Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Batman v. Superman: Confessions & Hashtags

I never really cared much about superhero movies until the stepkid came into my life.  He's 8.  Some kids are into sports, some are into cars, my stepson is into superheroes and villains (and dinosaurs).  So, we purchased tickets online, grabbed the popcorn, found our recliner seats, and were ready for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Confessions...these are real thoughts I had while watching the movie:

I had high hopes, as I have learned to enjoy many superhero movies.  #imlookingatyouavengers

I was sadly disappointed.  #maybetheworstmovieiveseenintheatersinadecade

Ben Affleck is an okay Bruce Wayne; Ben Affleck is a painfully awful Batman.  #sorryben

I read after the movie that the director chose to use a computer-generated Batman voice.  Why?  It was ridiculous, borderline comical.  #badchoicemrdirector

Christian Bale is an intense actor; Batman is an intense character; I missed Christian Bale's intensity.  #bigshoestofill

Henry Cavill is pretty...not a whole lot of personality...but he's pretty.  #issupermansupposedtobepretty

***The stepkid informed me that Superman isn't supposed to have a lot of personality; he's not from this planet, so he doesn't really understand human emotions.  That stepkid sure is smart sometimes.

Reclining seats to watch a movie are worth the extra expense.  #payupsuckas

I shouldn't eat popcorn while wearing a V-neck t-shirt.  #findingmissingpopcornkernelstherestofthenight

I was so bored with the movie that I started taking selfies in the bathroom because I liked my new Astros shirt.  #openingdayislessthanamonthaway

I am terribly disappointed in the casting for Aqua Man.  Shouldn't Aqua Man be blonde?  #pardonmyignorance

I almost shouted "what the fuck" out loud when a particular character came on screen.  #hasntcgiadvancedmorethanthis

***Later I learned this creature has a name, thanks again to the stepkid.  It is Doomsday.

I almost shouted "what the fuck" even louder when Wonder Woman showed up.  I was expecting Wonder Woman, instead she looked more like Xena: Warrior Princess.  #givemetheredwhiteblueandgold

Amy Adams and Diane Lane have the best performances of the movie.  Plus, they are real women.  Not overly fancy, made-up, plastic, Hollywood-y types, which I appreciate immensely.  #girlpower

Jesse Eisenberg was mildly entertaining in this film.  I doubted his casting prior to the movie, but I enjoyed his work.  #buthestilldidntsavethemovie

Hope I didn't spoil anything or ruin the fun for anyone.  Have you seen this movie?  What did you think?

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  1. Your stepson does have some impressive deductive reasoning. I am surprised that you didn't fall asleep in your recliner seat. One of those theaters with the reclining seats just opened here in Louisville back in the fall or winter. I know several ppl who have actually fallen asleep while watching a movie there. #expensivenap LOL! Have a good one!

  2. Your review is one of the first negative ones I've heard! (Although I've heard people say the same thing about Xena vs. WW) I think I want to go see this movie, but I'm really slacking when it comes to watching superhero movies... (I've never seen The Avengers). I'm all about the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy!

  3. i just saw it last night and hated it. i actually brought in mini bottles and just drank to make it better ha. ben as batman was horrid. team christian bale all the way. and superman, meh. i just didnt like any of it. BUT i would say not to judge super hero movies on that one. bc there are some decent ones out there!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. I just got a Dodgers shirt and am so excited to wear it even though I cannot really watch any games here!

  5. I don't like superheroes and even though K does she's not quit old enough for this movie so I wont have to suffer through it. I'm not much of in the theater movie person anyway, I like to watch my movies with no pants on. :)

  6. I agree with you on about half :) ... maybe I'm not as picky about my Batman's - I wasn't a big Christian Bale fan. But Ricky told me this is the Batman of the future comics - like the cocky one that carries guns & kills people... apparently there are different batman personalities in the different series. Who knew. But I honestly didnt mind Ben. & Henry Cavill? DEAR LORD - that man is definitely pretty - but kudos to your Stepson for calling out he's an alien.
    I'm with you on Wonder Woman though - totally Xena & not WW look.
    & yeahhhh - Aqua Man is supposed to be blond! Good call!
    I'm more mad they are going with Cyborg instead of Green Lantern for the Justice League

  7. I love the family pic! I'm not a huge fan of superhero movies, but Blue wanted to see it, as she loves Batman and has been talking about it for months. Maybe I enjoyed it more because I don't know a lot of the history (never saw a Superman movie)? I thought WW's costume was a little Warrior Princess-y, but I thought it kind of made sense since it's from 1918 (according to the picture). Batfleck's voice changer sucked, but those abs!

  8. I'm totally with you, Christian Bale was the perfect fit for Batman & will always be Batman to me. When I found out that Ben Affleck was playing Batman, I lost ANY interest I had in the movie. I'm not a Superman fan so the only thing they had going for them was Batman - lost that. I'm waiting for Civil War & then X-Men - eeeeek! :)

  9. I'm on the fence about seeing this at all, because I HATED Man of Steel. Henry Cavill is pretty, but he's not Superman. Your stepson makes a good point that he doesn't understand human emotions, but the Superman we've always seen has been deeply compassionate, whereas this version seems to brood just as much as Bruce Wayne. Don't get me wrong. I like brooding Bruce Wayne. But I don't like brooding Superman.

  10. I love Ben. I'll watch most things he's in. Maybe even eventually this although I didn't like Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel.

  11. i really like christian bale as batman. i'll still watch this when it comes out on dvd but at least i'll be prepared. seriously what is up with wonder woman's outfit?! also, yes. your stepkid is so smart haha superman is always weird and emotionless. for some reason i despise Jesse Eisenberg. he annoys me. i didn't know diane lane was in it, now i really want to see it (again, on dvd lol)

  12. A lot of Chris's friends are super hero movie fanatics and I have heard all crap reviews on that movie. That stinks. Chris even pulled up an interview with Ben Affleck where you can tell he thinks the movie kind of sucked.

  13. I totally think that Ben Affleck is going to be a terrible Batman and I don't think that I even want to see the movie, except that Henry Cavill is in it. I bet my husband ends up getting it when it comes out on video anyways lol

  14. Hahah! I love the hashtags! They used a computer-generated voice? That's nuts! I'm not huge into superhero movies. I like X-Men movies a lot, loved Deadpool and can't wait for Suicide Squad, but I don't usually rush out to see them.


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