Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ten Random Confessions

I confess:  I had nothing prepared for today's link-up, so I'm just winging it. #notaboyscout #notprepared

I confess:  My guy (he's a jeweller) finished a ring today.  While I was creating the evaluation document, I wore the ring and pretended it was mine.  (It was over 3 carats total!) #agirlcandream

On Sunday, since friends and family were going all out for *me* for a Thanksgiving celebration, I decided to throw on a dress.  When my stepson saw me, he said I looked "fancy".  I confess:  I got it on clearance from Big W (Australian version of Walmart) for $7.  #youtoocanlookfancyforsevendollars

I confess:  After Sunday's Thanksgiving in Oz celebration, there were still dirty dishes left to do on Monday.  I had the day off work on Monday.  I didn't do the dishes.  #domesticgoddessiamnot

I confess:  I've eaten homemade mac&cheese for dinner for three straight nights because my guy made the biggest serve of mac&cheese ever cooked!  #iheartcheese #cheese4eva 

I confess:  I re-activated my snapchat after saying I wouldn't.  #followme (my username is texerin)
That's my best look
I confess:  I only follow two bloggers on snapchat right now because I don't know anyone's user names. #didntpayattentionifyoutoldmethembefore #whatsyourusername 

I confess:  The two bloggers I follow (kristenlees122 and ashleylillis) have fun posts of their fur babies, and I talk to Dart, Millie, Penny, and Chelsea through my phone when I see their cute faces.  #ilikefurbabies #gimmeallthefurbabies

I confess:  I still may be too old for snapchat because half the time I don't know what I'm doing.  #borninthe70s #techchallenged

I confess:  The fact that there are already SIX people (not including me) that have posted their preliminary list to Book Challenge by Erin only ONE day after the categories were announced has made me absolutely giddy with booknerdiness.  #booknerdsunite #dancingajig
Join us!

What's up with you this Wednesday?

Wednesday link-ups with Laura & LaurenAlanna & Sarah, and  Nadine & Kathy:


  1. ah dammit, i keep feeling the need to sign up for snapchat again and it pains me to do so. haha. only bc i already signed up in the past and no one followed me. boo. anyway. love that ring yet again. and yet again i want to steal it :) love the post per usual!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I just added you on Snapchat. I'm in my 20s and still figuring out how the hell to use it most days. I also felt you on a spiritual level multiple times throughout this post. All the mac n cheese - it will NEVER get old, especially when homemade. I'm horrible and will avoid dishes, just give me any other chore than that.

  3. That ring is beautiful!! Totally adding you on Snap Chat.

  4. I can leave a lot of chores fall to the wayside...except the dishes. LOL

    No snapchat for me!

  5. THAT RING!!!! I'd want all the beautiful jewelry he works on.
    You are the 2nd person today I've read that ate that much mac & cheese... tis the season for comfort food :)
    I'm all about cheap dresses ... you can (no pun intended) dress them up

  6. I'm linking-up with your book challenge on Friday :) And My SnapChat is audie_lou.

    I love that your friends threw you a Thanksgiving! That's too cute :)

  7. Mac and cheese is awesome!! I need to come up with my list, people are fast, goodness gracious!

  8. I just followed you on Snapchat!!! I only follow 5 or 6 people too, I am still trying to get in to it. So many social medias to keep up with!!! Sometimes on my day off, I dont want to do any chores either. I mean...I am off. I want to be off off. Hahaha!

  9., I'm a sucker for mac & cheese. But I'm from Wisconsin & if you don't like it, they kick you out. Tee hee!

    I added you to my Snapchat. My username is immandie. :)

  10. My snapchat is ChaosNCocoa, if you wanna follow.

    Yes to Mac and Cheese. Yes to Cheese period.

    I need to get on the book challenge....I'm so behind this week.....

  11. Mac and cheese- all day, erry day! I'm so bad with doing dishes. Last week I was off for 3 days and didn't do them until the very end of my mini-staycation. It wasn't a lot (I live alone) but I just didn't want to do them. I think it stems from it being a childhood chore that I hated doing haha.

  12. whenever i wear anything that's not PJs or sweat pants, my daughter always says "wow! mommy is so fancy!" #pointtaken.

