Thursday, December 31, 2015

All Bad Things Must Come to an End

Most bloggers are talking about New Year's Eve, looking back at 2015, posting "best of" posts, or even goals for the 2016.  Not me.  I'm taking a moment to mourn the end of one of my all-time favourite bands.  Spotify created a playlist (since I failed to compile one, you should listen to theirs): #NowPlaying This Is: Mötley Crüe by Spotify

Tonight is the last night for Motley Crue.  They end their 30+ years as a band on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles.  The four original members signed a legal document stating that they would not be touring as MOTLEY CRUE ever again.  This is it.  (Nor can any one member solely own the name, grab some other musicians and tour under the ban Axl Rose does with GNR.)

For me, for my era, they were the band that personified sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll with a mix of danger.  Sure, there were others that did the same.  Sure, there were others before them, others with more critical acclaim, others to follow.  But, for me, Motley will forever hold a special place in my rocker girl heart.

My first Motley Crue concert was during the Girls Girls Girls tour (I can't remember if it was 1987 or 1988), and I've seen them more times than I can count.  I've been on the front row, in smaller venues, and at festivals.  I've danced, I've sang, I've rocked, and I've had my finger sucked by Nikki Sixx.

I think Mick Mars is one of the most under-rated guitar players of his time.  Tommy Lee is a consummate showman.  Vince Neil...well...Vince is Vince...still a party boy through and through.  Nikki Sixx is a genius (in my humble opinion).

There have been:
  • Albums and Videos
  • Tours and Parties
  • Marriages and Divorces
  • Fist fights and Jail terms
  • Overdoses and Drunk-driving accidents
  • Groupies and Wives
  • Kids and Pets
  • Band break-ups and Reunion tours
  • Spandex and Leather
  • Hairspray and Eyeliner
  • Books and Documentaries
  • Side projects and Solo albums
  • Debauchery and Sobriety
  • Illness and Loss
  • Rotating drum kits and Guitars that shoot fire
  • Back-up singers and Strippers
  • Tattoos and Piercings
  • Pyrotechnics and Acrobatics
  • Reality shows and Talk of a movie
  • Arguments and Brotherly love
And...there has been rock 'n' fucking roll.  As the lyrics to one of my favourite Crue songs (Primal Scream) says:

Crash & burn they did.  In good ways and bad.  And, I will forever love those reckless maniacs from the streets of Los Angeles.  Their music will forever be a major player in the soundtrack of my life. Take a bow, guys.  Thanks for the memories.

Happy New Year!


  1. You've had your finger sucked by Nikki Sixx? Never in a million years would I have expected that sentence when I first started reading this! LOL! That's quite a unique experience, Erin! Fun post! I never got a chance to see them when I was younger (that's what growing up in a geographically isolating area will do to ya), but finally saw them in 2014 when they came through Louisville. Better late than never, right?

    Happy New Year to you! As I write this, you will have already rung in the new year!

  2. happy NYE girl :)
    i don't think i know any of their songs, sorry! i'm more sorry that they are ending when you love them so much.

  3. I never believe any band ever ends... there's ALWAYS reunion tours :) Dont give up hope :)
    I just saw them not too long ago with KISS... which proves that reunions always happen :)

  4. Hope you've had a wonderful New Years so far! I can't believe that Motley Crue is officially over after tonight! It sounds like you've had such great times and memories associated with them, so I'm sad that you'll be missing seeing their last concert live!

  5. I got sad looking at Nikki Sixx's IG the past few weeks, but the music never dies.

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