Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.64

I'm biased.  Yes.  But, is he not one of the most photogenic cats ever?!?  Yes, he is.  I love my Astro, and he's been extra attentive the last couple of weeks.  By my side, all.the.time.  This picture, I took while getting out of the bathtub.

Sunrises were picture perfect all week.

The colors of the morning made it look like Dolly was eating her breakfast under purple lights.  *Cue Prince music*
Hair - lips - glasses - got to coordinate!
My hair dresser moved to a new location.  Walking there Friday morning, I passed this place.  It looks so old-school and authentic...not hipster-new trying to be old-school (I looked it the windows, and I was right.)  I definitely need to go back here for some drinks.
Street art in Neutral Bay
I'm straying this week from my personal "Sunday's Seven Snapshots" all needing to be pictures I took using my bring you this..............
Von Miller & Witney Carson - "Dancing with the Stars" - I don't even watch the show, we don't get it in Australia (Australia has its own version), but I'm still trying to figure out how to watch/vote.  Because, I love Von Miller, and Witney is adorable (I know her from her "So You Think You Can Dance" days.)

Happy Weekending my peoples!


  1. I love how your cats won't leave you alone to take a shower or bath... just like human kids! LOL! They're funny!

  2. I love the sunrise pictures, I was going to catch sunrise this morning but kid fevers and clouds made it impossible, there is always tomorrow!

    I don't do bars but I agree that place does look old school like something I was forbidden from entering in HS.

    Looking good in the selfie, after my haircut tomorrow I'm thinking of reintroducing my pink streak!

  3. That sunset though... Damn.
    I didn't much care about the Superbowl or the player (though I watched it), but every interview/SNL/clip of Von Miller has been so charming. I bet he'll be great on DWTS!

  4. those sunsets - so pretty! your hair matches them too :) and astro! jack is glued to me at all times too and it's just the cutest. what would we do without our fur babies!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Barkley spies on me in the shower. If I took baths, he'd probably do that, too.

    I have no interest in Dancing with the Stars but I am thoroughly amused that Von Miller is doing it.

    Also, all the pictures=reasons for me to get to Australia pronto. Now to find the 8 billion dollars to fly there...

  6. Hooray for Von Miller! I'm hoping that he can take home the prize too! I absolutely love street art! It gives cities so much personality!

  7. awww Astro is definitely super photogenic. I love Penny very very much but she is one of the least photogenic cats ever haha. she's really pretty in real life, just not in photos.


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