Thursday, March 9, 2017

Stuff & Things vol.9

Not complaining, just thinking out loud...

  • New job started, and nothing like a new job to throw the personal routine into a tail spin. 
  • I have two weeks of training at a different location to where I'm actually working.
  • I'm still in retail management, but before, we owned our own business, so I ain't gonna lie, I'd have the laptop open at work and play around in the blog world when no customers were in the store. 
  • Now, I won't be doing that at all while working because I'm working in a much more fast-paced environment (I love that so far!), and I won't be online during work hours.
  • Before, I worked with my guy.  Now, I don't.  So, you know, when I get home, I spend time with him instead of immediately sticking my nose in a book or into the laptop.
  • I have never been a fan of reading or commenting on blogs or answering emails via my phone.  I just find it more comfortable to do it from the laptop.  And I use the google reading list over bloglovin'.
  • Speaking of bloglovin', I only go on there about once a week.  I noticed this week that people can now comment on a blog post through bloglovin'.  That comment doesn't show up UNLESS you go to bloglovin'.  No email notification and no comment on the actual blog post.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Or has it always been this way, and I just don't use bloglovin' enough to know?
  • It's been raining all week, so no walking for me.  But, I'm on my feet all day running around my work, so I'm not sure my legs, feet, and knees could take walking for exercise right now.
  • Which takes me to the fact that I really would like to incorporate yoga into my new routine.  I practiced yoga probably 15 years ago and enjoyed it.  Personally, I think it would be good for my mind and body to start it up again.  Need to research some yoga studios in the area.  My house is just not a place for it.
  • What a boring post this has been just putting my thoughts to words.  Nothing inspirational.  Nothing about International Women's Day.  Nothing funny.  Nothing informative.  Oh well.  It's still me and still real.  Thanks for sticking around (if you're still reading this.) 

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  1. Essentially this entire post is everything I've thought before, especially the part about responding to things on your phone.. it's the WORRRRSSTTT. The home row feels like HOME.. especially compared to tapping virtual buttons with my fatty thumbs (really it's the fingernails that cause the problem).

    Here we have breweries that allow yoga groups to meet before they open to do yoga. The fee includes a pint or something and the class. I'd be way more into it if I drank beer. But cool concept.

    That bloglovin thing is troubling as I also don't use bloglovin for my feed. Have you tried Feedly for you blog subscriptions? I went to it after Google Reader (RIP) bit the dust.

  2. New jobs throw everything into a tailspin, I agree. Hopefully you'll settle in soon!
    I didn't know that about bloglovin...I've been using the app lately!

  3. i can't stand bloglovin! there's so much stuff on there it makes it hard to navigate so i just use feedly.
    glad your new job is keeping you busy and that you're enjoying it.

  4. Adjusting is so hard. I feel you there.

    Dear bloggers commenting through bloglovin (whoever you are): STOP IT. No one thinks that's a good idea. I didn't even realize that was an option!

  5. HAHAHAHHA I didn't realize the Bloglovin comments were a thing either. I rarely use it...only when I'm REALLY bored. :) Hope the new job is going well!

  6. I've never done yoga but think it would be good. I'm going to try it at home next month. I have a spot for it!

    It's hard to adjust to a new routine.

    I don't ever go on bloglovin'. I didn't know commenting through there was an option.

  7. I did not know that about bloglovin'! Now I need to get back on there and see whether I've missed any comments...

  8. I had no idea anyone commenting through Bloglovin' was even a thing. I don't want it to be a thing.

    New routines are hard. But at least this one is for a good reason!

  9. Hasn't the rain been nuts?! I just got back to the UK and it's actually nicer here than it was in Sydney when I left. That never happens, especially not this time of year!

    I'm hope the new job is going well, sounds like it's keeping you busy for sure. I totally get the thing about when to blog as well. With my trip out to Aus and the whole packing and moving thing I've been largely absent from blogland. I feel a bit bad and then I figure nobody's going to miss me too much, it's ok!

