Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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Counting.....  down the days until our shop closes.  I'm sure I'll write a post of my mixed bag of emotions about being a small business owner closing our store and tackling new adventures in the future.

Feeling..... the Christmas spirit a little more this year.  I think it's a combination of knowing that I won't be working Christmas Eve for the first time in years and having friends coming to visit from Texas.  It's got me all the more excited this year.

Doubting..... that my tree is going to make it this year.  It's not even December and branches are bent with ornaments falling off.  "Why?" you may ask.  Because out of our 3 cats, one considers himself an expert tree-climber...or he wants to be one of the decorations.

Planning.....  fun stuff for my friend that is visiting.  She and her 11 year old son will be here Christmas through New Year's.  Their excitement for this trip is contagious.  We're going to the beach, to the zoo, camping surrounded by Australian wildlife and more!

Appreciating.....  how sweet my stepkid can be.  We've been talking a lot about my friend and her son visiting and the fun things we have planned.  He asked me "what are you the most excited for?", and my reply was "all of it!"  I asked him the same, and his reply was "I'm just excited to meet them."  How sweet is that?

Applauding..... my husband.  While buying a coffee this week, he witnessed this lunatic of a woman spewing racial rants to people.  She had a Chinese girl in tears.  She told an Indian man to "go back where (he) came from" and that he stinks.  She told the Chinese coffee shop he also "should go back" where he came from.  When my husband confronted her, she called him a "nazi" and to mind his own business.  The coffee shop owner and my husband both called security, so as she was leaving and throwing out more racist vomit, my husband followed her until security caught up with her.  Oh, and by the way, this ain't her first visit into the land of being a disgusting racist and menace to society.  She's even on youtube for it.

Wondering..... what is wrong with people??

Moving..... to a happier topic:  How is it that I've never heard about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library?  An organization supported by one of my favorite people (DOLLY!) giving books to children?!?  What's not to love?  Jana mentions it (or has a link to it) in this post.  Oh, and by the way, if you haven't read Jana's post, you should.  The initiative "delivers a quality, age-appropriate book once a month direct to children at home from birth to 5 years old in targeted communities. Our vision is that all children start school ready to read and learn so that they can succeed in life."  There are programs in Canada, the UK, Australia, and the US.  Take all my money.

Promoting..... my book challenge: Book Challenge by Erin - you can check out our facebook group where most of the activity goes down or this page on my blog.  Categories are announced December 1st, as in tomorrow (if you're in my part of the world).  That's why this post is going live today.  What a great way to kick off 2017 - reading books!  Won't you join us?

Reading.....  Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein...just started it last night.  I'm pretty sure I'll like it based on those that have recommended it to me.

Listening..... to my personal mix of Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, and Butch Walker.  I dumped all other songs from my ipod shuffle at the moment and have just been listening to these faves for the last week while I'm commuting. 

Learning..... where bears live in North America.  Why?  Because Steph mentioned seeing bear poop, and I know Steph lives in Pennsylvania, and I had no idea bears lived there.  Then, I found this map and learned there are even bears in Florida?  And Louisiana?  Am I the only one that didn't know these things?  Yep, I'm feeling pretty dumb right about now.  See how educational blogging can be?

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  1. Bears in Florida? I had no idea either!

    So excited for the book challenge categories.

  2. I had no idea bears ranged so widely, either. Cool! That picture of your cat in the tree is the cutest, as is your stepson. I'm looking forward to hearing what your next adventure will be, and I'm looking forward to the long arm of the law catching up with that crazy lady. What a monster.

  3. I feel like my perception of bear habitat is totally skewed since I spent most of my childhood summers camping in the mountains where there are tons of grizzly bears. Only black bears in Nova Scotia based on your map, though! haha. I can't believe there are bears in Florida! I wouldn't have guessed that. Really looking forward to the book challenge! Your stepkid is so sweet - I hope you have an amazing time with your friend...that must be so, so exciting for you!

  4. WTF is wrong with people? if she were saying that shit to me, i would have punched that bitch in the face.

  5. Well I've only ever lived in states where bears were plentiful. In Alaska, you planned around the bears..trails would be closed, they'd run across the highway, they'd get into the garbage, attack people, etc. It was necessary to carry a gun for this reason if you were in the woods.
    My school advertised the Dolly Parton library last year. Parents got to sign up for free if they came to an academic night (uh, hardly any did).
    So fun to have friends in town for the holidays! And I bet it'll be a trip of a lifetime for that 11 year old!

