Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites Five vol.10

Hiya!  It's Friday.  I got my hair done, and it's all nice and fresh and silky feeling.  That's a good enough reason to be happy this Friday.

Here's five more reasons to be happy:

Favorite example of spreading the love amongst teammates:  Carli Lloyd explains why she needed to give Abby Wambach the captain's armband

Via Nike
 Favorite reason #99,999 that J.J. Watt is the man!: NFL reacts to J.J. Watt being named #1 in #NFLTop100

Favorite meme my guy shared with me this week:

Favorite recipe that I made this week that I got from a blogger: from Bailie

Favorite encounter with a customer this week:  I showed a few pairs of diamond stud earrings to a woman on Tuesday.  She told me that she'd be in a relationship for 13 years but had never purchased her partner jewellery.  She said she'd be back Thursday.  In retail, when someone says they'll come back...well...that doesn't always happen.  But, she showed, and she purchased some diamond studs.  She was so grateful for my help, the fact that I wasn't judgmental that she was purchasing a special gift for her lesbian partner, that not only was I not judgmental, but I was supportive (her words as she thanked me), that she gave me a big ol' hug.  Her sincere gratitude warmed my heart.

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  1. Fresh haircuts are the best feeling ever! I just hacked up my locks last Friday and I've been feeling pretty fancy ever since. I love the story about the customer you helped! I work part time in retail and it's always so heart warming when you help someone who really, teay needed it and it just made their day. Happy Friday!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  2. Awww. So sweet that you being genuine got you a sale. Lovely story!
    I agree - JJ Watt, the man!! I worked in the NFL when I was living in America so I got to know quite a few players, I never met JJ (he was never on a team I worked for) but I still think the guy is awesome!!
    Have a great weekend Erin!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention!! Love that meme those are always good things to hear!!

  4. Love the story about your customer. So wonderful. More SA's need to be like that. Have a great weekend.

  5. Love that meme your guy sent you! Totally can see my hubby doing the same ahaha

  6. I absolutely love JJ Watt. He is such an amazing man & athlete.

  7. I cannot wait to get my hair done next week.

    The team USA story is awesome. Go girls.

  8. aww what a sweet customer. that's awesome.
    that USA article made me cry, and I didn't even watch the game. don't judge me. lol.

  9. I love that story about the soccer team. They're awesome ladies.

    And I love that story about you and your customer. So fantastic.

  10. That recipe looks AMAZING!!! Yum!! Thanks for sharing! Great post!! Happy Friday!


  11. Don't you just feel so great and like a million bucks when you've got your hair done?! Life always feel great after a great cut/colour. Speaking of, I need a bloody trim again....


  12. A fresh haircut always make me feel good! The dish looks so yummy! Glad you were able to help find her partner a great gift.

  13. Ooh that recipe sounds RIGHT up my alley. I may need to try that out soon. Erin that story at the end warmed my heart. Working in retail I know how mean people can be so when I hear a story about both customer and employee being so refreshingly kind it just warms my heart and makes me remember there is good most of the time. Glad you could help her find her partner a wonderful gift.

  14. I reeeally need a haircut. that fresh cut feeling is real. Your interaction with that customer was so sweet! You're the kind of lady I'd want to be buying my jewelry from too. :)

  15. You just reminded me that I need to get a haircut...

    I love that story about your customer. It's sad though that your reaction wouldn't be the norm.

  16. That recipe sounds yummy! I needs it.

    And also, I really like that story about your customer. It sucks that people are judgmental of other people. Really, what's the point of that?

  17. Aww, it is so nice when people spread some love and kindness. It should happen more often! What a lovely customer!


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