    Bloglovin is introducing a bunch of new things at the moment and I'm not sure I like it. You can now post IN bloglovin and I just logged in and noticed it now notifies you when people have read your posts?! That's all too much for me. Thinking about switching to Feedly instead as others have recommended it. Bloglovin, stay in your lane! You are not social media!

  10. I didnt even know you could do that with Bloglovin... I understand so little about computers to have been blogging for 10 years.
    I always say I'll stick with my cheap ass job just because I can blog all day long & read blogs :) haha

  11. No bloglovin is just weird and constantly changing, it's not just you. Now you can see exactly who has read your posts, which I find super creepy.
    The new job sounds like it's keeping you busy! Fun, but draining.

  12. Bloglovin is annoying. I find it the best method for keeping track of blogs I read, but all of its features are more annoying than beneficial in any way.

    Totally agree about reading/commenting on laptop vs. phone. It's just easier, and I think on a mental level, it feels like I'm carving out time to sit down at my computer and read/comment on blogs. Whatever I do on my phone feels rushed or like a "squeezing it in" thing. Bloggers deserve more of my attention than that!

    Yoga yoga yoga!! Yessssss!!!! Check out Groupon or if you have something similar in Australia. A home practice can be great, but I think there's nothing like going to the studio, having a teacher instruct you, and feeling a part of that community to really get it off the ground. Good luck!!

  13. I did not know you comment through bloglovin but I don't like how it the receiver doesn't necessarily know about the comment. That's weird. New jobs are the best but they are killer of routines. They suck all my brain juice learning new things so I come home after work to be a slug on my couch. Glad it's going well!

  14. I quit bloglovin' a long time ago because it was driving me nuts - I prefer feedly now!! That sounds really weird though!! I hope everything settles in soon with the new job! I love that first picture. That is EXACTLY how I feel almost all the time. haha.

  15. That's exciting about your new job! Sometimes it just takes time to get into a groove! And Bloglovin' has changed so much! You now also get notifications anytime somebody reads your post from there. It's so weird!

  16. You made me straight up panic that I'd ignored comments from bloglovin'. Lol. I had to open a new tab and go check! I rarely use bloglovin'. I scroll through the emails I get but there are blogs saved to my "favorites" tab on my computer so that's how I find new posts. I prefer to read on the computer vs. my phone, too.

  17. I mostly agree with laptop vs. phone, but will occasionally read blogs or respond to a comment via phone when I'm commuting. I don't use Bloglovin'. All my favorite blogs are on my sidebar, so I just don't see the point (unless it's a reallllly slow week in Blog Land and none of those have updates for me). Not to mention all of the ads make me crazy! I'm a big fan of brain dump posts- they're authentic! Rock on, and good luck navigating the new job!

  18. Getting into a new job always takes some work. I hope that you get into a new routine and love it soon. :) I hate blog reading/commenting etc. from a phone too. I pretty much do all of it at work as well. I hate doing it from home. I bet if I couldn't do it at work.. I'd be way worse with the commenting and the reading. Good luck finding a good yoga studio. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  19. Finding your groove after a big life transition such as a new job will take some time. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it thus far. I didn't know about the Bloglovin' comments either. I am ready to start incorporating core exercises into my exercise routine and I've been considering adding yoga as well. I may have to wait until summer to add the yoga.

  20. This post isn't boring. I like yoga too, but would prefer to do it from home. I've always exercised at home. I love pilates too. Good luck on your new job.

  21. You've got me thinking about Bloglovin' now... that's pretty odd that when someone domments through the website, it doesn't notify you, nothing. I actually don't use it either because I find it overwhelming. I'm trying preference is Feedly. Now I used to be online alllllllll the time prior to almost two years ago but I just can't with the current position I have. Oh well.
    I hope you settle into a routine soon enough and find a sweet yoga studio that's perfect for YOU. :)



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