Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.37

Surprise, surprise.  A picture of books.  I have a local secondhand bookstore/book exchange that I love to visit.  I get to support a local small business, and I get books on my "to read" list.  It's a win.

Yep.  More books.  I picked up these three babies at the library.  Can I tell you how confused I was that the A.J. Fikry book was released under a different title here in Australia?  In the USA, it is The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, and I saw so many bloggers recommend it, I added it to goodreads but could never find it.  Finally, I figured it out.  

Last week, I told y'all about visiting a nutritionist and trying to get my healthy eating kick into gear.  I tried these vegan rice balls and sweet potato balls this week one day for lunch.  I would have never selected this for lunch.  But, guess what ~ they were tasty and filling! 

I'm just going to throw this out there...the commute for Sydneysiders has some of the best views in the world.  I took this from the train window while on my way to work.

Don't see this everyday when you're driving down the road. 

I'm ready for some football. Whoop!  Not every game is televised here, but today's is. It's on delay. So, I'm avoiding all social media & updates, and it's killing me. 

It's Father's Day here in Australia, and we had a FEAST with beef ribs, turkey, roasted veggies, salad, apple pie, and pavlova. 

Hope you are surrounded by love & happiness this weekend. 


  1. I love to support my local bookshop and op shops too. I love the randomness of the finds. I agree also Sydney does have some pretty commutes!

  2. I went to Macquarie (in Marsfield) when I studied abroad and I LOVED the commute on the train into Sydney. It was so gorgeous!

  3. That car is insane. I love a good used book store!

  4. Those rice balls looks pretty darn yummy! And I write this laying in bed, a bit snackish. Shit!

    Great views on the train. Mine aren't too shabby but yours are quite the eye candy.

    What did the driver of the Batmobile look like? Lol

    Great picture of Neil and the kids.

    :) have a great Monday love. Xo

  5. The Aggie game was so good, and I'm so glad you were able to watch it! There's definitely whispers of Wrecking Crew floating around here!

  6. So weird it is under a new name but glad you found it because that was one of my favorites for the year. Glad it was a good weekend.

  7. Second hand bookstores are my favorite kind of bookstores! I could spend hours looking at books in a store like that.

  8. That book store looks like heaven! I want to spend a lot of time in there! And yay for vegan food! :) Looks delicious!

  9. OMG! The bat mobile is awesome!! Books FTW!

  10. Flying out of Sydney was so gorgeous. All I had was my phone to take photos with but they are some of the most awesome photos!
    I don't understand why there is a regional difference in book titles. It's English to English.. is it TRANSLATED? No.. Let's just make this simple, plskthx.


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