Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.98

View from my bedroom window one morning this week

The greatest greeting card of all time

My gelato is ready for Christmas 

So is my popsicle

This kid like ribs...

...and these girls enjoyed his leftovers. It was Sally & Dolly's 3rd birthday this week. Love my destructive duo!

Even with Astro's assistance, I lost at Monopoly again. That pile of money you see?  That's the stepkid's. 

I welcome the new week. I hope you do too!


  1. Those purple flowers are gorgeous. AND I LOVE THAT GREETING CARD!

    Happy Birthday to your puppy girls!!

  2. ha i love this post. so many heartwarming photos. even that card which is fantastic! and the step son - so cute in that photo ha. not a bad bedroom view! happy week!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. That card might be the greatest card I've ever seen. :) I love the expressions on your doggies. They look so happy and like they either got into mischief or are thinking about it. Astro! So sweet he wants to help his Mama. Max would have just wanted to bat around the hotels. :)

  4. That card is so awesome!!! And you seriously have an amazing view!

  5. He is always beating you at Monopoly! Ha, ha!

    Such great pics as always. :)

  6. That Dolly Parton card is so awesome! I know a few people that would really appreciate that one!

  7. that greeting card is amazing, and i want that popsicle (what are those called again? my memory is gone, does yours do that? forget shit?). you need to play a board game that you can win haha

  8. I love how your dogs always look like they are smiling! That's awesome! And I love the purple flowering tree!


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