Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Favorites: Costumes edition

We all know that Halloween is this weekend.  In America, Halloween was my favorite holiday because I'm a gal who loves to dress up in costume.  It's not the same here in Australia.  It's not a holiday that has generated a whole lotta interest.  The popularity is growing, but it's just not the same.  I've said that I wanted to throw a Halloween-tastic party ever since I moved here.  I shoulda done it this year - Halloween being on Saturday, and all - coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Anywho....April gave me the great idea to post a pic of a particular costume after we discussed costume favorites.  That is coming...but let's talk a walk down memory lane to see some of my favorite times to dress up in costume.

First grade school play ... I was an elf.  Those were the good old days when costumes consisted of tights and homemade outfits cut out of felt.

Seventh grade slumber party - I'm on the right - we had some kind of talent show thing happening, and we lip-synched a song.  I guess you could say we I was dressed like a member of a sad lookin' girl group.  I think.  I'm not 100% sure.  What I do know is that my hair is showing promise of my hair-teasing abilities to come.

Eleventh grade - dance/drill team officers' Novelty dance - Yep, that's me, your friendly, cowardly lion.  I loved this dance., we all suited our characters.

Before Britney Spears dressed up like a school girl to hit you baby one more time, I dressed up like a school girl for a college Halloween party.  I'm on the left.  Apparently, I'm a trendsetter.  

Another Halloween in college, another costume thrown together.  This time with the (then) boyfriend's cowboy hat and red one-piece pajamas/thermal underwear for a redneck cowgirl look.  You know, the kind with the flap on the butt.  Yep.  These had that. 

And...another Halloween in the college years.  Both KD & KMW used my leotards and tights (dance team comes in handy for costumes) for their costume inspirations.  I accompanied KD's Sandy (last scene from Grease) with myself dressed as Stephanie Zinone (Grease 2).  These were also the years that my eyes were always glow in the dark red because anti-red eye combatants hadn't been invented yet.  ALSO, these were the years without camera phones, and I can't tell you how thankful I am for that fact.

I'm disappointed because somewhere in the midst of these costumes, I dressed as a really cool looking Geisha Girl...had my make-up professionally done and everything...but I can't find a photo of this event.  Boo!

My one & only time that I ever bought one of those sexy costumes for Halloween.  Probably because I felt like my body was at its best.  So, sexy Snow White it was.  I was also taking diet pills (practically prescribed speed)...that's why my body will never look like this again, and I'm okay with that. 

This also started me trying out different hair colors because I actually liked my look in this wig (although I never actually dyed my hair black...maybe when I'm over pink  hair?)  That's my cousin with me.  She was pregnant and proud that she (for once in her life) had ample cleavage.

Last year, I dressed as a witch for a one year old's birthday party.  It was "fancy dress" witches, goblins, and fairies.  I dug my make-up, but I sweat like a mad woman in it.

In 2000 (or maybe 1999), we had a themed party for dress like your favorite decade.  This started a repeat showing of dressing like an '80s rocker groupie chick.  This is the only pic I could find of that night, but rest assured, I was rockin' an airbrushed Poison t-shirt signed by Rikki Rockett with vinyl pants.

In 2008, I resurrected the '80s rocker groupie chick twice.  I only have the photos above & below to show for one of those occasions.  This was while I was still on diet wearing latex stretch pants was an option.  No longer is that the case. favorite night of all...for the fun of it, and for our costumes:  Halloween 2008 before I moved to Australia; my last Halloween in America.  *tears*

Allow me to introduce you to my E2.  We're the Erins.  Depending on who you talk to, I'm Erin 1, and she's Erin 2 (or the other way around).  With my group of friends, she just became "Two" or "E2".  Besides the skirt that she is wearing, I dressed both of us entirely from things in my closet.  Backstage passes and all.  I was proud of this ensemble. 

What's your favorite Halloween costume that you ever created or wore?

Never fear...Ten Things That Made Me Happy will return.  I just haven't been very organized.  Today, linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites:


  1. The Wizard of Oz group costumes are my fave! Awesome!

  2. ok these are too amazing! you look fantastic in all of them if you ask me. and i miss the days of homemade costumes too! when you had to work hard for your look haha. have a great weekend!!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. These are awesome! You have GREAT costumes!!! I think next year you should dress as Gem!!

  4. So many awesome costumes!!! I can't even pick a favorite.

    I don't dress up. I think I have like twice in my adult life and I have zero memories of my childhood costumes. My sister has no memory of hers, either. How weird is that?

  5. oh my gosh, so many costumes i love them all!!! seriously girl you look fabulous.
    and yeah, heck no to diet pills!

  6. Wow I love all these costumes, I stopped dressing up when I stopped getting free candy.

    I do wear a Halloween shirt though!

  7. You have had some really great costumes!! I am dressing up for the first time in like 4 years this year!

  8. haha I love all of these! I can't even pick a favorite, although I agree about the tights and felt. The good old days.

  9. The rocker ones are the best and I love that you used items you already had in your closet!

  10. Some of these costumes are HOT girl. You're crazy creative, a hell of a lot more than I, that's for sho'. ;-)

  11. I love all your big, blonde hair. Looks like you really enjoy dressing up. I love it! :)

  12. These are great! I swear, in a few of them, it looks like you walked right off the set of a Motley Crue video or something! You go, girl!

    A few years back, my husband and I went out with some friends for Halloween. He dressed up like a western/cowboy type man so I called him Sundance all evening. Honest, I never used his real name the first time! I dressed up in reverse drag as a prohibition era gangster with the suit, stuffed my hair up in a fedora, and gnawed on a cigar all night. I wouldn't respond to anyone unless they called me Al. It was amazing how differently people treated me when I was dressed up like a man! It was a hilarious evening!

  13. You are so good at costumes! Seriously, you did 'em right. I had a few good ones as a kid but my favorites are a few years ago when I went as Wednesday Addams out in the Village in NYC and it was awesome... and last year I went as a #basic bitch. It rocked.

  14. I love all the rocker ones because they're so you!!

  15. So many fun costumes! I feel like everybody's been a school girl at one point in their life, but you were right with the times for Britney. I was a pink lady one year too and we had so much fun!

  16. These are all seriously amazing! I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was a kid (like 10 years old), and every time I see pictures like these, I regret that. None of my good friends in town do big Halloween parties or nights out or anything, though, so I guess I don't really have a good reason to dress up. Maybe I'll dress up if I ever have a kid ... At least then I kind of have an excuse. Haha.

    Weird question, but in the pictures with the white shirt with red cap sleeves, is that a Guns N' Roses shirt? If so, I had one just like it back in high school (or maybe early college)! It looks so much like that shirt (and would fit your look), so I thought I'd ask!

    Oh, and if you do dye your hair black, make sure you REALLY want black hair. I've been dying mine black for nearly 10 years now, and even though I occasionally think about lightening it a bit, I know I probably won't because it's just so hard to get black out of your hair. I do love having black hair, though, and feel like it suits me more than my natural hair color (which is light blondish-brown). I just figured I'd throw that out there! :-)

  17. I need to dig out some pictures of some of my old costumes. It's so fun to look at Halloweens past!

  18. I love all of these! Although the 80s rocker chicks are my favorite because the 80s are my favorite. Sure sure I was a baby for them but hey...good music never dies!!!

    Also my husband totally has a red onesie with the butt flap. I bought it for him for Christmas because he wanted one so badly. #hemightbearedneck

  19. Oh wow, so many cool costumes! Thank you so much for sharing! I really wish that Halloween was bigger in Germany when I was younger! I love costumes! I love you as a lion!


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