Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.89

That's me surrounded by even more paperwork for immigration. 

In this week's installment that it is effing expensive to live in Sydney: bought some grapes and pre-slice pineapple, spent $14.20. 

NFL kickoff was televised in a local pub, and these two guys looked like they were skipping work to grab a beer and watch the game. (It was 10:30 Friday morning.)

My guy & I treated ourselves to Hooter's take-out. This was my order. Yes, I shared the curly fries. Reluctantly. 

Spot the kitties - after SEVENTEEN hours in bed! - I got up to this. So, picture this: my spot is Astro on one side with Ricky & Ivy on the other. The lump in the upper right corner is my guy still in bed. We were tired. It was a long week. 

Speaking of my guy, we rolled out of bed, went for a pub lunch, and went to a movie. Spontaneous Sunday date. No, I didn't even brush my hair. 

America, my heart is with you on this day (and everyday). Fifteen years. I can't believe it. This picture is from my apartment where I lived five years ago. 

Tell your loved ones that you love them today. 


  1. Holy cow that fresh fruit is expensive - is it because it's all imported? My family loves Hooters chicken wings - they are so good! And their curly fries - yum! Love all the kitties snuggled up!

  2. Wow and I thought groceries here were expensive.
    Confession: I've never been to a Hooters or had their food. I'm not a huge fan of wings but from time to time they're good.
    Do you not find you get the best work done while sitting on the floor?
    Great pic of the fam jam all in bed together. That's how it should be. :-)


  3. Everything is so expensive there! It's the only thing I didn't like about being there.
    All that immigrating paperwork makes me nervous for the day Teh German actually decides we should get hitched and he gets his green card. I'm not even ready for that amount of stress.

  4. what massive paperwork! what a pain. um yes to that hooters order and now i want all the curly fries and wings :) those fur babies! and what a great sunday date if you ask me. you two are cuties!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. I love the spontaneous Sunday date :) And the kitty cocoon. I have that with dogs. Haha!

  6. Holy immigration papers! Eeek!

    I love the guys skipping work for a cold brew & some good ol' American football! :)

  7. Wow! I had no idea fresh fruit would be that expensive. Is all food higher or just certain foods? Awwww ... I love the kitties, keeping Mom and Dad company. :) Max is a HUGE bed hog. Seriously, some days I just have a tiny bit of the bed because he has commandeered it.

  8. Give me those fries!!! I cant believe how much it was for just a little fruit there. Yikes! My grapes this week were $1.79 per pound.

  9. Holy expensive fruit! I'd be hitting up Hooters all the time! lol

  10. I do NOT miss how expensive it was in Sydney! But I miss literally every other thing about that kind of outweighs it!

  11. oooh those fries!
    see, it's pointless to be healthy in sydney. too expensive! i bet crappy food is cheaper. hahaha.
    boo to immigration :(


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