Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Life in Numbers

I don't know who I originally saw post this, and I can't remember who I saw most recently post this...if it was you, I'm happy to give you credit if you give me a reminder.

Random tidbits of my life in numbers:

1 = brother (plus step-siblings, sisters-in-law, brother-in-law)
3 = broken bones (wrist, ankle, thumb)
5 =  countries where I attended a concert (USA, Australia - duh - England, Ireland, Italy)
7 = tattoos I've had (one has been removed; I called it "the dirty rose")
13 = posters of Bon Jovi that used to cover the walls, doors, and ceiling of my room (there were other posters and collages too, but this is the number of actual full-size purchased at the store and not a collage made at home count of Bon Jovi posters)
14 = how many times I've seen Bon Jovi (the band) in concert; saw Jon Bon Jovi solo once
If you want to be my best friend for life, you can give me $4000 ($2000 for airfare & $2000 for ticket) to this, so I can add another notch of JBJ to my list.
26 = states I've been to in the U.S.A. (plus D.C.)
61 = country code to call Australia
66 = books read in 2014
66 = books read so far in 2015 (woo hoo!)
82 = months I've lived in Australia
233 = songs on my work playlist (but it still seems like I hear the same songs over & over)
949 = area code I had when I lived in Newport Beach, Cali
2567 = post code I live in here in Australia
77007 = zip code I lived in before moving to Australia
Countless = number of pictures I've taken with my toes in sand

Any random tidbits of information you want to tell me about yourself?


  1. Where was this dirty rose you speak of and how old were you when you got it? I got my first one 16 years ago. I can't touch it up anymore or it'll look like a black blob. Lol

  2. Well this looks like fun! Dirty rose eh? Do tell ;)

  3. this is a super fun post! you've lived there quite a while! so great. love learning more about you!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Interesting that you've had a tattoo removed, did it hurt? I have 4 tattoos and some I wouldn't choose today but I look at them all as representations of chapters of my life.

  5. How cute are you and how much do I love this? tons!!!! What a neat post and made me reminisce about my teen bedroom as I too had the BJ posters plastering my walls!!! :-) Hope you're enjoying a great day cutie pie!!

  6. No. You have not read 66 books because that's the exact number of books I've read this year and that's ridiculous. Too much #twinsies

    This is a fun post.

  7. I've never seen anyone do this before. I love the idea!

  8. Hahahaha... "the dirty rose" sounds pretty awesome!

  9. Love this! Brought back memories of my childhood bedroom and the "Bon Jovi wallpaper" I used to call it! Between the 6-8 full sized Bon Jovi posters I had and the dozens of 8x11 pictures from magazines, I managed to cover 3 out of 4 of my bedroom walls. I completely ruined my folks' paint and drywall!

  10. You lived in Newport Beach?! Jealous! You are just the lil traveler, busy lil bee. I love it! I've done one of these posts before, they're pretty fun. :)

  11. I love this!

    Fun fact. I have NEVER been able to convince my brother (who is 37) that Bon Jovi is the name of the whole band. Whenever I say "they" he STILL corrects me and says "him." Dork.

    Oh and you have read so many books! I am such a slacker!

  12. Oh the places you have been! You are rocking your reading compared to last year! Woohoo!

  13. What a cool idea! I really need to get back into blogging! When I was a teenager my room was covered with posters! I remember that I had a life-size Luke Perry all over my door.

  14. I love these type posts! Good on you for already reaching your book numbers so early in the year! I love when I pass a previous best!

  15. Such a fun post! I definitely had 13 posters on my wall as a kid, but I don't think they were of the same person. I love that you love him so much. I saw Bon Jovi for the first time last year. He's still got it!

  16. I love these posts! I keep thinking I'll do one, but then I can never decide what random facts to share. I like that a lot of your facts were music related (though I'm not surprised!) :-)


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