Monday, October 12, 2015

1000 Posts

People enjoy instagram for a variety of reasons.  Businesses market themselves.  Celebrities allow you to see a little more of their lives while also marketing themselves.  Some bloggers stage pretty pictures.  I mostly just give a slice of my life through random snapshots.

Today, I made my 1000th instagram post.  I thought it was the perfect time to look back, reflect, and view some of these snaps from my IG world.  Are we friends on IG?  We should be.  Find me here.

IG snap 1:  It seems my first post was my first dabble into pink hair.

IG snap 100:  Who doesn't love a little #TBT?  This picture portrays the gloriousness of the relationship between Texas, big hair, spandex, and dance teams.

IG snap 200:  100 weeks ago, this was the view from my apartment.

IG snap 300:  With as many cat photos as I post, I'm surprised this is the only one that made it as I was counting through each 100 pics.  I'm not surprised that it is Astro, as he is the kitty who is by my side most often.

IG snap 400:  The sweet sisters make their appearance.  Those faces.  Gahhh.

IG snap 500:  And, the Pacific Ocean makes its appearance too.  Which reminds me that I haven't been on a coastal walk lately, and I need to go.

IG snap 600:  My mother claims that I post a lot of drink pics.  I guess she may be correct.  

IG snap 700:  Representin' the 'stros when baseball season was starting.  Now, they lead the ALDS.  

 IG snap 800:  Back in Texas celebrating Niece 1's graduation

IG snap 900 - As I previously mentioned, who doesn't love a little #TBT?  Plus, sequins and big hair and prom 1991!

IG snap 1000:  Niece 2's 17th birthday is today!

Are you on instagram?  Let's be friends.


  1. When I had IG I loved your TBT posts the most. You keep a lot of pictures!!!
    I've been contemplating on getting another Instagram but for funny photos I come across from time to time. Not sure... I don't know what I should call it :/

  2. I love all the throwback Thursday pictures! As a fellow Texan, I know you know what they say, the higher the hair the closer to God! Oh yeah, and Go 'Stros! My fingers and toes are going to be crossed all day today!

  3. yes to instagram! good idea for a post :) i love looking back on the things i've posted over the weeks/years :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. I'm totally an IG addict - I'm heading to add you right now :)

  5. Well, congrats on your 1000 posting! I love the look back & you gotta bring that big hair back FOR SURE! :)

  6. Nice, a great look back. You saved me some scrolling. ;-)

  7. OMG the cheerleaders picture is so Texas, I love it! I can't imagine going back and picking favorites.

  8. What a fun retrospective!! If I did one it would be all books, dogs, daughter, cat, dogs, books, random weird shit my husband does.

    I love your #tbt pics because the cheerleader ones amuse me (as the parent of a cheerleader, not some weird cheerleader stalker creep). How far cheerleading has come yet how much it has stayed in one place.

  9. This is a seriously cool post. I have no idea how many photos I have on Instagram currently....I was late to the game after deleted the app in the beginning because I thought it was a fluke...haha joke's on me! Now it's my favorite! This was awesome to see your photos and super awesome to see the throwback photos which are amazing!

  10. This was fun!
    Also, when I first saw the picture of your niece I thought she was one of the girls from Pretty Little Liars and was confused as to why you were posting her picture.

  11. 1K?! WHOA BABY!!!! tbt is always my favorite! lol

  12. This is such a great look back! I might have to do something like this. But, how did you go back and find out which pictures were which number? It seems like it'd take forever! I'm glad we're IG friends now!

  13. this is such a fun post, i might have to steal it one day! i've got a ways to go before 1000 lol. love all the TBTs :)

  14. What a fun post. I might have to steal this idea one day. Why am I'm not following you on IG? bad me!

  15. This post is so fun! I especially love your #tbt posts. They always make me want to dig through my old photos when I go back to my mom's house (which isn't often enough, unfortunately).

    I haven't even posted 100 pictures on Instagram. Haha. To be fair, I only started using it more regularly in the last few months. I didn't even create an account until January of this year!

  16. Wow, 1000 posts is very impressive! Congratulations! I love following you and seeing your pictures!


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