of blog land love and cute/funny posts and serious/election-based posts. I loved your Thanksgiving post, too!

  4. I like your Thanksgiving post. I'm not in another country, but we've never gone home for Thanksgiving, so the sentiments are similar.

  5. I read Kaity's post when you share it originally and it gave me shivers. It was an important message when she wrote it, but now it seems even more powerful in light of everything that happened. I loved Jana's post too because I am one of those women who used to need permission and trying to get over it. Thanks for sharing my post - off to read the few posts that are new to me!

  6. I really loved Jana's post and enjoyed Alyssa's link up so much!

  7. i've been avoiding internet negativity as well; looking at dog pictures and funny memes are the only way to do that aka Tanya's post! :)

  8. The blogging non-challenge was so much fun to host, and so many great posts came out of it! Thanks for including the round-up here :) And as always, thanks for connecting us to some good posts and blogs we should already be reading!

  9. i love these posts - most of the time i've read the ones you've shared, but occasionally i find a new one, but i always love nodding along being like yep yep, all my blogger friends are awesome.

  10. Somehow, I missed this back in November. I am so sorry for the lack of acknowledgment until today! Thank you, Erin, for the blogger love shout out and the standing ovation. It means a lot to me.


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