Wednesday, July 29, 2015


With that said, let me share just a small sample of lessons I've learned from my times of being young and stupid.......

That body of mine that I thought was fat (when I was in my twenties) looked really good, and I should have appreciated it more.  #loveyourself

Credit cards are evil and must be destroyed.  #justsayno #debtisbad

Those emotional demons I hid away for far too many years?  Yeah, they needed to be faced and dealt with.  #therapycanbeyourfriend

Drinking with friends and having a good time is fine.  Drinking to excess and being self-destructive is not fine.  #knowyourlimits

I've experienced heartbreak, and I've caused heartbreak.  I've learned so much and grown so much from those experiences. #lovebites #lovehurts  But, finding a lasting love is possible.  #dontgiveup #dontstopbelievin

I didn't need all of those shoes, clothes, and $200 pair of jeans.  #avoidtemptation #mostofthoseclotheswillendupatthesalvationarmy

Do you have any lessons learned to share?

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  1. Ha, I'm laughing at the Lindsays. Friday night expectations vs reality! I'm also trying to be a bit more sensible about clothes. Realising most of the stuff you bought was never quite right and will never be quite right and belongs at the charity shop is a sobering thought!

  2. I just said no to credit cards years ago, it's not easy but it's so worth it to be debt free.

    I've learned life is short and we should all follow our dreams and grow old without regrets.

  3. I am more selective with my clothes now than I was when I was younger.

  4. um, yes. i agree with all of these. i am, unfortunately, still learning the credit card one (trying to pay it off!) and it goes hand in hand with the shopaholic thing. sigh.

  5. Yup, I pretty much agree with all of these. Great post, girlie. :)

    Mandie ~

  6. I agree with every one!!! I flippin bought BCBG "leather" pants that looked HOT for $200. Do you think I freaking wore them?!?! I tried them on at home once and what did I do? I decided to see if I could move in them and proceeded to do a lunge. Yeah, NO. The ass split and they were fkn garbage. God damnit. Unless I win a half a billion dollars, I'll never be so stupid again. Lolol

    Debt is bad, sooooo bad!

  7. I have some clothes I bought suuper recently and feel like I need to say goodbye to already. It's making me really think harder about my purchases!

  8. I should have appreciated my younger body as well - oh to be a teen bodied person again!

  9. When I was younger I clearly bought a bunch of clothes I did not really need. Lesson learned.


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