Thursday, January 21, 2016

Some videos go viral for all the wrong reasons

I'll attach an article or two to give you a little background...

Article 1

...but here's the a Sydney suburb, a 12 year old was stopped by cops for throwing rocks at vehicles and damaging buses in the process.  The mother of the kid started videoing thinking she'd make it "go viral" to show police abuse.  Actually, it's gone viral for other the video above...

Article 2 - that includes a video of the mother defending her son because, of course, he didn't do anything wrong.

Article 3

What a disgusting display of a lack of respect for authority. With this mentality, this mother will also accuse teachers of being in the wrong when her son is given detention, employers out to get her son when he is fired from a job, the probation officer being unfair when her son is recommended for a jail term, the judicial system being corrupt when her son is given a jail sentence, the prison system being abusive when her son is put into solitary confinement for spitting and throwing urine on staff............sadly, this all is likely to happen.

I hope she enjoys visiting her children in prison because that's where they will most likely end up.  Years ago, I was a caseworker at an institution for incarcerated youth.  I knew kids (and parents) exactly like this.

The kid was throwing rocks at cars and caused damage to buses. People have died from the actions of such pranks. When you are throwing rocks at cars that potentially cause damage and/or injury, you are committing a crime. On the video, threats of violence are made as well. For the safety of the youth, police, and other children around, handcuffs (unfortunately) appear to be a sensible use of force in this scenario.

This mother is an embarrassment to any other parents who are trying to raise their children with values and to learn to differentiate between right and wrong.  As for the kids, well, sadly, I'm thinking Australian taxpayers will sooner or later be paying for his accommodation, food, and healthcare in a prison.

Harsh?  Yes.  Judgemental?  Yes.  Do I hope one day there is a 60 Minutes special on this kid ten years from now focusing on how he turned his life around and is a positive force in society?  Absolutely. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts.....
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  1. Ughhh makes me so friggin' sick! The world is one big f-ed up place these days. Do you think technology is egging on the stupidity? I kind of do! Small minds + technology = Bad News! Over from the link up! xo Amanda

  2. ugh people are just the worst. generally. it makes me sad that people legitimately think things like this are ok. thanks for sharing chica!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I can't stand adults that don't take responsibility for their actions and I know that behavior stems from parents that enable them as (bratty) kids. I'm not following it closely, but there's a case in the USA about a teenager that killed people with his car and his mother claimed affluenza ("an inability to understand the consequences of one's actions because of financial privilege") as a condition. Then she helped the little punk b*tch escape to Mexico. I can't understand some people. Ugh.

  4. You are absolutely right, this is a disgusting example of a lack of respect for authority. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior and mentality is becoming more and more commonplace. I work in a public school, so many of my educator friends and I have discussed this very thing - the ever increasing lack of respect for adults and authority figures, the rise of the grandiose, overinflated sense of self, the decreasing sense of personal responsibility, and the parents' clouded vision of right and wrong when it comes to their children all the time. In my opinion, it is becoming an epidemic. This may be an extreme example, but there are many milder examples everyday.

    For instance, a year or two ago, I read an article and in it a college president shared how overprotected parents had contacted him b/c their college age son or daughter had a squabble with their roommate. Chances are, those parents never let their kids handle any differences growing up and handled everything. I've read another article that described how an irate mother contacted her daughter's college professor b/c the girl was failing the class. Chances are, that parent blamed every teacher the girl had ever had for any bad grade instead of making the girl take responsibility for her actions and for her own education. I, personally, have been jumped on by a parent b/c her kid, who had worked on the "TH" sound for 5 years in speech therapy, still said "bafroom" for bathroom and "free" for three. She basically implied that it was my fault. After hearing her out, I calmly said, "Ma'am, you know the old saying, 'You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink?" She nodded and said, "Yes." I then told her, "Your son can make the TH sound, but he is choosing not to. I've taken him to the watering hole. Whether he drinks or not is up to him." She didn't really care for that, but I wanted to let her know that I was not going to just sit there and "take it" as I suspected she was used to.

    My husband's two kids, ages 16 and 20, have made their fair share of bad choices and we have let them. We have also let them feel and deal with the consequences that follow because that is how life works. Was it hard for my husband to do this? Yes, b/c no parent wants to see their kid in trouble or fail. But, if a parent doesn't allow the child to fall and learn how to pick him/herself up, then the parent isn't parenting at all.

    I've read I totally agree with you, if this child continues on this path, then he and his mother will always blame someone else for the kid's poor choices and the kid could easily wind up incarcerated by the time he is in his 20s.

  5. UGH this irritates me to no end! I know all parents think their kids are great and can't imagine them doing something bad...but when they DO end up doing something like this, you can't just pretend it's just "kids being kids."

    Seriously, how can you be so delusional that you think it's okay for your kid to do this?

  6. So, I was a juvenile probation officer for a few years and I had a mom who, every single time her son was arrested (he was arrested A LOT), would say, in court to a judge, that she had brain cancer and her son was illiterate and it was the system's fault he sold drugs in a park because the schools didn't teach him right from wrong. The mother in the video and articles reminds me of that one.

    Defending your kid's wrong and illegal actions does absolutely nothing to benefit the child (or society as a whole). It reinforces bad behavior and, sometimes, encourages it. No. Just no. You can still love the child while condemning the behavior. And to try to set up a situation to catch police brutality or whatever she was trying to do? WTF is wrong with her? When you look at it that way, her actions towards her son make complete sense. Because she's just as fucked up.

  7. This world is getting so bad about coddling the kids. These kids are growing up with no responsibility & parents constanttly covering for them. I dont get it. If you LOVE them, you'll let them take responsibility for wrong they do... I want to shake these parents.

  8. i have so many thoughts on this that i don't quite want to put on the internet, so i can talk more about it when we email. basically, i agree with everything you said. this is disgusting, and anyone that throws rocks at cars deserves to be punished, child or not. and on top of that, parents that are delusional when they have shitty kids are just like.. the worst kind of people.

  9. Ughhhh this is what is wrong with society these days. It is like that stupid kid that didn't have to take any responsibility for killing 4 people because his family is so rich that he didn't know any better. Parents, sometimes your kids act like little shits. Stop making excuses for them and for yourself and take some damn responsibility before the world is filled with even more crazy idiots!

  10. Parents like that make my blood boil. I see more and more of them every year.

    Thanks for joining in today!


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