Monday, November 14, 2016

Book Challenge by Erin 5.0 Wrap Up

I know.  I know.  You are sick of hearing me talk about book challenges so much...but the one that is nearest and dearest to me is the one that I host ~ Book Challenge by Erin (yes, I know, those creative juices were really flowing when I came up with that name.)

Most of the challenge's activity occurs on the facebook group.  Selfishly, it allows me to interact with book lovers from every era of my life ~ family, high school friends, college friends, co-workers, adult friends, blogger buddies, friends of friends and more!  It is an open group.  I try to be a stress-free, no-pressure host.  I encourage as much (or as little) participation as a reader wants to give. 

This challenge is a selfish task, if I'm being honest.  I probably get greater pleasure out of it than any of the challenge participants.  How did we do for the fifth challenge installment?  Take a look...

Book Challenge by Erin 5.0 is complete! For all who participated this challenge:
  • The most books ever read for one of our challenges - 566! (compared to 497 in the previous challenge)
  • The most to finish all 10 books - 30!
  • The readers that finished BOTH rounds (20 books total) - 5 (including me!; the first time I ever did this)
  • To be honest, I was pretty awful with keeping up with who lives where this time, so I'll just report from last challenge we had 22 US states represented & 6 countries.
I appreciate each and every one that gives to this group. I read every book list, review, comment, and I am grateful for all of the support and encouragement shown for the love of books!  It is a happy place for me.

Winners!  I gave *small* prizes to four participants: the first person to finish BOTH rounds; the first person to finish the first round, the second person to finish the first round, and a "wild card" draw between all the ones who finished the challenge.  We had one of our blogger buddies to win a prize - congrats to Megan from can I decide another day?  What does a book lover need who bought a new house this year?  A classic Christmas book turned into a Christmas ornament!  I got her a 'Twas the Night Before Christmas ornament to be put on her very first tree in her new home.
Let me brag a little about more of our blogger friends...the following completed the challenge by reading 10 (or more) books:

Ashley at The Wandering Weekenders

Sanch at Living My Imperfect Life

Megan at Can I Decide Another Day?

Heather at Heather's Hurrah

Karen at Run Wright

Kaity at (Bee)autiful Blessings

Emma at Ever Emma

Tanya at A Mindful Migration

Bev at Confuzzledom

Jenn at Optimization, Actually

Ericka at A Quiet Girl's Musings of a World that Talks Too Much

Jamie at Whatever I Think Of!

Honorable mentions...because I know both of these lovely ladies did the best in a book challenge ever after participating in several...and for me, it's not all about finishing; it's about reading books!; and if this little challenge of mine can encourage that, then I'm thrilled.

Well done to:  Jenn at Quirky Pickings and Audrey at Life as Louise

Thinking about joining us for the next challenge??  Join the facebook group.  If you have any facebook friends that you think would enjoy the challenge, recommend them to join the group.  Some of the most enthusiastic readers in the group are friends of friends...and I love that!  Again, this challenge is open to more than just bloggers.  We have a lot of non-blogger participants.  If you know anyone who may want to dabble into the world of book challenges, share this page with them:  Book Challenge by Erin.

Or don't.  Some bloggers don't do facebook, and I'm cool with that too.  Of course, I announce stuff here on my blog too.

DECEMBER 1st - category announcement for Book Challenge by Erin 6.0

JANUARY 1st - APRIL 30th - BOOK CHALLENGE by ERIN 6.0 - tell your friends! Invite them to the group.  The more book lovers, the better!

Hooray for books!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I will never get sick of reading about book challenges ;-) And I love this round up of the statistics!

    Oooh, can't wait for the categories for the next one to come out!

  2. Great challenge! A thought: if you are really interested in seeing where people are reading from, maybe you could do a poll, or make a doc that everyone can edit and have people put their information in so it's less work for you. I bet people would be more than happy to put their info in and also curious to see where everyone else is from.

    Side note: if you ever want any help finding book images or doing any work in the group, let me know! It seems like so much work for one person and I don't even know what all you have to do behind the scenes.

  3. Um, first of all: I never tire of hearing you talk about books! Secondly, you're too sweet for the little shoutout! One of these times I am TOTALLY finishing the original list- and then I'll set my goal to make that bonus round my bitch ;) I can't wait for Dec. 1st!

  4. I don't ever grow tired of hearing about books or book challenges. It was so interesting to see what everyone was reading and their feelings about said books. I definitely added some books to my TBR and it was great being able to hangout with fellow book lovers. So thank you again for being an awesome host and the work you do to make the challenge fun!

  5. Whoop! I seriously can't say enough how excited I get about your challenge! It's so much fun and I love being able to read reviews of books too! I can't wait for December 1st so I can start making a list for the next challenge!

  6. hooray for me! i got a shoutout! i love it when you give me kudos, lady. thank you, ma'am. i will say that enjoyed the books i'd chosen and read for this challenge more than i had the last few times i've participated, so that is definitely a bonus.


    These are pretty serious statistics. Here's to 6.0 being even bigger!

  8. Awww dat's me! Thank you again for my surprise!
    I actually clicked on the post you made and was like, "Where are the categories?!?! I can't plan without categories!" Then I actually read the post and saw that it was the rules. I was disappointed. Necessito categories!

  9. I was a non-facebook participant, but thoroughly enjoyed participating again (even if I didn't quite finish all my books). I don't get tired of hearing about book challenges!

  10. okay i am DEFINITELY participating and winning the next one ;) haha. 566 books!! this is so awesome Erin. i have a christmas ornament like that but for P&P dontcha know ;)


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