Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December scavenger hunt recap

From jenn's post:  ten things to celebrate in december: a scavenger hunt 

I knew that I most likely wouldn't accomplish all the tasks, but here's how I did with the ones that I tackled:

from jenn:  two. december second. national salesperson's day. i've done more than my share of time in retail hell. i know how dreaded this time of year is for the gals behind the counter. when you're out shopping for those special gifts, ask an associate what a good pick-me-up would be. what can you do to put a bright spot in her day? chances are good it'll be a simple as a cup of starbucks or, in the case of one of my manager friends, a route forty-four diet coke from sonic with hardly any ice in it.

What I did:  Renee sells gemstones and finished jewellery too.  She is accessible, knowledgeable, reliable, and efficient.   She cares about the successes of her customer base.  She runs all over Sydney (and the rest of this big state too) providing excellent customer service to retail jewellery stores.  December is the most hectic month for most all retailers, and to have a reliable supplier like Renee is beyond helpful to the business.  So, in the spirit of this scavenger hunt, I gave her a little "thank you" gift.

from jenn:  three. december fifth. bathtub party day. things are about to crazy, yeah? or maybe they've done so already? all the shopping and the baking and the trimming of the tree... treat yourself to a time out. snag a favored scented shower gel from bath and body works (or wherever you go for that stuff... i'm partial to bodycology's white gardenia, which can be found at the grocery store for like four bucks), pour a glass of wine, put on some music or listen to a bit of an audio book you've been dying to read but haven't had the time. give yourself a blessed hour. your family will probably thank you for it.

What I did:  I take a lot of baths already.  It's my little sanctuary on a regular basis.  This particular bathtub party consisted of a book by a favorite author, bubbles, and a Christmas candle (cranberry spice.)  Plus, two cats (not pictured)...they like to hang out in there with me.

from jenn:  four. december sixth. st. nicholas day. surely you know a nick or a nicholas (or maybe a nicole?). take some time out of your day to send a special note to that person. 'tis the season... 

What I did:  I don't know a Nicholas (or a Nick), but I do have a friend named Nikki as seen below with her sweet Sebastian.  So, I combined it with "cat herder's day" (see below) and surprised Nikki with a small care package and a note.

from jenn:  five. december tenth. nobel prize day. here's a list of the laureates in literature. choose one and share a line or two from a work you admire.

What I did:  Sorta lame, I know, but I spent some time to read quotes from Toni Morrison, courtesy of goodreads. 

from jenn:  six. december twelfth. poinsettia day. pick up one of these gorgeous creations and take it to a friend you've not seen in some time.

What I did:  Knowing that my friend Kim's son was in the care of hospice after his battle against brain cancer, I felt helpless.  What can I do?  What gesture shows that I'm thinking of them?  So, I used this list as inspiration to send a poinsettia letting them know my thoughts are with them this holiday season.  Sawyer, her son, passed away about a week after I sent them.

from jenn:  seven. december thirteenth. national cocoa day. take a breather from the christmas shopping. treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate.

What I did:

from jenn:  eight. december fifteenth. cat herders day. surely you know someone who's got one too many cats in his or her house. and surely those cats are wreaking havoc on the christmas decor. find a cute cat card and send it their way. they may be needing the reminder of why they love the things right about then.

What I did:  I sent Nikki's kitty cat care package to her in St. Kilda (a funky, eclectic suburb of Melbourne).  Also, I encouraged her to "pay it forward", to send a care package to someone that doesn't expect it, to spread more happiness.  The world needs more care packages.  Nikki agreed to "pay it forward" and has already reported that she sent an adult coloring book and colored pencils to a friend unexpectedly. 

Jenn has another scavenger hunt ~  "ten things to celebrate in january: a scavenger hunt" ~ I'm going to participate again (like I did for December); join in the fun if you choose.


  1. seven of ten's not too shabby, lady. and god knows, some of the things you've done will have left a greater impression on the heart than some of the things i've done. so... i think you did AMAZING, and i'm so glad you participated in this. thank you, ma'am. i'm looking forward to what you do in january.

  2. I hadn't heard of this before but it sounds so fun! I'm not sure I can celebrate all the January holidays but there are definitely some fun ideas in there! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I didn't participate in this challenge, but I think it's a great idea and I love that you reported back! The cat care-package is probably my fav. And I think you're a real sweetie for thinking of your friend Kim and her late son. The sadness their family is undoubtedly going through is so unimaginable. I bet your flowers we so, so appreciated.

  4. I, of course, love the cat care package. And the fact that two of your cats like to hangout while you take a bubble bath. Max likes to watch the water when I shower. And my previous cat, Emeril, was actually insulted when I took bath. Showers didn't bother him. But when he saw me laying in water, he stalked off. Cats! Again, I'm so sorry for your friend. No words.

  5. This seems like such fun, and the doing all the things for all the people (and cats), as well as treating yourself at times, is such a great way to celebrate the month.

  6. oh my gosh i love the kitty cat care package! love it. i miss my bath so much, it's a necessity in whatever house we end up in. my cats always join me too haha. it's like having kids ;)


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