Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Golden Globes Humpday

This Wednesday's post is all about my thoughts on the Golden Globes. And, away we go.....

People have mixed feelings, and there are mixed reviews about Ricky Gervais.  I confess:  I'm a fan.  Is he irreverent and tastless?  Often, yes.  But, I enjoy it, and I ain't gonna feel ashamed that I do.  #noshame #iwouldratherdrinkwithmelgibsonoverbillcosbytoo

Some would say Amy Schumer is tasteless for dropping the big C bomb on live tv.  I say she's fearless.  #moveoverjlaw #iwanttobeherbff

I have Mondays off.  The telecast for an awards show that is held on Sunday (L.A. time) airs live in Australia on Monday morning/afternoon.  Australia doesn't have the delay/edit feature on tv, they don't edit as much out of shows anyway.  So...can I tell you how much fun it was to live tweet with blogger buddies and be able to report the things that were getting edited in the U.S. live show?!?  So much fun.  (Thanks Kerri, Kati, Dani, and others!) #whatthefuckdoessugartitsevenmean

The first presenters were Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.  Their bit didn't go over so well, but Channing Tatum's comb-over was worth a good laugh.  And, Jonah Hill said "honey is fucking delicious".  A truer statement has never been said (at the Golden Globes). 

Out of all the choices that are offered to celebrities, I am baffled by what some choose to wear.  #imlookingatyouguilianarancic  #thoseshoulderpadsareawful

This made me laugh:

I have stated on many occasions that I love pockets in dresses.  I'm not the only one.  Jenna Dewan Tatum had pockets, as did Amy Schumer, Gina from a Virgin show, and Jamie Alexander.  #everydressshouldhavepockets

Why were Katy Perry and Tom Ford at tables right in the front?  Aren't there other actors/actresses (not a singer and a designer) that are more deserving of that front row spot at this particular awards ceremony?  Maybe if Lady Gaga was there, she wouldn't have bumped Leo's chair, and we wouldn't have this gif.....

No disrespect to the ladies this year, but my best dressed is a man.  He presented an award standing next to JLo, and he outshined her.  Not many could pull off this look and look this good, but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can.  #thepeopleschamp #ismellwhathescookin

Speaking of Dwayne, Bryce Dallas Howard wins best carpet interview from me.  Not only did she get downright giddy that "The Rock" was sitting at her table.  She also admitted that she took herself to a department store, tried on dresses, and bought her red carpet dress herself.  Kudos.  #opieraisedherright

Random quick confessions from my Golden Globes viewing...I confess:
  • I've never found Leonardo Dicaprio attractive.  Still don't.
  • I have no interest in "The Revenant".
  • I've never found Orlando Bloom attractive, but when he presented an award, he was lookin' F-I-N-E.  Maybe I needed him to grow up a little.
  • My teenage heart (as well as others) was thrilled for Christian Slater to win an award.
  • Denzel is a badass.  He needs no last name.
  • I got booknerd giddy when both authors Emma Donoghue (Room) and Andy Weir (The Martian) got shout-outs.  #booknerdsunite
  • I thought JLo and her boytoy broke up. 
  • Mustard yellow looks terrible on her.  I don't care what any fashion guru has to say.  Or maybe it's the cape.  I don't know.  I just don't like it at all.  I wanted something different than sheer sequins, but I didn't want this.
  • I am indifferent about "Cookie"/Taraji.  I don't watch Empire, so I just don't "get" her.
  • As many implied, "The Martian" in the comedy/musical category is a stretch, but I'm still happy the movie & Matt Damon won awards.  No matter how they cheated to win.
  • Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling were adorable.  As if they wouldn't be.
  • Except, Ryan Gosling looked like he stole a tuxedo from the waitstaff's wardrobe.
  • Eva Longoria and America Ferrera were hilarious too. 
  • I think Jon Hamm and Sylvester Stallone are fans (clients) of Hair Club for Men #sysperlingeatyourheartout.
  • I don't just want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up.  I want to be Helen Mirren now.  That woman is fabulous!

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Got any confessions about them?

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  1. christian slater SWOON. i love mr. robot too so yes. i agree with pretty much most of this and YES to a shout out - thanks girl! many awards shows chats are in our future i think! ha. and the rock? yes he's fantastically adorable :) ok i'll stop now before i agree with it all haha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. My quick thoughts--Eva and America were hilarious. Better than JLaw and ASchu (which made me laugh more than I wanted it to). I don't care that she used the c-word. Whatever. I thought Jonah Hill was funny but Channing's hair made me want to throw him in a sink. My 90s fangirl heart was all aflutter, as you know. I straight up yelled at the TV every time someone from The Martian or Room won and didn't thank the author. Ricky Gervais makes me laugh. I'm glad he's an asshole who puts them in their place. Lady Gaga acted like a disgusting, holier than thou snob and really, with a fiance THAT HOT, you don't remember to thank him? She should have her award rescinded just for that alone.

    Agree with your assessments of Ryan and Brad, Denzel, and I loved that Sylvester Stallone got a standing ovation.

