Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Seven Facts

 The lovely Priscilla at An Inkling of Panache nominated me to tell you seven facts about myself.  And........here I go:

#1 - I'm not really a movie repeater.  There are very few movies that I've seen...let's say...over 10 times.  I definitely have some, but not a lot.  Which takes me to my first fact about me...I can re-watch Tombstone whenever I see that it is on (and I did this Friday night).  I think Val Kilmer's portrayal of Doc Holliday is one of my favorite movie characters ever.

#2 - I wear a lot of leopard print. 

#3 - I was on an organized drill/dance team in junior high, high school, and college. 

#4 - Early 2009, I'd only lived in Sydney for a short time. I spent an entire day walking around the city, watching street performers, and listening to buskers. I saw a busker today in Hyde Park, and it reminded me of that day...which reminded me of this fact: I used to always give street performers and buskers tips.  Why did I stop?  Not sure, but I started that habit again today when I saw this guy.

#5 - The only poem that I can recite is by Robert Frost.  The only reason that I have this poem memorized is due to the fact that I've watched The Outsiders more times than I can count (another one of the few movies that I can watch repeatedly).

**Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subsides to leaf
And Eden sank to grief
As dawn goes down today
Nothing gold can stay.
 **I did not use any aids to remember this...you're just going to have to trust me on that...but I have no idea what the correct punctuation should be, so I didn't even try.

#6 - I've never had a cavity.

#7 - Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crue) sucked my finger.  Have I told that fact here on my blog before?  Well, he did, and it's something I will cherish forever.  That blonde is me; the raven-haired guy is Nikki...this was taken before camera phones, so I consider this a real gem that my friend snapped this picture on his disposable camera.

I'd enjoy it if you rattled a quick seven facts about yourself in my comments.  Or take the idea and post your own.


  1. I'm the same way about movies! I love The Outsiders though, it's been a long time since I've seen it. The movies I've seen repeatedly are probably too embarrassing to mention here (the Olsen twins have starring roles in several).

  2. I have a friend that rarely watches movies more than once, while I watch movies multiple times before I tire of them, lol. I love leopard print!! To have a memory like that before camera phones is so amazing and definitely something to treasure!

  3. That last story is probably my favorite. And I LOVE the picture of you from your dance team.

  4. Holy crap. Nikki Sixx!

    I'm not a good memorizer of anything.

  5. I think Beetlejuice and The Breakfast Club are the movies I have seen repeatedly. Can't help it. I love them!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I shared a cigarette with Charlie Scene from Hollywood Undead a few years back. Nothing like your finger being licked by Nikki (which is fuckin punk rock!!!!!!) but eh, it's close!!! LOL

  6. I would cherish a Nikki Sixx finger lick forever too!! Gah!

    I have zero poems memorized although I did recognize that one when I read it.

  7. Awesome! I love these & I'm surprised that you did not cover that finger & never wash it again after Nikki Sixx licked it! Tee hee!

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  8. Haha, the only movies I'll watch repeatedly are usually rom coms (when they come on TV) or Christmas movies around the holidays, mainly because I can only stand a few and I'll watch them to attempt to get into the "holiday spirit"- I'm a bit of a Grinch. I've never had a cavity either, which is why I'm dreading going to the dentist lately- I don't want to break my streak!

  9. I can definitely watch movies multiple times. Michael doesn't like to as much, so if there's a movie we've both seen and I want to watch it again he's hard to convince! I did dance in junior high and high school too, but my school didn't have a dance team so I went to a studio. We just had recitals, no competitions or anything.

  10. I'm impressed you've never had a cavity! Good for you! I thought me making it to a teenager without any was rare. And oh um WOW about the Nikki Sixx story! I would never forget that either. You've got some good celebrity stories.

  11. hahahaha he sucked your finger! that is so gross and hilarious ;) leopard print looks fabulous on you. i am totally a movie repeater lol

  12. I can't believe you've never had a cavity. I'm so impressed and amazed! I have terrible teeth, so I had lots and lots of cavities growing up...

  13. Love your blog!! Here are 7 random facts since I am anonymous.

    1. I am a total voyeur. I love blogs, secrets, and eavesdropping.

    2. My only regret in life is that I never have lived alone. I have always lived with my parents, roommates, or my husband /family.

    3. I am obsessed with mineral water.

    4. I take my hot dogs very seriously. Dont you dare put relish anywhere near my dog.

    5. There is nothing I love more than a good soak. Hot tub, bath tub, hot springs, etc.

    6. I have hosted 7 foreign exchange students and have loved and learned so much from each one.

    7. I would love to start my own business but I am honestly terrified of failure.

  14. Hahaha! That last one is hilarious :)

    I haven't had a cavity either!

  15. Damn girl! You and Nikki Sixx! I thought I couldn't love you anymore than I already did, but I just keep learning knew things about you! :) Thanks for participating. I loved learning more about you!

  16. Hahaha #7!!! That's creepy and awesome! I don't care to watch most movies again, but then there are some that I could watch every day and never get tired of them. Most of the time it's because of a lifestyle or location that I just love to fantasize about...or maybe a particular character ;-)

  17. There are so many movies I've seen at least a dozen times. I'd usually rather watch a movie than TV.

  18. Haha, why did he suck your finger? :) What a great story. I love seeing street musicians and I usually give them money. And I always give money to homeless people with dogs. Thanks for sharing your facts!


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