Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites Five vol. 6

Hello, Friday.  Nice to see you again.  Although, I work on Saturdays too.  But, I have Mondays off.  So, Saturday is really my Friday.  But, you don't really care about that...and that has nothing to do with this Friday Favorites Link-Up.

1.  Favorite punctuation post:

 2. Favorite wedding story of the week: Ed Sheeran surprises lucky couple by singing Thinking Out Loud at their wedding 

3.  Favorite funny:

4.  Favorite blog post about a fur baby Have You Met Our Cat Eddie?  It's a link-up hosted by food, booze, and baggage.  I just saw it yesterday, and I don't think I can organize myself enough to write posts about all five of my fur babies in time to participate.  But, that got me thinking...if I hosted a link-up called "Meet the Felines" and another called "Meet the Canines" would you participate?  I'd love to do it, and I'd love to meet your furry family members.  (I'd credit Mariah for the idea.)  Let me know, and I'll organize for it to happen in the next couple of weeks.  (Please, say YES!)
Oh, and if some of you have another family pet that isn't a canine or feline, but you'd like to participate, I can come up with another cute name too.

5.  And, in honor of The Breakfast Club turning 30 (gasp!), my favorite Breakfast Club character gifs

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  1. Love The Breakfast Club! I sent that Ed Sheeran video to my cousin & said "maybe this could happen at your wedding!" A girl can dream...

  2. Breakfast club is my FAVORITE movie.

    And the punctuation pic - Too funny. LOVE IT!

  3. I love The Breakfast Club! One of my top 5 favorite movies. Says a lot that 30 years later it's still just as relevant and popular today. Oh and yes I did watch that Ed Sheeran video again. Sigh, maybe he'll remember the little people from back in the day and it could happen.

  4. I went and saw The Breakfast Club at a local theater last night as a special 30th anniversary event. It was so much fun to see it on the big screen since I was 8 when it first came out!

  5. awww the breakfast club!! so awesome.
    i have a post scheduled about my kitty cats in the next week or so, i love reading about other peoples kitties! i got the idea for someone else though lol

  6. I love the idea of a furry link-up. That would be so much fun. I haven't found any time to blog recently but I would love to join this at some point. And of course I want to read about your furry family members!

  7. Love the punctuation one!! I mean its so true! I would love to read about your kitties. I don't have any (cats hate me) but I do think they are super cute!

  8. braekfast club is one of my all time favorite movies!!


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