Wednesday, December 16, 2015

F Word Humpday

Apologies to anyone who is offended by cursing.  Move along if the F word offends you.  Please. 

Warning: profanity filled comments

I confess: I try to remove profanity from most blog and social media posts. I'm a Southern woman raised in a Christian home, and we're not supposed to talk "like that".  #butivealwaysbeenarebel #andilikethewordfuck

I confess:  Sometimes, I give #zerofucks how I'm "supposed" to talk, and I just let it out.  Like now...

Megan (from but I can't link to her although I want to because I'm trying to fix this post on my fucking phone!...see explanation below) and I were discussing the idiocy of Donald Trump, and this is what I had to say:

...Trump is a fucking embarrassment. He is a fucking idiot. Fuck him, fuck his hair, fuck his terrible spray tans, fuck his racism, fuck his bankruptcies, fuck "The Apprentice", fuck the political climate that has developed where people are actually supporting him. #goawaytrump

I confess: I wish I could say I feel better for getting that out there, but he's still around, so I don't. Fuck.  #ishegoneyet 

I confess:  There are people in my Facebook feed that support Trump. #icanteven #whatthefuck #hidefromtimeline #cantfixstoopid

I confess: I hit edit on my phone, on the train, erased half the post, and fucked it all up!

Now, I'm trying to edit...from my phone...while on the train. Good chance this is going to be choppy, poorly-written, pictures and gifs all wonky. #clusterfuck

I confess: I'm fucking pissed because I liked my F Bomb Humpday post. #fuckingfuckfuck

I confess: I was going to remove the post until I could properly edit and update. But, you know what? #isaidfuckit

So, in my original fan-fucking-tasting post, now's about the time I'd tell you about Karen's Blog Awards (and link you to to vote. Because I've made it to the finals of Best Kept Secret. Say what?

I confess: I'm proving why I'm such an amateur in the blogging world, but I don't care. Remember, this is my #zerofucksgiven post. So, if you'd like to vote for some fabulous bloggers (or idiots like me), check out Karen's blog at A Peek at Karen's World. (Seriously...use this hashtag on Twitter to find it: #KarensBlogAwards)

*******I'll add all the appropriate links when I can get to my computer that I left at work.******** #ifuckinpromise
update:  links were added, gifs were fixed, but that's about all that got corrected.

From now on, when I hit anything on blogger from my phone app, I'll hear Rupaul's voice in my head:

I hope your Humpday goes much smoother than mine. My wish for you: no fuck ups!

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  1. LMAO! You're Trump rant is hysterical! I have some FB friends who are BIG TIME Trump supporters. I agree with you, I just can't go there...

  2. I just don't get the whole Trump thing, how does anyone support him? At first I thought people were just to be funny, but why is he even still relevant? I don't think he means half the stuff he says, he's just doing it all for attention, and it's unfortunately working.

  3. I don't understand how people can support Trump either. It's honestly terrifying that so many people actually think he's great and want to vote for him. Also, this post is super refreshing. I don't cuss in my blog posts at all, but in real life I don't have much of a filter for my language. Oops! That Weeds gif is fucking amazing though. And yay for blogger awards! I was super excited to see you on there!!!

  4. ok this cracked me up. i really try to keep the swearing out of my blog too just so i appear more classy but in everyday life i swear as much as deb from dexter. HA. ok maybe not AS much :) and trump. don't even get me started! oy.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. I swear all the fucking time. See <--- right there was an example. Once I had someone tell me it wasn't very lady like and my response was for them to fuck off. I guess I'll never change. Did you see that website going around - it was very useful for blocking those people from my feed without unfollowing them. Ahhh peace (except for all the engagement and baby photos popping up suddenly but I'll take that over Trump love.)

  6. I hate when I accidentally erase a bunch of shit from a post.

    I am not a big editor of curse words. If they want to come out, I let them out. All over the place.

