Thursday, July 16, 2015


I don't care who you are or what you believe...  Please click on this LINK and watch this video.  It's only eleven minutes of your life.

Compassion.  Respect.  Empathy.  Who would want to argue with or ridicule those things?  Powerful stuff.

You don't have to understand.  But, you can give respect to another human being.  You can teach your kids to not bully others that are different.  You can be an example to others that it is not okay to ridicule, bully, or make fun of another's differences.  I'm not preaching.  I'm learning and growing myself.  Let's do it together.

Some helpful hotlines if you know anyone struggling: 

For LGBTQI support services in Australia: (website has information for each state and national hotline)

I'm a big believer and supporter in asking for help if you need it.  If neither of the links I've listed above are in your country, please search for what works best. 


  1. Great post, it's so important to be accepting and tolerant. Last night my 5 year old asked me if Caitlyn Jenner was a boy or a girl so I did my best to explain to her and to make sure as I did so I had an accepting tone. Example is the only way I know how to show her acceptance is important.

  2. Holy tissues man. I'm so proud of Caitlyn Jenner. My goodness. I couldn't stop crying there.

  3. I really don't get why people have to be jerks to anyone else. So you don't understand someone else's life or struggles or whatever. Leave them alone.

  4. i totally agree.
    it's not exactly related and probably only makes sense to a child, but i was the ONLY blonde person in my ENTIRE family. cousins, siblings, etc. My mum always told me making fun of someone for their race or how they looked or acted was the same as if they made fun of me for being the only blonde, something i couldn't control (erm, i'm a brunette now so guess i could control) but i'm not kidding when i say it stuck with me my entire life. i judge people based on things they have control over (abusing animals or murdering people for example) but jeepers.. why be a jerk about something you can't possibly understand? people.

  5. Great post, girlie. People nowadays are just so mean to each other & that drives me crazy. My thoughts are that I don't care what color you are, what your religion is, what your sexuality is, etc. All I care about is if you're a good person or not & being a good person, never looks dumb & is pretty easy.

    Much love to you, pretty lady! :)

    Mandie ~

  6. *I* don't understand why people think THEY must be able to understand everything in order for it to be okay. It's not necessary for you to understand everything. Move along. Mind your own business instead of being mean.

  7. Great post, Erin! I think it's pretty incredible what Caitlyn Jenner is doing for the transcommunity and I do believe that she's saving lives. I get along with most people in this world, but I really can't handle people who are completely ignorant and show no acceptance for the things they don't understand. We're all different and it's ok to not completely understand something, but it's not ok to ridicule someone because of those differences. Ugh, just thinking about those people I get worked up!

  8. I haven't watched the speech yet, so I'm glad you posted it! I read a recap on another blog and it was so moving. I can't wait to watch. I don't understand why we can't treat all people like PEOPLE. There's no reason to act like anyone is less. Now to go watch the speech and probably cry. :)

  9. I love you. I teach my kids everyday not to be mean and to ALWAYS be nice and say nice things about other people. I told my oldest if I ever found out she bullied or made fun of ANYONE for ANYTHING, I would beat her ass. Luckily for us and her ass, she doesn't have one mean bone in her body. She is actually the one that's always being made fun of.


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