Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.113

First week of a new job has been completed.  Feeling good about things so far.

I saw these tiles outside a primary school.  I stopped.  I read.  I thought about these young voices talking about where they live: a street which "has less junkies" and a park that is "full of magpies", another young voice claiming to be a growing family who "came as (r)efugees" from El Salvador, and another whose parents came from India.  I don't know why these young, multi-cultural voices impacted me so much, but they did.

Our big girls absolutely love it when we take them to the duck pond and let them go crazy.

This weekend I went to the Australian Tattoo Expo in Sydney.  I took this picture while waiting for my gal, Melanie to get ready for me.

My super duper artist in action

Three of their favorite animals to represent three of my favorite people on the planet ~ a hippo for niece 1, an ostrich for niece 2, and a penguin for my nephew. They are such amazing humans. They've always owned a part of my heart. Now, they own a thigh too. I think my gal Melanie was just being a show-off this time.  She does such a brilliant job at taking simple ideas in my head and creating pieces that I fall in love with.  This tattoo makes me so happy.

After being poked and stabbed for a few hours, I exited to this view ~ a perfect autumn day in Sydney.

A week filled with work productivity, fur babies, blue skies, pretty art, and impactful words.  That's a good week in my books.  Hope yours was too!


  1. so how many tats does that make??

  2. Glad the first week went well!! That tattoo turned out so well! It's lovely, and the meaning behind it is too. I bet you really miss seeing your nieces and nephew more often :(
    GORGEOUS view of the city! WOW.

  3. I dream of autumn.. but nooo, I'm over here all sneezing my face off and wondering why in the shit it was 80 degrees then 40 degrees. Not to say I mind the cold, but some consistency wouldn't hurt my heart. I need to get in the swing of bitchin' about how it feels like the temperature of the sun outside and I can't do that with the Arctic blastin at my face.

  4. yay for the first full week! so exciting. and only gets easier from here :) i love the new tattoo of course ! so beautiful and thoughtful :) those tiles - i would have just gotten super emotional after seeing/reading them. sweet that you stopped to reflect <3

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Love your tattoo and its meaning! But wait, at a tattoo expo, are you like, out in the open with people walking by watching you get it? I mean I know you're a tattoo pro but that sounds... intense!

  6. What an adorable tattoo! I love the hippo the best I think! :)

  7. I'm glad week one at the new job went well and you're feeling positive!
    Lylee would looove to have a duck pond to frolic around in :)
    That tattoo is adorable. And I love what/who it represents to you!

  8. That tattoo is so great, and it looks like a blast taking the dogs to the duck pond. :) Glad that the job is going well and you had a great weekend! Ours was cleaning, netflix and ending bday week with a big game night. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. You can tell that your fur babies are so incredibly happy to be at the park and swimming! I also loved all of the snaps of them going down the slide! I always love reading about the meanings behind your tattoos!

  10. Glad to hear that your new job is going well!!! The dogs in the duck pond are sooooo cute. Love the representation in your new ink!

  11. yay for new job! glad it's going well.
    your girl Melanie is amazing. love the new tat!


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