Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Twas Humpday Before Christmas

I can't tell you how many times this week that something would happen and I'd think "that would go great in my Humpday post"...only to forget those wonderful moments.  #writeitdowndumbdumb

I work at a retail store.  We are small business owners.  Christmas trade es muy importante.  But damn if it doesn't drive me crazy.  #muyloco #craycray

If it is the week of Christmas, and you are just getting around to shopping for your wife or girlfriend, and you walk in a jewelry store asking for something in blue topaz and white gold, and you are shown more than 15+ items ranging in a rather broad spectrum of price, style and shades of blue, and you say "Uh, I don't know, uh, let me think about it, uh, I'll be back."  Just don't.  Don't let this be your response.  Be honest with the customer service person.  Say "I don't see anything that is exactly her style" or "I'm not sure that fits in the budget I wanted to spend" or something besides a big fat lie like "I'll be back later".  #retailrant

I work and live with my husband and father-in-law.  No one should have to work and live with a parental figure...or an in-law.

I confess: This week, I came very close to kicking my father in-law in the nuts.  Or at least the shin.  #butididnt #irestrainedmyself

He was complaining about not having a home-cooked meal and that he was tired of "eating out of a tin can".  First, he's a grown adult, not an invalid, and I'm not going to feel guilty that (by this age of his life) he hasn't figured out how to feed himself.  Second, my guy and I both cook and make enough for left-overs.  We also purchase things and have them in the pantry and refrigerator that would be easy for him to prepare on the nights we aren't at home.  Like, when we have our own lives to live.  Or, more likely these last couple of weeks, when we are working super long hours at the shop.  #ilivewithaspoiledandlazyelderlyman 

I confess:  When my father-in-law acts like a lazy ingrate, it makes me miss my dad all the more.  I know you could say "the grass is greener" or "absence makes the heart grow fonder"...but not in this case.  #mydadrocks

That's it.  The straw broke the camel's back.  The final nail went in the coffin.  I've lost it.  A customer (rather, an old, ignorant, chauvinistic fuck) shushed me.  Even used a hand gesture.  He needed a watch band sized, I was telling him that I'd get the watchmaker, he held up his hand, shushed me, and told me I was too loud.  His look of condescension while doing it sent me into a tailspin.  Out of frustration, anger, and pain from biting my tongue, I went to the bathroom and cried.  Yep.  I confess:  A customer made me cry this glorious holiday season.  #ineedadrink #imfromtexasandwetalkloud #ireallywantedtotellhimwhatithoughtofhisshushing

I confess:  I'm sounding like the Grinch.  Or Scrooge.  I got the Christmas Spirit in me.  I promise I do!  #turnonchristmasplaylist

The good awesome magnificent news is this:  Our shop is in a business district that goes quiet the week between Christmas and New Year's.  So, our shop will be closed.  And, we'll have the boy.  That's right...a week with my guy, the boy, and me.  We don't have any major plans, and I confess: that's just fine by me.  I'm looking forward to some quality time, some reading, and some relaxation.  If we can throw in an adventure or two, even better.  So, it may be a little quiet around these parts ... but don't fret ... I shall return!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good everything!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I would've cried too out of frustration and anger at being shushed. How extremely rude! I hope you have an awesome week with your favorites!

  2. I keep a "Note" in my phone so I don't forget things, especially blog-related things! What's Christmas trade? Is that like sales?

    I don't think I could successfully live with a parental figure of any sort, but ESPECIALLY an in-law. I give you major props for holding your tongue! I'm sorry you had an asshat customer. I hope the rest of the week goes smoother for you. Enjoy the holiday break!!

  3. Uh oh...I think living with an in-law would be so hard. I mean I love Michael's parents, and I could probably live in the same town as them or maybe even next door, but living in the same house, probably not. I don't think I could live with my own parents either.

    What a rude customer! I was hoping you just yelled at him. I'm sorry he made you cry. :( I think I probably would too.

  4. You were shushed?! Oh, I would have smacked that guy, Christmas holiday or not! & the FIL, ugh. I could not imagine living with my MIL, I would probably murder her after about an hour. My FIL isn't too bad so I might take him in. Ha!

    Have a Merry Christmas, lady!

  5. I try to write down things in advance but then when I sit down to write the post they don't seem funny or relevant anymore lol. I give up! Jealous that you have a whole week off, I hope you enjoy every second of it!!! Merry Christmas Erin!

