Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Humpday Confessions with Pinterest

Once upon a time, I was a pinterest junkie.  Not so much anymore.  I still enjoy to peruse two or three times per week.  I thought I'd make some confessions today by looking at some of my pins on pinterest.
I confess:  This is a true depiction of my "to read" list, and I am guessing a few of you can relate.  #booknerdsunite #currently653
I confess:  Sometimes, more often than I should, I repin a picture of pretty clothes without any intention of following the link and purchasing that item.  #ihaveathangforprettydresses
I confess:  I use pinterest most often these days for simple, yummy recipes like this Hard Cider Pork Chops.  These were fantastic.  #getinmybelly
Some of these recipes, I pinned from bloggers that I follow, like this one from Kristen at Divulge and IndulgeI confess:  I haven't made this one yet.  #needtogetonthat #looksinsanelyyummy
I confess:  I am guilty of posting silly funnies just because they make me smile.  #punsarefun #funwithpuns
I find pictures to show my colourist.  This one served as our hair inspiration for the pink/purple/blonde ombre I have going on right now.  #mycolouristisbetterthanyours
I pin motivational quotes like this, and I confess:  I go back and read them when I'm having a bad day.  #pickmeup
I confess:  I pin DIY projects that I know I will never do.  If someone wants to make me this DIY Texas mad out of bottle caps, you'd be my new best friend.  #youcantakethegirlouttatexas
I confess:  I post pictures of jewels that I will never own, but they serve as inspiration for my jewellery making man.  It's pretty much like I'm working while I'm on pinterest, right? 
Other things that I confess I pin:
Of course, someecards......are you allowed a pinterest account if you don't pin someecards?
......and more. 
I confess:  I have spent senseless hours on pinterest.  #sorrynotsorry
Are you on pinterest?  Why not follow me?

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  1. I used to spend tons of hours on Pinterest, but I definitely don't browse as much as I normally do. I love searching for simple and healthy recipes, and it's so nice to have them all in one place. And oh my goodness, so many book lists on Pinterest! It's like the Show Us Your Books linkup, my TBR list seems to grow every time I get on Pinterest!

  2. man pinterest is a black hole and i love it. i love posting beauty/style pics even if i'll never look like them hah. and all the recipes - never happen. the quotes may be some of my fav - i love re-reading them!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I confess that I spend way too much time organizing my Pinterest boards and trying to make sense of the thousands of pins I've collected over the years.... HA!

  4. I used to spend WAY too much time on Pinterest. Now I really only go on when I am looking for new recipe or something for a party.

  5. Love that bottle cap Texas design! I sometimes forget about pinterest and don't browse for weeks at a time, then I have weeks where I spend hours looking through pinterest. It can be such a time suck!

  6. Just followed you :)
    Yep - I pin lots of funny stuff & motivational stuff that I really do like to go back & read over & over again

  7. Yup, I could have written at least half of this. Sometimes when I find a quote I really like and want to remember, I make it into a graphic just to pin it so I can go peruse my "words" board when I need a dose of inspo. Also? I don't think I've ever actually followed a link to buy a piece of clothing. I just like the styling ideas!

  8. Oh how I've so many hours of the day whilst killing time on Pinterest. I'm not on much anymore apart from sharing some blogs from a blog group I'm in but definitely not at the intensity I used to pin.

  9. I am always pinning clothes I will never wear and projects I will never attempt. I do post a lot of recipes that I actually use though. And of course my ecards from Wednesday and Friday can more often than not be found on there as well!

  10. Thanks for the shoutout! That made my day! :-) (And, yes, you need to make that recipe because it's delicious!)

    I used to use Pinterest a lot so I made a separate Pinterest account for my blog thinking I'd use it all the time. Unfortunately, I never even look at it. I really want to work on updating, organizing, and actually using it this year, but it's been a lower priority for me lately. Once I start using it, I'll definitely start following you!

    I only use my personal account when I'm looking for new recipe ideas or trying to figure out how to style certain items of clothing. (I confess I had to search how to work my new booties into my wardrobe because I didn't know how to make them look good with skinny jeans/jeggings. Searching for that made me feel really unfashionable. Haha.)

    I had no idea you could find so many book lists on Pinterest! Maybe that will be my motivation to get my blog account going.

  11. Pinterest is great for my grand ideas and it rarely every comes together for me. Clothing, recipes, DIY, hair styles. Nope. My mom is great at it and totally puts me to shame.

  12. I recently went through part of my TBR on GoodReads to try to clean it up, and I'm still at over 400. The struggle is real! Haha. I love the bottle cap Texas! No way I would ever make it though because I'm just not crafty! :)

  13. hahaha love it! the book ones especially. i am on pinterest a lot. i use it like a google, really. travel, outfits, food. i use it mainly for food and outfits because i'm not naturally good at either lol

  14. I am the worst at pinning pretty clothes, shoes, and jewelry with no intention of every buying it. It helps me cure my shopping-a-holic ways. Just Pinterest browsing. Now, if I could suddenly have it all appear in my closet when I pinned it though I wouldn't complain...

  15. I'm a quote pinner.. and tattoos and recipes.. and sometimes running stuffs and now new house stuffs. And I do a shitton of pinning all at once, once every few weeks.


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