  3. Helen Mirren is amazing.

    I loved JoLo. I thought she looked great.

    I'm happy Christian Slater and Matt Damon won!

    I enjoy Ricky. I love Leo, but haven't always.

  4. I didn't watch the GGs, I was wrapping up a 13 hour binge watching session of season 5 and the season 6 premiere of Shameless. When 10pm rolled around, my brain was mush.

    You know, I don't have any reason to wear formal wear but if I ever found myself having to, I would want a dress with pockets. It would give me someplace to put my hands, instead of awkwardly letting them hang by my sides or forcing me to do that overused, one hand on hip, chicken wing stance. LOL!

  5. I didn't watch any of the red carpet stuff, so I love hearing about Bryce's interview. I love her. I also love Amy and everything she does/says, even the c-word! Leo was such a childhood crush of mine (see my twitter header. Haha!) but he's not attractive anymore and has always seemed douchey. I just think he's a good actor who plays interesting roles so my love will never die. Helen Miren IS fabulous!

  6. I couldnt agree with you more on everything you said.
    That gif of Lady Gaga - no cares given in the bump.
    Love Ricky Gervais!!
    The Rock - He is just so dang cute!
    Jonah Hill - was he drunk?
    I have no interest in the Revenant either - but do hope Leo wins the Oscar.
    I want to be both JLaw and AShue (haha)'s BFF

  7. I didn't watch but love your commentary. I thought JLo looked fierce but I thought they broke up too. Maybe still friends.

  8. I loved this post. I didn't watch it but now, I feel like it did. Ha!

    By the way, Denzel doesn't even need his whole name, my husband just calls him "'Zel". No jokes, he does. Tee hee!

  9. Is Dwayne Johnson pretending to be Hugh Hefner?
    EVERYTHING SHOULD HAVE POCKETS. Just because I have a vagina does not mean I don't want to put shit in pockets in my clothes. BABIES get pockets. How do grown ass women still not get pockets in their clothes?!?! #sensitivesubject
    I don't watch awards shows/TV, but I enjoy seeing the pretty dresses I could never afford in my entire life ever.

  10. ok thank you for this because i didn't watch it. woah, she said the c word? also everyone was talking about Leo's face so i'm glad you posted that gif. hilarious! i have never found him attractive either, but i have always thought he was a good actor, so he deserves an award. i don't want to see that movie though. mustard yellow does not look good on j law, i agree. and helen mirren is so fabulous!

  11. I totally didn't watch the Golden Globes at all because I wasn't that interested, and I figured that I'd get to hear all about all the good stuff later on! That GIF of Leo and Lady Gaga is pretty priceless, I could basically just watch it on repeat all day! That's pretty awesome that Australia doesn't really edit and that you were able to keep us in the loop with what was really being said! And hooray for pocket dresses! They're seriously the best! I wore two of them this week lol!

  12. I never watch the shows only the clips. I love love Ricky Gervais, he is hilarious. Pocket dresses are the best and it cracked me up that you said Gina from the virgin show! I love her :)

  13. I didn't watch and now that I've had your perfectly summarized post I didn't need to. This was all I need! I agree the Rock looks amazing in that crushed velvet, I mean it takes quite a guy to pull that off too. And Amy Schumer is my spirit animal. Plus I love her classic black and white!

  14. Hahahahahahaha at the Leo gif!!! So I dont watch award shows anymore, but I like reading posts like this that make me feel like I got to see the highlights. That is so cool that you get to see things uncensored! I wish we all did!!! I love Amy Schumer. Channing's hair? YIKES!

  15. I loved Ricky Gervais. I was surprised he got asked to host again. I watched it the next day so I could fast forward through the stuff I didn't care about :)

  16. these are all so perfectly true! Especially the hair club for men confession. I pretty much think mustard looks horrible on everyone, I don't care what anyone says. I also think that the weird cape/long arm/extra fabric wasn't attractive on any of the ladies.

  17. I was happy I had you in Australia giving me the non-censored updates. Confession: Ricky Gervais can be horrible but I almost always find him hysterical. He's not PC and in today's age that is very rocky. But like you said, sometimes it's the truth. You should watch Mr. Robot, it's an AMAZING show that I can't get enough of and Christian Slater is one of the best reasons. He owns that role and it's completely a career comeback.

  18. haha! we said the same thing about the rock. my husband was all, damn - that dude is like lenny kravitz - he can wear a carpet and would probably pull it off!

  19. I love Ricky Gervais! He is hilarious, plus he is a HUGE advocate for animals and that gives him a million and one points in my book! I love Amy and J-Law. They can do no wrong. Drop the c-bomb all you want, Amy! Also I read somewhere else about BDH getting her dress at Neiman Marcus herself because they don't make sizes that big and I was SO HAPPY. Love love love. I didn't watch, but I like to read things that happened and see dresses after.

  20. I didn't watch but I saw the photos and read the highlights. Mustard yellow looks terrible on EVERYONE. Gross. I love Empire, so I love Taraji/Cookie. It's a good binge watching show for you to add to your list.


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