  6. I cried at work on Black Friday because a woman called me "incompetent" to my boss while I was standing right there, working on solving a problem for her. After she left my boss gave me a $10 Target gift card and told me to go home and called the woman a c*** and said if I'd have told her to "fuck off" she'd have looked the other way. Man, retail can suck the life outta ya! Stay strong! (And stay strong with your f-i-l, too. Some people tend to forget the world doesn't revolve around them...)

  7. Oh girlllll... I'd die if I had to live with my mother in law. Kudos to you for not hurting anyone so far :)
    Sssh'ed... OH HECK NO. My manager did that one time to a waitress when we were out at lunch (& also SNAPPED at her to come here)... I have never gone to lunch with her again. I dont get people with rude manners.
    Hang in there - that week off is coming!!!

  8. ok the title alone cracked me up but then i read your rants and GIRL the retail side of the world during the holidays is no joke. i get it! it's even harder bc y'all own that place and run it. it's ok that he made you tear up - you hid it though so no harm no foul :) anyway, enjoy the time off!! relax and get back to neutral :) have a merry christmas!!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  9. Sometimes even writing it down doesn't work. I keep a note on my phone going and then I always forget about it. I'm sorry customers can be jerks during this time. This is the first year in over 10 years I haven't worked retail around the holidays and just going into the shops and being reminded of how people act astound me. I get it, we're all stressed and running on low sleep etc but you can still be a decent human being. It's not that hard. Just keep thinking about that glorious week break and how wonderful that will be!

  10. I'm very impressed you held your tongue long enough to walk into the bathroom, I probably would have sassed him or worse. I don't understand, it's not that hard to be a decent human being. but you're almost there!!!

  11. Oof, your father-in-law sounds like a real delight. Why exactly is it your fault or problem that he won't help himself? Sigh, good for you for having restraint...I admire you for it ;)

    I cry when I get angry, and I hate it because I worry it makes people think I'm weak or too sensitive (which I also am) but I just want to insist..NO you're an ass and I am crying tears of anger trust me. But still, eff you.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  12. Oh sweetheart,

    I'm so sorry my father is being such a prick. And I'm bloody sorry you and Neil have to put up with him almost 24/7.

    If that evil piece of work that shushed you comes back, lock him up with my father and I'll be over there in a jiffy with my steel capped boots on and my cranky pants hoiked up far they give me a wedgie. I'm hormonal and definitely in the mood for some head kicking.

    I remember how awful it used to be working in a bloody tiny jewellery store with him and evil, rude customers at Christmas time and being just downright exhausted and miserable. I'm sending you a big hug. You can call me anytime you need to vent. I've been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

    Less than 24 hours to go now, Lovely. You can do it! And we'll try and catch up during your break.

    Love you loads xoxox

  13. Someone shushed you?!??!? Oh hell naw. I would not be taking too kindly to that!!! I worked in a retail store for 7 years and the people who waited til Christmas Eve to shop were the worst people ever. Dont get an attitude with me that we dont have what you wanted the day before Christmas. Everyone who cares about their family/girlfriend was out before you to scoop this up!

    Hope you enjoy your down time! Merry Christmas!!

  14. Oh my goodness! I would have lost it with that customer and probably cried too! Major props that you were able to hold it together! And what is up with older men not knowing how to take care of themselves? I'm sorry, but you have two hands and two feet, walk yourself into the kitchen and make something! My FIL does similar things, but thankfully I don't live with him, or work with! You're a saint! Hope you have a very relaxing and wonderful Christmas with your guys!

  15. Next week sounds like Heaven!


    And you are better than me, I could not live with a parent or an in-law.

  16. shushed you? hell no; you're a grown ass woman, you don't need to be shushed!!

  17. All of these things prove that you are a saint. There's no way I could live with a parent. My own or my significant other's. I just.. no. Also, than man. I would have had things coming out of my mouth that surprised me as well as everyone else. It would have started with my sassy inner black lady going, EXCUSE ME?! Several decibels louder than I'd been prior to being shushed.

    One does not shush me and expect shushing to actually happen....

  18. first, your father in law sounds like a bit of a brat. and i can't believe that old man shushed you! SO RUDE. i feel you on crying. i wasted many tears over stupid customers when i worked at the bank because people are just insanely rude. hope you are having a lovely week away from the store!


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