Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.106

In case you missed it, Sydney was boiling this week.

The stepkid loves himself some legos, and just quietly, I enjoy going to these lego exhibitions with super impressive structures built.  This particular one was titled "The Wonders of the World" and had buildings, bridges, paintings, sculptures, and more, all made of legos.  (see this photo I posted on ig)

There were several interactive stations encouraging visitors to build whatever they wanted from legos.  We built houses.  Yes, I was singing "little pink houses for you and me..." while building mine.

We took the kid to a churrasco, you know, those Brazilian-themed restaurants with 15+ different types of meat from beef, lamb, pork, and chicken.  The kid loves meat, but he also loves animals.  On this particular outing, he decided to start thinking about and discussing "what if the pig wanted to watch her little piglets grow up and not die to feed us?"  You know, those fun kinds of questions.  Believe me, I encouraged his compassionate side.  I'm thinking the pig roasting on the spit (that you can sorta kinda see in the left of this photo) didn't help matters.

Back to the heatwave...the dogs received some special treatment this week.  Coming indoors and taking naps in the a/c, plus our Saturday outing included taking them for a swim to a local river.  No pictures taken because I didn't even try to take my phone while wrestling with these two big buffoons in the water (so, you just get this picture of them riding in the car on the way.)  They loved every second of it, and we did too.

Sunday cooled off a little, and by cooled off, I mean it was possible to be outside without diving into water immediately.  So, we went on another local bush walk and hike.

I'm enjoying getting out more and finding secluded spots like this so close to home. 

Hope you had a great week and are staying warm, or cool, wherever you live!


  1. That is too bloody hot. Think I will keep my ice storm!

  2. seriously loving these adventures you're going on - and seeing new places even from my side of the computer. i cannot deal with that heat - I'm not ready for our summer bc i'll be in the same boat as you sooner than i'd like! i love love legos too - what a fun exhibit!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I loved when I saw that you were bringing the sisters inside in that crazy heatwave!! <3 You guys are the bestest!
    I love LEGOs. My whole family does. I'm always so envious when I see you guys out at LEGO exhibits or events! That's so cool!
    I'd like to do more outdoor stuff here, but the last time I took Ly hiking we came home with over 25 ticks on her fur. ICK.

  4. I love the heat, but 47 is HOT. What does one even do when it's that hot outside? The lego exhibit looks so cool. I have terrible spatial awareness and that kind of mathematical thinking skills so I'm totally impressed when people can build super elaborate and huge models using those little bricks!

  5. I will never stop being fascinated by the reversal of seasons in the southern hemisphere. We're having a stormy weekend here, but I'd like a day of summer here or there. But not like 3-5 months of it. That makes perfect sense, right?

  6. pigs are the one thing i have always struggled with eating. i'm not a vegetarian, but i eat less meat than i used to, and i pretty much never eat pigs. he's much more compassionate than i was at that age!
    love the houses you guys built!
    i honestly can't believe how hot it has been at home. crazy!

  7. Thank you for the C-F conversion! I've never been particularly good at that. I just knew when I saw 47C, that it had to be blazing hot, exactly how hot, I wasn't sure.

    AS SOON AS I saw your Lego house, I started singing the same Mellencamp lyric, even before I saw your caption!

    The last picture looks so serene! Sounds like you enjoyed it!

  8. Holy crap! A 116 degrees? That's insane! And thanks for the conversion too. I didn't see it at first but trusted you when you said it was hot. LOL! The doggies look so happy in the car. I particularly like their studded collars. It is very you! Your hiking places look so tranquil. Your lucky to have so many nice places to walk nearby.

  9. I can't believe how hot it got! We complain about it getting to be 105, but in the 100 and teens is insane! I'm glad that it cooled off some so that y'all could go exploring and that the pups got to go on a swimming adventure!

  10. Those walks look beautiful! But that heat, my goodness. That is something else.

    Your dogs are very cute. They must have had a miserable time in the heat poor things. I hope the enjoyed their swim :)

  11. Yikes! That is HOT!!

    Those lego sculptures are amazing, aren't they?

    Your dogs are just so cute! I want to hang out with them!

  12. you've officially shown me something about Australia that I could not tolerate. That temp is just nope. Charleston can't touch that with our "feels like 105F". Although, Bahrain could and we both know that I wouldn't choose to live there ever again.

  13. That is unbearably hot and I can't believe you went outside in it! I die when it hits 90F. Poor pups too! I'm glad they got to take a dip to cool off. I'm always so in awe of Lego sculptures too.

  14. Oh my gosh I would melt in that heat. Not a fan of summer! Glad you are finding ways to beat it though. Lego event looks fun. I noticed we have one coming up I'd like to take my younger sister to! Whew yeah, the food things. That's tough. I feel the same from time to time, but I haven't stuck with being a vegetarian in years. XO - Alexandra

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