Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites Five vol. 12

Friday - yay!  Weekend plans with friends - double yay!  Here's some of my favorites from this week:

one. Favorite story a friend shared on facebook: Click the link to see that this is what was captioned with this picture...
From Anthony Watkins Malone's facebook: "Man I don't know where to start I went to bible study tonight and after I went to Quick Trip on Brentwood stair the police spoke to me and I said hello back then he said man you look very tired I said I am he then said hold on don't you move I said for what I haven't done anything he then got on his radio saying something I couldn't hear then walked up to me they had me surrounded and said you look like you worked so hard today we are going to give you a $100 gift card from THE FORT WORTH POLICE DEPARTMENT man GOD IS GREATER and I need it"
two.  Favorite meme from pinterest:  

 three.  Favorite instagram throwback (and the caption with this picture): 
From @tarachio's instagram: "My #throwbackthursday this week is dedicated to my high school friend @kristen352. In honor of #breastcancerawareness coming up, I want to give her a super huge shout out. She approached her cancer with a positive attitude and kicked it!! Now, she spends her energy sharing her story and eating healthy to motivate others towards active, fit lifestyles. A true hero doesn't bring attention to themselves but to their cause!!! She IS a hero and inspiration! So proud of you!! #tbt #grit #cheerleader #womaninspiration"
 four.  Favorite treat discovered this week:  Pana Chocolate Sour Cherry & Vanilla 60% Cocao - I used to not like dark chocolate, but as I'm trying to eat healthier, I tried this.  Whenever I am craving a treat, this is going to be it. 

 five.  Favorite weekly activity focusing on positivity:

Linking up with Lindsay and Krysten once again to focus on happy things.
  1. Movie night with my guys: Yes, I'm in the fall film challenge.  No, neither of the movies we watched (Epic & Puss in Boots) count towards that list.  But, my guy, my stepson, our kitties, and I had a cozy evening watching this double header.
  2. My Skype session with Dad, Helen, and Taylor
  3. Books - picked up 2 library books, put more on reserve list, bought 3 that the library doesn't have.  I may need an intervention.
  4. Ricky purrs - My tuxedo cat is our most mischevous of the three, but when he decides he's ready to cuddle, he gets all up in my face, wraps his little paws around my neck, and purrs like a freight train.
  5. Buying my niece her birthday gift
  6. Quick chats on facebook messenger or emails with my favorite friend
  7. Customers who show their appreciation by buying me a nice bottle of Shiraz
  8. Pink lady apples - because they are juicy, sweet, delicious, and they are called.......... Pink Ladies!
  9. Jana & I created a playlist - in case you missed it yesterday, check it out - we had so much fun collaborating on this, we already have another one planned.
  10. Realizing that the Texas A&M/Arkansas football game will be airing live in Australia - I will be even happier if my boys win!
What made you happy this week??  Why don't you join us in the weekly link-up? 

 Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites


  1. oh gosh, so many good things! But most especially, I want your cat!!! So cute.

  2. Oooh, I love Pink Lady Apples! Our tuxedo cat is pretty mischievous too, is it the breed? ;). That FB post is really cool, I sure hope it's true. Have a great weekend Erin!

  3. I love your weekly happy list, it's one of my favorite Friday things!

  4. I would run far far away if someone could shoot spiders from their hands haah!

  5. I love it when I get wine from people at work too, it's definitely the best way to show appreciation in my opinion! Hooray for being able to watch the Aggie game! Hopefully we'll be able to beat the hell outta them like Tech did last week (even though it pains me to say that)!

  6. K if Spiderman did in fact spray spiders of his hands, holy fkn jesus, look out because I'll be running around screaming my face off. JUST NO! LOL!! What a dreadful thought that is..

    I just want to schmooch Ricky. He just looks all kinds so cuddly. All three of them look snug as a bug in a rug when you're all snuggled up on the couch in the blanket. They must anchor you to the couch ;)

    love ya girl xoxo

  7. That is an amazing story and really shows how great people (like police officers who are getting a bad rep) can be!! - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  8. Books ALWAYS make me happy. I'm reading a really good one right now and can't wait to find out what happens! Thanks for linking up!

  9. That Spiderman meme is amazing. No crimes would ever be committed, for real. And I would have nightmares about Spiderman. Haha. That chocolate sounds delicious!

  10. Lol that spiderman meme made me laugh...would be creepier with Aussie spiders! :P

    I'll join you on that intervention for buying books...I think I might just be a bit out of control lately! Aww, your cat is a cutie! Nice to see another Sydneysider in this link up and as you mentioned on my blog last week, we do have a lot in common! :)

  11. The spiders would prevent so many crimes!! Pink Lady apples are the best!

  12. That film challenge is going to kill me!

    Chris decided to join in too, and we have several movies in common, but most of them aren't and he's totally kicking my butt. I'm determined to double my score this week!

  13. Haha I couldn't stop laughing over the Spiderman picture!

    I love dark chocolate! Unfortunately, it's my husband's favorite as well, so it never lasts long in our house!

    I also need an intervention for my book addiction. Each time I go to the library to drop off a book or two, I come home with at least three more. I have a ton on hold, and I'm forcing myself not to add anything else until I read at least half of the books I have at home right now. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds. (Though I have a feeling you may understand!)

  14. My bunnies only eat Pink Lady apples and I have no idea why. It's so weird. I mean, I have several apple trees in the garden but they just don't eat those apples. Love the kitty picture, so cute that he cuddles with you like that!


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