  6. oh friends visiting! that does make things more exciting! and how many days til the shop closes? i'm sure it's bittersweet after all the hard work and years :) would be a great post to read your thoughts after!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. I never really thought about where bears live. Although we've had a few mountain lion sightings and there are NO MOUNTAINS, no hills even, so I'm not really sure where they came from.

    Also, I've been following Natalie Tran on YT for YEARS and she's Australian, but of Asian decent (her parents might have immigrated, I really don't know) and it was shocking the first time she talked about the racism she encounters.

  8. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly cant imagine what I would do hearing someone belittle someone like that. Blows my mind.

    Poor Christmas tree. I'm always watching my tree at home on security cameras at work to make sure Harvey doesn't bother it :)

    Love Dolly & her love of books & children. Love its getting attention.
    I'm totally digging in to watch her Christmas special tonight.

  9. Oh Ricky. I adore that picture! What a handsome, little stinker. :) But I am sorry that your beautiful tree might not make it to Christmas! That woman. UGH. Go away. She has some serious, serious issues. I'm so glad and proud that your husband confronted her. It's not okay. And I'm super excited about the new challenge!!!

  10. I live in black bear country.
    A friend recently told me I was the Kittyhawk to her Verity. Or vice versa. Anyway, I'd better read the book so I know what she means... Hopefully it's a good thing! ;-)
    That photo of your cat in the tree is too funny! My challenge is the one-year-old.

  11. Yes! Bears are all over.

    How fun your friend and her son are coming to visit for the holidays! That will be great.

    I want to punch that racist asshole in the face.

  12. That is SO awesome that you'll have a visitor. Awhoo hoo!

    & that lil stinker in the tree - what are you gonna do with him?! Tee hee!

  13. Happy to see Texas is in the "no bear population" category, HA!

  14. What is wrong with people, indeed. Good on your husband for making sure she was held accountable. What an awful thing to do.

    NJ has bears a-plenty, even where I am just west of NYC. A few years ago I had a bear spotted right around the corner from my apartment and then in front of my office later that week. Why it was following me around, I'll never know ;)

    Here's hoping your tree lasts through Christmas, and it's so great that your friend and her son are coming to visit! You must be so excited :)

  15. I'm beyond excited to start making my list for your reading challenge! I think that's the best part about you living in Australia is that we technically get the list a day early! So I had no idea that bears lived in Florida and Louisiana! That's so crazy!

  16. I'm excited for the reading challenge! This will be my first time participating!

    And, there are a TON of bears here in Kentucky! They are slowly migrating their way farther west and right into downtowns! It's quite scary!

    1. Glad to hear that you'll be joining us for the book challenge. I hope you find it to be a encouraging and fun experience!

      Bears in downtown?!? That's just crazy

    2. WHAT? and here i was thinking there were no bears here. WTF? NO THANK YOU PLEASE

  17. Oh, the tale of your Christmas tree. Definitely check out my Currently post. There's a commercial on there that I've been cracking up over since Thanksgiving. You might appreciate it.

    It's beyond "pretty sad" when a common, everyday person makes it on to YouTube for being an asshat. People can be down right pathetic.

    I'm so happy for you that you have a friend coming for the holidays! That is awesome.

  18. yeahhhhh i'm actually super glad we are living with my MIL right now because Millie is such a devil with the tree, it's a constant fight to get her to stop climbing, and she is always sleeping in it, knocking ornaments etc. I joked that we should keep a christmas tree in a spare room so the cats can lay on it all year, then when actual christmas comes, i'll get another and they won't be interested in it.. but who am i kidding, of course they will.
    i cannot believe that woman! wtf?
    well now I love Dolly even more. that's awesome!
    i'm so excited that the challenge is on goodreads! hopefully i will be more active on that hahaha.
    i had no idea where bears lived and i don't think there are any where i am THANK ZEUS.

  19. Hahaha the kitty in the tree!! Mac has been circling our tree. We have to keep any soft ornaments off the bottom two feet of the tree. I am sure next year it will be even harder with a one year old. It's so sweet that your stepson is excited to meet your friend that is coming. I am sure you guys will have a great time! Seriously, what is wrong with people?!?!? And ummmm Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, and Butch Walker is the way to go if you are narrowing down your playlist options!

  20. The cat in the tree is cracking me up! So cute (though I'm sure a little annoying for you!). I'm so glad you have a friend coming during the holiday season! I LOVE your reading challenge categories. I need to make a list soon!

  21. I am trying to get my life together enough to do the book challenge this time. I actually have a few picked out!

    That lady just wants attention. She probably watches those videos as it is the only joy in her obviously miserable life.

    I am sorry about your store...I hope that you all have something more wonderful and amazing coming your way!


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