Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sundays Seven Snapshots vol.43

When I got out of the bathtub, I found these two in the shower.  They look guilty of something, don't they?  My Ricky Sparkle and Ivy Lou turned two this week.  Happy birthday to my babies!

Flowers are blooming all over (one of the reasons Spring is my favorite season) - as I walked to the local store to get some provisions for my sick self, I stopped and smelled the roses.

Yep.  This week was all about being sick.  So, there was a lot of this action going down.

And, this was my food intake for a few days.

But, you know, I can always find time for a library pick-up; books and movies for the fall film challenge (I'm so desperately behind the pack, but I participate for fun, not glory.)

A lot going on in the great state of Texas this weekend, and I'm missing important moments for family and friends.  I talked about being homesick on facebook, so a sweet friend of mine brought me flowers to cheer me up.  So thoughtful.

My mama sent me this picture of my brother and niece #2 the night that she gets escorted on the football field for Homecoming Court.  *Heart swells*

My guy and I had a date night planned to see The Martian, and I was going to meet some friends' new baby boy on Sunday...instead, I'm layed up trying to get over this funky funk of illness lingering in my throat and chest.  Hope y'all are feeling fine and enjoying life!


  1. So sweet that your friend got you flowers! :) Why do pets insist on laying right on our faces?!?! lololol

  2. I hope you're feeling better! That's so wonderful to hear that you have a good support community in Australia that knew it was a hard homesick week for you and did something as simple as bringing you flowers. I bet having those people make the tough distance a little easier sometimes.

  3. Your cats reallllllly look like they've been up to no good. Lol!

    Ugh you're still sick eh? That's no good, girl. Hopefully you've rested a bunch yesterday and today (days off, right?). Sending lots of well wishes and positive vibes.


  4. Those roses look beautiful. So sorry you are not feeling good but having popsicles and reading all day sounds like a good way to rest and recover! :)

  5. hope you're feeling better! nothing cracks me up more than a kitty just plopped on you so you cannot move. ha.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. I love that a friend brought you flowers to cheer you up, what a great friend!

  7. Hope you are feeling better!! That was so nice of your friend to bring you flowers, what a wonderful friend you have. Feel better.

  8. I'm so sorry you've been sick. I hope you're feeling much better now!

  9. I hope you're feeling better! That's so sweet that your friend sent you flowers because you were feeling homesick! There always seems to be a lot going on during the fall.

  10. Your kitties are taking such good care of you! Cats are the best caretakers! And they do look guilty in the first picture :)


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