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I'm a proud Texan who moved to the  fantastic wonderland of Sydney, Australia in December 2008.  

I miss Texas.  A lot.  But, I love the home I've created in Australia as well.  

My blog doesn't have a set structure.  I write lists.  I read books.  I share my thoughts from time to time.  

I've got a guy.  He shares his two kiddos with me. 

We've got 3 adopted lovable kitties named Ricky (the tuxedo), Astro (the ginger), and Ivy (the torty); and we have 2 not-so-smart, but oh-so-sweet sister mutts named Dolly & Sally aka The Destructive Duo.

I've traveled a little (and would travel a lot more if I had the money to do it).   

I'm silly and loud sometimes, and other times I get extremely introspective and introverted.

I've made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons, and I'm always attempting to grow and evolve.

I am a diehard fan of live music and have been fortunate to see most of my faves in concert.  I will always and forever be a rocker chick.

I know there are a lot of blog rules and suggestions for building a better blog.  I'm not really one who follows those rules.  So, if my lack of structure bothers you, let me not really apologize in advance.

These are my daydreams and random thoughts...
A fan of all things inspirational, whimsical, cuddly, passionate, emotive, beautiful, fanciful, thought-provoking, yummy, daring and fun! Much love to the risk-takers, thrill-seekers, globe-trekkers, wish-makers, and rock-n-rollers. I am UNfamous as a blogger, but that's okay. I love the little corners of my mind that are expressed through my blog, and that's all that should matter. If you love it too, well...that's a bonus!!!!


  1. Love your about me page :). I've been to Sydney so I can totally see why you would love living there!

  2. Lovely bio about yourself in a few paragraphs. :) so lovely to meet you and your menagerie of furries are ADORABLE!!


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