Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.39

I'm supposed to be eating healthy, well-balanced meals.  I'm doing it...except...when my guy takes us to an American themed diner.  It would be rude not to eat and enjoy the meal.  These didn't stand a chance.

Some colorful feathered friends I met on Monday's walk

Ivy is the most camera shy of the bunch, so most of the time, I have to catch her at times she doesn't know I'm taking pictures like during this cuddle session.

I used Qantas points to replace my unrepairable pink ipod shuffle.  This one is gold in color, so I shall name her Blanche after my favorite Golden Girl.

This is my face on hold with our communications provider when the wifi was down.  In 25 minutes, I was passed around to 3 different people before I actually got to someone who corrected the problem.

This is my guy's favorite local Chinese food establishment.  No joke.  The name suits him :)

Bird watchers

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!


  1. Mmm that diner food looks delicious!!

  2. I don't blame you for the diner splurge! That food looks sooo good. I have a super similar picture of those birds from when I studied abroad! I miss all the colorful and interesting birds that Australia has. But I also just miss Australia in general.

  3. I love that you named your iPod Blanche! And I definitely agree that it would be rude to not eat that delicious American food!

  4. The fact that you named your iPod Blance makes me laugh and makes me love you even more. That's awesome. It also seems fitting.

  5. Oh wow, those fries look amazing! Blanche, love it! What a cutie, glad you were able to sneak a picture.

  6. i hear you on trying to stay on the good eating train! i was so bad last weekend and regret it now. but oh well! back at it today :) and i love how you named your iPod - you're like me where i name everything! ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. I love Mr. Ho, hahahaha!

    Blanche is a very suited to a golden ipod!

  8. I'm reading this when it's already Tuesday there... So behind! I don't get to blog nearly as much at work anymore, which sucks. Lol!

    Do any of your kitty cats go outside? And if so, have they ever brought you a "present" home??

    Ivy is a pretty girl. <3

  9. I may or may not have once purchased a can of Dr. Pepper in Perth for no less than $3.50, but probably more like $5, but I don't want to exaggerate.
    There's a chinese place in DC called Temple of Cun Yum (there's a photo on Teh Blog's FB page) and I'm sure many people have misspelled that!

  10. Aww your cats! And those birds are pretty cool! I have never seen a golden iPod shuffle! Very cool! I recently found my old iPod Shuffle but I have no clue where the charger is. You do not even get them in the store anymore so I had to order one online. Will be nice to be able to use that thing again.
    I left some comments on your latest post but they never showed up. I don't know why. I got a new laptop which I have to get used to so I don't know what the problem is.


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