Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.65

Not a great picture, but I was on the train when I looked over and saw a rainbow over the Opera House

Posted to my work's Instagram - more pretty things made by my guy

Wandering around a bookstore and enjoy the fact that they support local authors

Got on my "going out" make-up... see my boys from Buckcherry

On the door of every single toilet door at the club...Uhm. Okay. 

Sunday squad


  1. So is security going to come see if u am peeing alone then?

    Your guy does gorgeous work!

  2. hahahaha the one person in a cubicle. yeahhh people do weird stuff in the bathrooms lol. your makeup is so pretty and your guy makes amazing jewellery!

  3. Crackin' down on the shenanigans that goes on in public restrooms! LOL! I love how the rainbow leads right to the Opera House. Very cool. Have a good one!

  4. Love the bathroom signs, kind of yucky to think about why two people would need a bathroom.

    Yayyy for Sunday dog walks and family time!

  5. sunday walks with the fam = everything! and buck cherry - what a fun throwback. love it! and you know i want all the rings. yes please :) can just ship those right on over

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. I love your Sunday squad! #squadgoals That sign on the bathroom door creeps me out... And I think your train photo is a great one!

  7. LOL for days at the bathroom sign!! Buckcherry! Love them!

    Also love all the rest of the pictures and I also love that my daughter and your stepson are the same age.

  8. haha at the bathroom sign. Too funny. I love your makeup!

  9. Buckcherry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is one of my favorite songs ever. Love that pink lipstick. And the rainbow!!

  10. Well that's an awkward sign on the restroom lol! I love supporting local when we eat out, but I never thought about supporting local at the bookstore! What a fun concept! Your husband is seriously so talented! Those rings are gorgeous!

  11. Clearly those washrooms have seen some shit go down. Lol!
    I just LOVE your hair Erin, even when it starts to bleed out. That, with your lip color and looking sassy - I love it girl! :)

    Totally not my taste or style but those rings are gorgeous.

  12. I loving that ring with the blue stone. Also, rainbow over the Opera House.. so perfect!


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