Saturday, March 19, 2016

Aussie Author Challenge: Book 4

The fourth book I've read for the Aussie Author Challenge is the debut by young author, Favel Parrett, "Past the Shallows".   I really, really wanted to fall in love with this book, but it was just okay for me.  I could see the author trying to connect, trying to emote, trying to pull me into the story...but I didn't connect, I didn't feel, and quite frankly, I predicted what was going to happen.  I couldn't decide if the reader is supposed to know what unfolds, but just enjoy the ride to get there...or if the end was supposed to have some surprising revelations. Some people seem to really love this book, I wanted to, but it just didn't happen.  2/5

It's the 7th year for the Aussie Author Challenge, and my 2nd year participating (click on the picture/link to take you directly to the site for more information).  My preliminary book list is as follows:

Female Authors:

Male Authors:

Authors New to Me:


  1. I didn't realize Kate Morton was an Australian author. I just read The House at Riverton by her.

  2. Nooo...I love this book. I love her literary style, her words, her description of place. the's one of my favourites :) It stayed with me a long time after and in a way, continues to do so.


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