Wednesday, July 15, 2015

They Know Best

From Brianne's at My Life As..., I saw this post and had to steal borrow it. She's given credit and posted links to others that posted it prior to her.  I'm encouraging you to go see Brianne to get those links. I looked at them and found new bloggers to read. I love the way that the land of bloggerville works this way.

Speaking of loving things...

I asked those that know me best to name 3-5 things that I love, obsess over, and/or am addicted to.  Nine of my nearest and dearest (including my parents) replied, and here's what they had to say:

10/9 - something related to FOOD - (How did that happen?  Someone gave 2 answers that were food related.  Thanks, Mom.) - TexMex being the most prevalent answer, specifically Chile Con Queso was named, as well as carbs, bread, cheese fries, and cheese.  Part of me laughs at this, the other part of me cries.  Maybe this is why I'm overweight.  Huh?  You think?  The other reason - notice what doesn't make the list - exercise.

9/9 - something related  to MUSIC - Music, in general, as well as concerts, live music, hair metal, and Bon Jovi were all specifically listed.  All true.

5/9 - READING - Well, yes, I do love a good book.  I found that there are some that I don't do book chat with too often, and they were the ones who didn't say this answer.

I got a whole bunch of other answers too:

3/9 - CATS (specifically, Astro) - Okay, yes, I've sorta kinda turned into a Crazy Cat Lady...but I love my doggie babies too!

2/9 - TRAVEL - There was a guy I knew in college whose family had *a little* money.  He described his mother as a "professional traveler and shopper".  Yes, please.  How do I get that job?

2/9 - SHOES - Could explain why I wrote this post two years ago --> Shoe Collector (go ahead, read it, you know you weren't following me then)

2/9 - AGGIE FOOTBALL - You can take the girl outta Texas, but you can't take the football outta the Texas girl.  Isn't that how the saying goes?

2/9 - DANCE - I don't take classes anymore.  My years on a dance team are long behind me.  I rarely hit the clubs anymore.  But.......give me some good music and some space and chances are I'm gonna shake my groove thang. 

Others that got mentioned once: Compassion (I love this), Costumes (yep, love them too), Make-up (shocked that more people didn't say this), Clothes (again, surprised only one gave this response), Caffeine, Sleep (who doesn't love sleep?)

Can you relate?  Are you obsessed with any of these things too?


  1. There really is nothing better than Aggie football! Speaking of which, is it football season yet?

  2. I'm obsessed with reading, it's my go to form of entertainment.

    At least 9 out of 10 people know your first love is food, who is the one that doesn't?

  3. Yes yes yes to the books, of course.

    I should really do this.

  4. haha I love that your mom gave 2 food answers! My mom was definitely the most correct out of anyone I asked. No one knows you like your mom ;)
    Now that I think about it, I'm surprised no one said caffeine/coffee for me! Particularly my boyfriend, he sees first hand on the weekends how nasty I get without my morning coffee.

  5. I can definitely relate to books and food and no exercise (anymore. I used to be so good at it). I've seen this idea floating around but I'm genuinely terrified of what people will say so I'm not asking.

  6. This is a really fun idea. I'm going to need to do this. I'm a little bit scared at what responses I might get, though...

    And I totally want some chile con queso right now.

  7. I want to be a professional traveler and shopper. Seriously, where do I sign up. Love that Elizabeth Berkeley gif!

  8. i am loving these posts, they are hilarious! i wish i had more people to ask, lol. crazy cat lady for life!

  9. I love this post, I've seen it before & thought it was pretty fun. I may have to do it as well. :)

    Mandie ~

  10. I think most people I'd ask would say food too. And if they didn't I'd have to see what went wrong in our relationship. Hahaha.

  11. I'm glad you did this! I must find out how to become professional traveler!

  12. Oh well, we clearly have a whole lot in common! Such a great idea to do this! And now I need to go and make dinner, cuddle with my cats and read a book!

  13. Shoes? Queso? Carbs? Music? Books? No wonder we get along so well blogging big sis! ;)

  14. I did this too, just didn't post it yet. Music, food and reading are definitely up there!


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