Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.56

These shoes were in my Christmas care package from my mom; I sent her this pic to show her they were getting good use.

Nadine and Laura are going Whole30 this month.  I'm not, but when they both posted this recipe, I thought "damn, that looks good."  I did alter it slightly by adding a small can of corn, a large carrot, and a can of diced tomato (to add a little more veggie/fruit...isn't tomato a fruit?). It was my lunch all this week.

Caught up with some friends at the local pub this Wednesday..........

.........this was on their televisions.  Yes, those are idiots in KKK garb for a show called "Inside the Ku Klux Klan"...what a fabulous organization that Australians are introduced to via this television program. Aren't pubs/bars supposed to have some type of sporting matches on as entertainment?  Finally, they changed it.

Everyone back home is talking about the winter weather; I'm all like "this sun is super shiny in my eyes!"

A storm blew in on Thursday...thunder, lightning, wind, lots of rain...we pulled into our drive way and were greeted by this sweet girl.  She had no collar, and she was soaked!  I went inside, grabbed an umbrella, and started knocking on doors.  Neil took her inside, gave her a little to eat and some water, and posted a picture to fb.  It was getting dark, so I went back to get Neil.  Some neighbors directed us to where they thought she lived.  The next door neighbour of that house said "Yea, that's Lucy!  She lives next door."  We learned that the owner had left to go out, but maybe in the rain and wind, he hadn't shut the gate properly, and Lucy went on an adventure!  We returned Lucy to her home.  Good thing.  I think Neil was ready to keep her.

Another doggie story - yes, I posted this on facebook and instagram, but, but, but, it's a bucket of puppies!!!!  See this bucket full of happiness?  Some jerkface dumped/abandoned these TEN beautiful babies on the doorstep of a friend of mine's business in Texas.  She posted a plea on facebook for anyone who could give a good home to a puppy to consider taking one.  In just two days, with the help of others sharing the pictures, ALL ten puppies have homes!  I love the happy ending to this story.  I'm glad this happened in Texas, because if it was in Australia, I'm pretty sure Sally and Dolly would have had to welcome another dog to their domain.

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!


  1. Those shoes are great! Your mom has a good eye for patterns.
    Wow, SUPER weird that that's what they'd have on in the bar! Ick.
    Oh, poor Lucy! Good on you guys for taking good care of her and making sure she got home safe and sound :)

  2. Did your dogs meet with Lucy and if so, what did they think of her?
    Cute shoes girl, and hey, don't rub the warm weather on our faces - it's -20 Celsius here this morning *Brrrrr*

  3. Meant to also ad ld that it's fab your friend managed to find home for all ten. <3

  4. All your dog stories warm my heart! Honestly, I just want to sit in that bucket of puppies... Can that be my full time job? You don't even have to pay me...

  5. Two happy pupper stories - I love it! Way to get Lucy home & I'm so happy that all the puppies got great homes to go to. That's awesome! Social media can be good! :)

  6. OMG those puppies! i can't even with all the cuteness. and saved another pup too! all the heart eyes for this post ha. and what kind of bar puts that show on ha. good thing they changed it!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. When I first saw that picture I was all "OMG A BUCKET OF PUPPIES!!!" and then you told the story and I wanted to punch the person who did it but I'm glad it had a happy ending. And, because #twinsies, we are basically the official dog returners of the neighborhood. A dog gets loose (more often than they should), it comes to my house, we return it. I'm glad Lucy got home safely!!!

  8. THOSE PUPPIES! I can't believe someone would just abandon them. But I suppose it's better than some other things they could've done. So happy they found homes. And so happy you guys found Lucy and got her back home!

  9. I'm so glad that you were able to find Lucy's home! That's always one of my biggest fears is that Dart will get out (again), and that this time we won't be so lucky to find him. That's why we always stop and try to help lost dogs find their way home, because we hope that others will do the same if Dart were to ever get out.

  10. Wasn't that chili amazing???? That bucket of puppies is the cutest site ever. I am glad that they were all adopted, some people are terrible humans and it is best the dogs weren't in their care any longer.

  11. OMG A bucket of puppies! That is so adorable and horrible all at once.

  12. Everyone is all LOOK AT MY SNOW.. and I'm all, "look at my mud puddles." :( I feel you.
    I wish Teh German could handle eating the same things, I'd totally make a huge batch of something and eat it every day.. but maybe not chili.. because when I eat leftover chili, bad things happen and I'm not the only one suffering... lol


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