Thursday, March 3, 2016

Currently... linking up: vol.2

Reading..... All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven for Book Challenge by Erin 4.0; I meant to read this all last year because I heard so many wonderful things about it; I finally started last night.

Watching...... I'm a sucker for crime shows; I record The First 48 and Homicide Hunter and watch them when I feel like tv veg time.

Listening.....  Right now, as I type this, Walk Away from Kelly Clarkson; Since she was on Idol, I've been rolling out the KC songs this week.  Did y'all see this performance of hers?  Chills.

Noticing.....  That the hair, make-up, styling, and wardrobe departments have stepped up their game from those original American Idol days to current Idol.  What is up with 3 different girls wearing those belly shirts and three different guys wearing those sleeveless shirts in Idol's past?  Fashion trends are funny.

Eating.....  macadamia nuts

Drinking.....  sparkling water

Thinking..... That there was just a little too much hype about Leonardo DiCaprio and that damn Oscar;  I mean, an 89 year old Italian composer won for Best Score, and he'd been nominated 5 other times and lost; what about his accomplishment?; He was getting a whole lot closer to being out of chances, amiright?

Wearing..... a comfortable dress...pretty much what I wear everyday to work.  (Yes, you are fortunately able to view our employee public toilets for our building block.  I'm no fashion blogger.)

Informing.... any and all of you bloggers interested in a guest post opportunity over at my friend jenn's page: quirky pickings
Waiting.....  for airfare prices to be reasonable;  I feel much better when I have an exact scheduled date planned for my next visit to Texas.

Wondering..... what the hell is wrong with people and why are they voting for Donald Trump?

Admitting.....  I have 15 "drafts" in my blogger account, none of which are ready to be published.  Is that a lot?  Or is that not much at all?  I see bloggers talking about scheduled posts, and I know I'm not the most organized blogger in the world, but I wonder am I doing this all wrong?  Ha.

Realizing.....  If I'm doing it all wrong (like I mentioned above), I really don't care.  I like what I do, and the friendships I've made through blogging must like me too. 

Participating.....  Show Us Your Books link-up is next week; we talk about books, and it is a wonderful day.

Loving.....  My husband; I know, I know, vomit; but, I really don't gush about him that much in this space.  He's been especially good to me lately, and I appreciate him for it.

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  1. love that picture of your and your man. yall are so cute!

    also... the fingernail polish almost matches your hair color... you did that on purpose, didn't you?

    and many thanks for the guest post shout out... hopefully i'll have some takers. i've been writing too much for work, and i'm plum tuckered when i get home... plus... it's that time of year...

    love you, lady.

  2. All the Bright Places is on my "To Read" list. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

    I love Kelly Clarkson (specifically the "Breakaway" album), but I didn't watch her perform on American Idol. I may have to YouTube the performance.

    I'm honestly not a big Leonardo DiCaprio fan. I mean, I don't think he's not talented or anything and good for him for winning ... But I wasn't all, "OMG LEO WON!" Haha. I did watch the Oscars, but the only category I really cared much about this year was Best Animated Picture because I really wanted Charlie Kaufman to win for Anomalisa. He didn't. :-(

    That dress is super cute! I've been searching online for some dresses for this spring/summer. I don't own very many, and I'd really like to have some more in my wardrobe.

    I laughed so much over the Santa meme! Eric and I were just talking about that tonight. Haha.

    I'm doing the blogging thing all wrong too. Once in a while I'm incredibly organized and have posts scheduled for at least a week ... Other times I have nothing planned and just don't even bother posting anything. (It's usually the latter.) I need to figure out a better system and what works best for me, but right now I just kind of do whatever and hope for the best.

    That last picture is adorable! There's nothing wrong with gushing over your guy! :-)

  3. The prices for Christmas right now really aren't bad for the holidays. We need to go ahead and book, it's just weird knowing we will have a tiny human with us by then.

    I need to add All the Bright Places to my list! Also, I really don't understand what is happening in America right now with Trump, such a joke.

  4. Mmm, macadamia nuts!!

    How are you finding All The Bright Places so far? I've heard it's supposed to be good.

