Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.29

Astro watched the Women's World Cup with me. He wasn't as excited about the match as I was. 

The colors of the sky on my morning train commute can be one of the most beautiful parts of the day. 

If you follow my instagram, you've heard me say this before. I don't do winter. 

This building reminds me of an apartment block that should be in Barcelona. Or Miami. I have no idea why. I know nothing about architecture. 

An old department store on Castlereagh Street. Looks like it was a store for early goth girls, or steampunks, or ladies of the night. 

Putting a little more caramel in my hair

New hair is always such a great feeling, and my colorist is the bombdiggity. 


  1. haha that department store is like a Halloween place waiting to happen!

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous girl, you rock it!

    Yeah, I don't do winter either, and I live in Canada. Go figure! Lol

  3. New hair colour is the best thing, especially when you don't spend the entire time with the foils on panicking that you're going to go out with a fright wig! A trusted colourist is priceless. And those sunrise colours are beautiful!

  4. Love the new hair! I don't know anything about architecture either, but I totally agree with you on that building.

  5. I love your new hair colour! it looks so warm!

  6. I love your new hair! It's so fab! Love the color.

  7. Your hair looks fantastic! You are so beautiful! And you always get me with pictures of your animals! :)


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