Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stuff & Things vol.10

Jumping right into my random thoughts this Thursday...

  • Adele was here.  I know lots who went.  I like concerts (I mean, I like them a lot), but for some reason, I had no desire to see Adele.  Actually, I think I'd enjoy having some beers with Adele but just wasn't wildly interested in her concert. I mean, if someone gave me a free ticket, I'd have gone.  I'm sure it was spectacular, but I have no feelings of missing out.

  • I've mentioned to Heather and Kathy, so I thought I'd share know how the American president is often called "the leader of the free world"?  I'm in favor of passing that torch to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Photo from article: Justin Trudeau's 7 Most Wonderfully Feminist Moments Will Make You Love The Canadian Leader Even More
  • Remember when I decided to offer my books that I'd already read?  Only 4 books remained unclaimed and those were donated.  I was pleased, I enjoyed sending the packages, and will definitely do this again. 

  • I've had some bizarre dreams the last week.  I'm a regularly bizarro-dreamer, but these have been pretty special.  For instance, I had a dream that my mom's guy was lifelong friends with Kenny Rogers.  He ended up visiting them at the same time that I did, and my mom kept cancelling plans with me to hang with Kenny. 

  • Currently, I'm reading The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley.  There is a part with the ashes of a loved one being taken to a special place.  I've decided, if I die I want half my ashes in Texas and half my ashes here in Australia.  If my wishes are expressed on my blog, is that legally binding?  Probably not.  Guess I need to tell the appropriate people.
lajva[g]a kja"R j
ah     <---------- Astro just walked across the keyboard.  I thought I'd keep his "thoughts" in the post for you, just in case you read cat lingo.
  • If you are a rock music fan, this is a "must watch".  This video is just one of those examples that I'm so happy the internet was created, so something this entertaining could be shared.  Watch "Kids React to Guns N' Roses":

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  1. I had similar thoughts about Adele - I thought I was just going to hug my friend and cry - but she has an amazing ability to make a large venue feel intimate, make you want to dance (yes, really! There's a surprising number of upbeat songs!), and for sure come away wanting to be her best friend even more. That said, if I wouldn't have been lucky enough to grab tickets at regular price, I definitely would NOT have paid resale value to see her, yikes. I'm glad to hear about your luck with books. I ended up with an extra copy of a book I enjoy so I am trying to think of something to do to share it with blog friends.

  2. I love Astro's commentary! LOL! That's great!

    Video was hilarious! I especially liked the girl's comment, "He sounds like he has long hair..."

  3. I wouldn't go to an Adele concert. My dislike of crowds dictates which ones I'll put myself out there for and I'd probably rather meet her over coffee. My friends who have seen her were knocked out by her though, so I'm happy for them!

  4. I'd totally go see Adele if someone gave me a ticket, but I'm not paying. From what I've seen, she's coming to Charleston, but between my desire to see her vs my desire not to deal with crazies, the not dealing with crazies wins out.

    I had a dream yesterday morning where I was eating a sub type of sandwich with tuna salad or ham on it with alfalfa sprouts and/or that shredded lettuce that Subway uses. All I could remember was how delicious it was. For lunch I made a tuna melt on a potato roll. Not the same, but close enough.

    The Rose Garden is on my TBR. It was an option for a challenge gone by, but didn't get read over something else. I've been powering through some books now that I finished this challenge. It's delightful.

  5. I watched parts of that Guns N' Roses video with the kids and giggled! If I'm not mistaken, I also think it made me think of you! Ha!
    Um... Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can be the leader of the free world. And America. I'd like to make the motion to give the USA to Canada. Is that unpatriotic? Whatever. Maybe PM Trudeau could commute and split his time?
    I have ALWAYS said that I want my body buried in the woods under a tree. No casket. Not plot in a cemetery. I want to deteriorate back into the earth. I think this might be illegal... but I've see biodegradable urns that are made of/have tree seeds in them so if all else fails I'd like to be burned up and put in one of those and planted. K totally knows my request. I think my family does, too. Ha

  6. Given the stuff in the news when I was out about how much of a nightmare it was going to be to get to Olymmpic Park and how bad the traffic would be and the extra trains and allow epic amounts of extra time... I'd have noped out at that point. I think Adele seems cool but I wouldn't put myself through all that to go to her concert!

