Thursday, March 24, 2016

Twitter is 10

Twitter and I have had an inconsistent relationship.  Sometimes, I love twitter.  Other times, twitter annoys me.  Some days, I ignore twitter, and other days, I'm tweeting multiple times. 
I'm pretty random about who I follow too.  I follow friends, bloggers, athletes, musicians, authors, and other celebs that I enjoy, but not all.  I don't really go searching for anyone to follow.  I just find them when something comes up pertaining to that person, and I think "do they have a twitter?" 
I live tweet, but only some events.  If you aren't a fan of my same sports teams, I may annoy you on game days, but not all game days.  I'm sarcastic, I get political, and sometimes I'm just silly or dumb.  I quote books, and I vent.  I'm random.  What else is new?
To celebrate twitter's 10th birthday, I thought I'd share 10 of my retweets to give you a slice of what you may find if you follow me @TexErinSydney :
Something true funny like this:

Something from a fellow blogger and Trump NON-supporter:

Something from one of my sports viewing moments when I can't actually watch the game, so I'm following along on twitter:

Something super awesome from a super awesome celebrity, like the time RDJ teamed with Make-A-Wish Australia for a boy to be Iron Man for a day:
Something that calls out hypocrisy and/or idiocy:
Something from Ellen giving her own spin and addition to the new Barbies:

Something celebrating the talents and contributions of a musician who passed away:

Something from another fellow blogger when I can relate:

Something that (again) calls out idiocy:

Something that calls out trolls and applauds one bad-ass singer:

What's your relationship with twitter?  Let me know your username so I can follow you, or follow me at TexErinSydney.

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  1. I use to be good at Twitter and loved it, then I took my blogging break and fell off the Twitter wagon. I've been trying to get back to Twitter, I need some new interesting people to follow though.

  2. yes to twitter! and to shutting down trump and pink is SO great :) all the things really. i love live tweeting the awards shows with you! kinda bummed the season is over!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Hell, half the time I forget that I even have Twitter! Thank heavens that Bloglovin' tweets about my posts on my behalf. Otherwise, I'd rarely remember to promote them myself!

  4. Hell, half the time I forget that I have Twitter! Thank heavens Bloglovin' posts about my blog on my behalf, otherwise I'd never remember to promote the posts myself!

  5. I am the worst at is the media I maintain the least!

  6. I'm really terrible about actually posting to Twitter, but I love reading other people's messages :)

  7. I'm such a creeper on Twitter lol. I don't tweet a lot, just random thoughts when I have them, or the occasional awards show (remember the Grammys?!). And I do scroll through fairly often. Ellen is hilarious. Most of the things I'm "liking" are things I'm currently relating to from people I "know" (like bloggers).

  8. I don't use twitter at all actually. I always forget my password and my account was hacked once so bloglovin posts automatically, but other than that I don't tweet. I just stick to IG mostly.

  9. I am a sporadic user of all social media. I can never seem to be consistent with any of the platforms. At least I am with my blog?

  10. I have a mixed relationship with Twitter. I'm just so lazy with all social media but it does allow me to connect with authors and companies. And friends in Australia :)

  11. I'm like you and sometimes will use Twitter all the time, and other times I won't. I love when I get to see all your tweets and retweets about Aggie games!

  12. Twitter is tied for my fave social media platform, but I definitely go through periods where I'll hardly use it. I constantly check it though as it's become a great quick place for news (world, music, etc.) When I saw you had tagged me in this I was so curious what mine would be and I have to say I laughed quite hard. That tweet sums me up constantly haha.

  13. i am so bad with twitter, i rarely get on and when i do, i can't keep up with everyone and i don't even follow that many people. but i enjoyed reading these retweets of yours!

  14. This was so fun! I'm honored to be included!


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