  7. Ha, ha! You make me giggle, girly! I love this! Tee hee!

  8. This made me exceptionally fucking happy!

  9. HAHAHAHA I fucking love it!! Seriously any time I have to do any blog-related thing on my phone I have a fuck it attitude because it never works as well. Also Trump, seriously I can't fucking even... We have a supporter in the office, and she's the sweetest lady in the world, and yet I want to pin her down and punch her in the face until she realizes what an idiot she's being. I don't get it. He's being compared to Hitler and Voldemort (and is worse than he who should not be named according to Rowling even) and yet people are supporting him? WHAT THE FUCK?!

  10. LOL I love this! Fuck Trump. Seriously. I can't even handle the people on social media who support him either, I just delete/block/hide anytime someone even remotely tries to explain why they support him.

  11. I censor mine too because I have nieces who sometimes read, also my job is very corporate/Gov't and it could keep me from a security clearance. I totally cuss like a sailor though. Hate when my posts disappear or get deleted. Seems like you recovered nicely though.

  12. I think any amount of swear words is appropriate when discussing Donald Trump!

  13. Love your rant and especially that second meme! There's a great article on Buzzfeed on how to delete all your friends who like trump on facebook.

  14. This post would have my curse jar exploding with quarters :) haha

  15. Congrats on the nomination, that's awesome girl! :) I hopped over and voted. Really nice to see some others I regularly read, too.

    I swear like a trucker. I tone it back at work but outside of work, hells no. The word fuck can be used in so many different ways, right?

    Gawd that trump meme is awesome sauce. That fucking hair man... what in the fuck is with that, for reals. I said to Jeff last night, is this guy seriously for real? Hes unbelievable.

  16. You have been to my blog more than once, you know that the curse words have no censoring in my land. Bring on all the fucks! I like Erin's fucks :) Hmmmm that might sound weird? Meh.

    I wish Facebook would ban political posting. I might have no more friends left after this next election. #idiots

  17. Well, you know me ... I swear quite a bit. Obviously nothing in this post offends me. :-)

    Sometimes you need a "fuck it all" post. And a rant about Donald Trump. Haha. Seriously, though, I loved that and the cartoon because that's EXACTLY what I imagine when I hear negative comments from him (and others) about immigrants. My first thought is always, "Well, unless you're 100% Native American, your ancestors came to America from another place ... Just sayin.'"

    I agree with Nadine above: I wish Facebook would ban political posting. I get wanting to be heard, but MY GOD people are so fucking obnoxious about it. And stupid.

  18. I too love the F word. Like, a lot. And I couldn't agree more with your comments about Trump. As I said on Steph's post last week, this isn't fucking funny anymore and I've really had enough.

  19. Died laughing reading this post! My husband always says that I swear like a sailor, but sometimes you just need to say fuck (not duck like the iPhone thinks!) because it makes you feel better. And elections are always the worst to be on social media! I have to hide people who annoy me with their stupid opinions because I get so angry.

  20. seriously, FUCK TRUMP. this is just beyond ridiculous. I legit don't understand how it is a thing. Some of my in laws support him, I want to smack them over the head with a truck.

  21. It's like you were speaking to my heart with all those fuckidy fuck fuck fucks. :) That first confession is my entire life. I've actually gotten to where I have zero fucks to give and will openly cuss (and sometimes say fuck) in front of my parents. I know it is abomination to my mother, which I won't say doesn't make it even better. My dad just looks at me and I ignore him. #NOOOOOFUUUUCCCKKKSSSSGIVEN
    Between football season and election years, sooo many unfriends and hidden people on FB. I just can't.
    I try to do ZERO word processing on my phone. I hate all sorts of messaging/communication because autocorrect and my fingers go too fast and I have to pay attention. My WPM on the computer hover around 68+ so I'm much more efficient on the computer.

  22. Oh my gosh, don't even get me started on Trump. I am a pretty conservative person, but I honestly have NO IDEA what I will do if he manages to actually get the nomination. Move to Australia, I guess. ;-)


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