    I am a simple dreamer. Last night I dreamed about cake. That was all.

  7. i would love to see Adele.. but if she came here i don't know if i'd buy tickets. i don't really have FOMO when it comes to concerts anymore. I heard the Adele concert really screwed up traffic or there was some construction or something that set people back hours. I don't miss that haha, my drive home passed the stadium in homebush (I forgot the name, though it changed every few years so it's probably something different now). oh please like the rose garden <3 i'm scared. i would probably want the same thing with my ashes. aw astro's thoughts. i should do that next time my cats walk on the keyboard.

  8. jdsgirjengns - that's Max's reply to Astro. I believe he said "hey, from one ginger to another". :D Max is actually good about not walking over my laptop but he naps on top of my mouse, which makes it hard to work sometimes! I wholeheartedly agree that PM Trudeau is now the leader of the free world, because it ain't Emperor Baby Fists. That video is hilarious! I think Adele would be great in concert but amazing to sit down and have a drink with. She's feisty and I like that about her!

  9. I actually did try to go to Adele when she came to my hometown last year but the tickets sold out SOOOOOOO damn fast there was just no way it was happening. I agree with you that Adele would be fun to have a drink with! I definitely want her in my squad! And yes, let's make PM Trudeau the leader of the free world. And your kitty is adorable.

  10. Aw, your cat is too cute! I think it would be great to see Adele live, but I'm sure her tickets are way out of my budget. I know another blogger that DID see her in Australia though and she had a good time! :)


  11. Awe. Your cat is adorable. That's so cool that you sent your books out and also donated them. I need to go through some of my stuff to giveaway and just declutter. Not sure that I would want to go see Adele either. I think she has a great voice, but I'm not sure that I would want to see a whole concert.

  12. Adele seems like a really cool person but her singing voice annoys me. Pretty sure I'm the only person that finds her voice whiny though.

  13. Astro needs his own column. ;)
    I'd have gone to see Adele if given ticket but otherwise, probably unlikely. I'm sure the cost of the tickets was astronomical too.

  14. OH MY GOSH - I'm going ot have to go watch all the videos now like that... "it sounds so ROCKY"... "He sounds like he has long hair"... you can tell the rocker kids from the non-rocker kids ;) haha Loved it

  15. Haha Kathy and I are in a text group with two other girls who are constantly sending pictures of Justin Trudeau back and forth. Because...yum. That video! Sounds rocky LOL. Makes me wonder what Zoe will think about the music Chris and I like.

  16. "That guitar player is really good." SO FUNNY!

    I am DYING to see Adele. I tried to get tickets to one of her FIVE shows in LA and couldn't. But technically that's only because I was not able to pay $400 per ticket when they went to resale.

  17. i love adele but in concert? not sure if that would be my thing since adele is for home listening when you want to kick back with wine and bellow out her tunes.

  18. I'm not a huge music person (I know, I know) so there's very few concerts I'd go to because I hate crowds. However, I will say that Adele's songs never, ever leave your head so she knows what she's doing. My friend named her baby with Adele as a middle name recently and all I can hear is Adele when I think of the baby.

  19. I love all the kids and teens react to stuff videos!

    I feel the same about Adele.

  20. Cats. So funny. I'm not hugely into Adele. It's one of my unpopular onions for sure. It's just not my jam. I'm feeling lame, we usually have tons of concert tickets and have been to a few... but this year there's not much on the docket yet. Excited to get my book, I love the idea! XO - Alexandra

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