Friday, January 6, 2017

Reading Habits vol.2

Earlier in the year, I dissected/analyzed/reported about my reading habits in this post.  I thought a 6 month recap was a good way to turn this into a series.  Maybe?  Or maybe this should just be an annual thing?  I don't know.  We'll see.  For now, let's look at my "reading habits" for all of 2016.

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction:  Apparently, I only read one more non-fiction book the entire last half of 2016.  Maybe that's why I got three of them as Christmas get more of them into my life.

Format:  book vs. ebook vs. audiobook - Nothing has changed since my last review.  I still don't own an e-reader.  I still don't want one.  I'm still old-fashioned. 

Source:  library vs. owned - I'm a little disappointed with this stat.  I wanted to make more of a dent in the books that I own already.  I'd like for next year to have these results be more balanced. 

Female Authors vs. Male Authors:  Girl Power!

Genre: crime/mystery/thriller, ya, memoir/bio, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, short stories, western, horror, children's lit, classics - This is what I said at mid-year, and it remains true:  "I know I read an assortment of genres.  I enjoy mixing it up.  I guess this (again, sorta kinda maybe) shows that is true.  Heavy on the crime/mystery/thrillers."

Ratings:  Obviously, I'm a big fan of giving books high marks.  I think that's a combination of reasons - I've learned what I like and tend to pick up books I know I'll enjoy, I'm not much of a book basher, and if I'm wavering between two ratings, I tend to be generous rather than stingy.  I feel like there were another couple of DNF in the mix though.

Favorites:  I told you about my faves of the year in this post:  Show Us Your Books Best of 2016: The Lucky 13; if you're interested and you missed that post of mine, take a look because I hit several genres with my recommendations.  I am confident there is something there for any reader.

Book Challenges:  You know, I am a book challenge junkie.  Here's a wrap-up of the challenges I participated in 2016:
Book Challenge by Erin 4.0 - read 17/20
Book Challenge by Erin 5.0 - read 20/20
Aussie Author Challenge 2016 - read 12/12
Read My Books Challenge 2016 - read 7 books that I already owned during the month of June
Semi-Charmed Summer Book Challenge 2016 - read 12/12
Semi-Charmed Winter Book Challenge 2016 - I've fumbled the ball on this one, and there's no picking it up - read 5/12
Around the World in 80 Books - read 18/80, but still going with this one; I've given myself a "due date" of my 50th birthday which is YEARS away.
USA Reading Roadtrip - read 6/50; same due date as above

As much as it pains this book challenge junkie's heart, I may sit out of the Semi-Charmed challenges in 2017.  There's a lot of crossover and a little bit of challenge burnout.  I am still passionate about keeping my personal book challenge a source of joy, so others may take a backseat moving forward.

Now, I need to stop posting and start reading.  I'm so behind in my blog reading, and I need to know what is going on in your lives!


  1. I am also loyal to traditional book vs e-readers, It's just not the same for me. Audio books don't work for me either.
    This is so interesting to me - I'm such a numbers nerd - I should do one for my own reading in 2016. It would be 100% paper books but I'm curious on the split between fiction/non-fiction (aiming for 12 non-fiction in 2017) and between library/owned books.

  2. I want to try & use my library more this year. I'm just a sucker for a book sale or having a book to write in & bend my own pages & binding.

  3. i tried to do the ereader thing but I just can't ... unless i'm going on vacation and don't have a lot of space to lug around the books but i'm a 100% physical book reader. i even stop sometimes and smell the pages. am i the only one who does that?

  4. i'm going to buy you an e-reader for your birthday and you will LOVE IT or we can't be friends.
    ugh fine. just kidding. whatever. i dig it.
    how do you read the ebooks you do read without an ereader?
    i really want to make a dent in my owned books in 2017. i added shelves on my goodreads to show when i purchased them, because i'm trying to slow my roll on purchasing and read the ones i already own.. if that makes sense. before i just had a shelf saying 'purchased' but i didn't know when, could have been a year or a day before i read it haha.
    i think your genre mix up is super interesting.
    i agree, i think i lean towards generous instead of stingy when i waver between stars.
    i am sorry to hear about the challenge burn out, but i feel you. i'm sticking with just yours and i have a new found love for challenges now that i'm not pressuring myself to participate in ALL OF THEM. lol

  5. I like your recap. I'd love for you to do another 'Read My Books' challenge this year that spans more than a month. I'd be totally game for that! So pumped about your on-going challenge right now! I am definitely finishing it this time. At least the first round!

  6. I love these recaps with stats! I'm a stats person and love seeing it laid out like this. :) I'm heavy on the thrillers too and for some reason also got a lot of nonfiction from people for Christmas (including Tim Tebow's book? I feel like that came out of left field. Haha).

  7. I still can't believe how many books you read last year! I feel like I have the exact opposite problem that you have in that I hardly ever read books from the library, so maybe I need to try and rent instead of buying in 2017. I'm making a valiant effort to finish the SCWBC16 this year! I have 5 books left, so maybe but maybe not.

  8. I was slow to adapt to an e-reader but I did and do like it. My apartment is small and I've always ended up giving away books to make room for more, which sounds like a nice, generous thing to do but it makes me a bit cranky. The books I purchase are the kind of books I will reread and really want to keep. The e-reader has helped quite a bit with this. I still do love the feel of a real book and still probably read more physical books than e-books. Crime/mystery/thriller is likely my top genre too. I don't like giving low ratings but will, especially if I feel an author has really wasted my time or insulted my intelligence.

  9. I think these recaps are really fun! I've been into mysteries/thrillers a lot more these past few years than I was growing up. I guess I can handle the "Scary" a bit more! I do have an e-reader and I love it but I still mostly read physical books because they will always be my favorite!


  10. This is so much fun! Someone needs to suggest this to Goodreads as a formula.
    Also, I understand stepping back from challenges. When I tried to do yours and another challenge at the same time, I just felt too much pressure on myself. I just couldn't handle all that commitment. ;) lol


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