  5. I love crime tv too and now true crime podcasts!

  6. Agree about the hair and makeup on AI! So much better now. I bet their budget is HUGE for that now which helps! Thanks for linking up :)

  7. aww that picture of you and your husband is super cute! you really don't gush about him that much, so gush away!

    i have 99 drafts. i used to have 250+ but i went through and deleted a bunch. honestly, about 2 of them are ready to go haha. most of them are ideas, or things i know i want to post in the future (like a trip recap for a trip that hasn't happened yet). i'm not organised lol but it works for me.

    i have always been a kelly clarkson fan, but even more so after that performance. i just started bawling when i was watching it. beautiful.

    can't wait to hear your thoughts on that book, i've not read it yet but as we say... it's on the list!

    thanks for linking up with us girlfran!

  8. We LOVE The First 48, lately we've been watching the House Of Horrors specials editions and the one's where they interview the detective about a hard case through the show but new one's are coming 3/10!!

    I rarely have drafts, I have lists of topics and sometimes when I'm in the mood I write about several of them and then schedule posts. My blogging is most consistent when I do it that way.

  9. i'm in the same boat as you -- why would ANYONE want to vote for Trump????

  10. ah you two! the cutest. btw i never schedule anything more than a few days out IF i do it. mainly bc i don't have much time during the week. i have no drafts i think haha. maybe like 5 at most. yay for comfy dresses and pink hair :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  11. I loved All the Bright Places! I hope you like it too. My husband loves Idol (I don't get it...) but he was talking about the huge difference in production, wardrobe, and everything else too. It's so funny to see how humble its beginnings were.

  12. I have like 40 posts in drafts and none scheduled, so. At least that should make you feel a little better. I'm doing it wrong too, and I don't care either ;)
    Thank you for that Santa Claus meme... I just. Can't.

  13. I really like All the Bright Places, so I hope you do too.

    Sparkling water is my favorite, though, I grabbed one to bring to work yesterday and had a momentary panic of "did I grab a sparkling water or a Coors Light??!" The can colors are similar!

  14. All the hype around Leo DiCaprio winning reminded me of when Susan Lucci won an Emmy after 19 nominations. The again I didn't see the movie, so what do I know?

    I currently have 85 drafts. I have a lot of ideas and start posts based on them, but sometimes not enough to warrant a full post, so I just leave them until inspiration hits.

    Kelly Clarkson was on the radio this morning talking about the performance and the song and they played the AI version and I just near lost it during my commute this morning. So beautiful.

    That meme is perfection. And Sydneyland looks really pretty :)

  15. SERIOUSLY. How is Trump possibly doing so well?! I swear at least 70% of Trump voters won't admit that they're actually voting for Trump, because I don't hear about many people actually supporting him...and then he wins all these states! If he's elected I'm moving to Canada. Or wait...maybe Australia!

  16. Awww, aren't you & the hubby adorable! I love that picture. :)

    You know, I have not seen this performance by Kelly Clarkson that everyone is speaking of...I might have to get my butt on YouTube tonight when I get home & check it out.

  17. I can't wait to extend my TBR list even more next week with the Show Us Your Books linkup! I don't know how other bloggers do it either with all of the scheduled post! I guess that I just need a lot of time to actually sit down and write, which I never feel like I have. I can't believe all the stuff with Trump either! To be honest, I don't like any of the candidates (Republican or Democrat), and it really scares me that one of them is going to be President!

  18. Kelly's performance was amazing!! I have been listening to her songs since, too!

  19. Lol I say the same thing about Donald Trump. I am a republican but I would never vote for him.

  20. Husband love!

    I really can't even hear the word Trump without getting simultaneously ill and full of rage. It's not a good scene here.

    I loved All the Bright Places. Hope you enjoy it!

  21. I totally read that as "Walk away from Kelly Clarkson" at first and I wondered why people were walking away from her. I'm a dork.

  22. I have All the Bright Places on my TBR buried under a million other books. I need more time to read!!! I watched Kelly Clarkson's performace on youtube and had all the chills!!! I love your dress!!! So pretty!!!! Don't mention Trump's name in my presence right now. The joke has become too real!

  23. Aww, I like it when people gush (a little ;)) about their husbands. I see a lot of complaining on Facebook and I wonder if I'm the only one happily married these days. I cried my eyes out watching Kelly on Idol. She's amazing and it's such an emotional song. I really loved All The Bright Places! I gotta know what bothered you about it though!


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