  13. I hate dishes. So much.

    I am not on Snapchat because I just can't do another social media. I need to learn Periscope and/or Blab for work and I am completely resisting it. #dontevencare

    My husband's aunt makes THE BEST mac and cheese ever and since I didn't eat any on Thanksgiving because of the Whole30, I have some in my freezer for when it's done. I'm already prepared for the time I will spend in the bathroom #qualityreadingtime #totallyworthit

  14. Added you on snapchat. Confession: I just downloaded it last week o_O I had it for like a month when it first came out and was all' this is dumb' so I deleted it. Now I have it again and I still don't know what to do with it. I'll happily send you pics of my furkids!

  15. I love Snapchat but not for blogger following, my local friend and I like to add emotional faces to our text conversations. It makes texting so much more fun!

    I am getting to your book post soon, I don't know if I can join in on a challenge. I generally suck at challenges and have yet to complete one.

  16. That ring is so stunning! I hate dishes-I avoid them as much as possible. I keep wanting to get on SnapChat but haven't forced myself to do it yet!

  17. I've been eating so much mac and cheese too after I made a ton of it for Thanksgiving. Is there anything better?!

  18. As one of my students would say, "Girl, you gonna turn into some mac n' cheese!" LOL! Enjoy it! We only go around once!

  19. Hugs girl, I miss you! xoxo
    I may just get snap chat to chat with you, first I have to figure out what the frig it is.. It's vids that disappear, or something like that shiz, no?

    That ring is gorgeous... Beautiful cut and clarity. It's so nice to dream, isn't it? ;)

  20. Whoa, gorgeous ring! I tried snapchat for about a week before giving up. I'm just too old for it. Haha! I'm so excited for the book challenge!

  21. That ring is beautiful! I am terrible at snapchat, but I'm so impressed when people create cool drawings on it. And homemade mac and cheese sounds so good right now! (Even though it's after midnight... but mac and cheese is acceptable no matter what time it is, right?)

  22. I don't snapchat. I just send texts with photos. That's the same, right?
    I want big bling, but I don't want anyone to have to pay for it or go to jail for it. #conundrum
    Furchildren are priority numero uno.
    I haven't decided if I'm committing to the book club in Jan. So much is on the horizon and my reading time is pretty much limited to in the bathroom..

  23. damn girl that ring is amazeballs.
    big W is AMAZING. i love it.
    i was like hey! thats me! and my cats! i feel so privileged that you follow me haha. i love that snapchat and the like makes it easy for people like us to chat or whatever and we're on the opposite side of the world! i wish my mum would get on snapchat! or actually, maybe not lol.
    yay book challenge! i WILL finish this one. actually, imma win it. true story.

  24. I don't use Snapchat because I honestly just don't understand it (and I'm also pretty terrible with social media in general with the exception of Instagram). Maybe one day I'll give it a go. If I do, I'll give you my username. :-)

    I'm jealous of all of your mac and cheese. I've been craving some homemade mac and cheese, but I just haven't felt like making it.

    That Lay Z e-Card is perfect for me. I'm horrible with chores. Eric and I make lists and plans for chores, and he always completes his days before I do. If it makes you feel better, I did a few loads of laundry over the weekend and I still haven't bothered to put the clean clothes away. It's THURSDAY. My excuse? "Well, I might do another load tonight. I still have some stuff I need to wash." Because apparently I can't put clothes away until every item I own has been through the laundry.

    I'm glad you're getting such a great response to the book challenge! I'm late in commenting/reading blogs (again), but I was really excited to see your categories and I'm looking forward to participating!

  25. I totally would've been wearing that ring around the store too if I could! It's gorgeous! I loved seeing all of the pictures of your Thanksgiving, everything looked so yummy, although homemade mac n cheese is probably the best! And I love that you talk to Dart through the phone! When I post pictures of Houston on snapchat I know that you're one of the people that's actually appreciating them! And I just posted my picks for your reading challenge and I'm so excited to participate! I need to write a post about it on the blog so I can use it for my 101 in 1001!

  26. That ring is amazing and I would totally have pretended it was mine as well. haha

    I want to promise to do this book challenge but work is nuts these days. So im going to say, Im definitely going to try!

    1. Ill have to post the list when Im home though - FB is firewalled whomp whomp

  27. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating homemade mac&cheese as long as it's still in your fridge. I mean, you wouldn't want it to go to waste, right?

    Also SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE! I would pretend that beauty were mine too!


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