Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Whos That Guy vol.2

After having a lot of fun with this on a previous post, I decided to make this a monthly series (for as long as he is willing to participate).  He is often referred to as "my guy" in this blog, but he does have a name.  It's Neil (no middle name, although he likes to claim "Aloysius").  My mother has no middle name either.  Weird coincidence.

This month's questions to get to know my guy:

1.  Favorite meal:
T-bone and chips (aka french fries)

2.  Favorite color:

3.  All expense paid trip for two anywhere in the world, where do we go?

4.  Your son just turned 8; three words to describe your 8 year old self:
spaztic, nerd, fat
(*sad face*; I really don't like the use of any of these words.)

5.  Favorite song:

6.  Celebrity crush:
Sofia Vergara
(This was the one answer that I knew exactly what he'd say, without question. I just don't know what he sees in her. In all serious, I like that he crushes on a woman in her forties.)

7.  You get a "boys' night" with 3 dudes.  Who do you invite?
AC, Clint, (two of his actual friends), and Jeremy Clarkson

8.  What actor would play you in a movie?
Matt Damon or Brad Pitt
(he thinks highly of himself, doesn't he?)

9.  An Australian stereotype that annoys you:
Bogan housos (think...white trash)

10.  Three websites you visit everyday:
(I refuse to type the first one he said), facebook, abc.net.au

Feel free to jump in and join the fun if you have a guy (or gal) that you want us to get to know.


  1. Bahahahah... you HAVE to tell the first website now!

    1. Exactly!!! You can't tease us like that! haha.

  2. Now I'm too curious as to what the first website was...

  3. These posts are so fun! My grandpa has no middle name either, and his first name is two initials that don't stand for anything. So weird.

  4. ha i just love this. your man is too funny (which you clearly already know) :) keep it up girl! and i've got a big hunch on what that first website was. no judgements! :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Patience is such a great song!

    The first web site must have been interesting.

  6. I like the confidence in Brad Pitt or Matt Damon :)

  7. OMG was the first one an adult website?! You can't leave us hanging. Sofia is gorgeous so I totally understand that one.

  8. My hubs crush is Sofia, and mine happened to be Joe, so we both get our hall passes if we ever run into them as a couple! haha. But really, no...Joe is my internet boyfriend.

  9. Sofia Vergara is hilarious AND gorgeous. Hi Neil!!! :-)

  10. I had a friend that didn't have a middle name either! I think that I would probably just know who my husband's celebrity crush would be too, he's obsessed with Carrie Underwood.

  11. so at first, i didn't see the 'T' and I was like bone and chips? hahaha.
    i hate the word spastic. i feel the same as when people say retard or retarded. it was like that growing up, we got in so much trouble if we said it, and some people here still say it to be funny, but they don't say retard. i'm like, one is okay but the other isn't? it hurts my heart.
    bahahaha now I want to know the first website he visits ;)
    bogan housos! THANK YOU. I was (am?) a 'houso' and I am not a bogan. At least, I don't think I am ;)

  12. You man is funny. I have never met anyone who didn't have a middle name. haha. I need to get out more.

  13. Hahaha, I bet the first website is an "adult" one ;-)

  14. I love this tag! I tried to get my husband to play but he wasn't having it the other night. So we will have to try again! Your husband is HILARIOUS!

  15. I love the picture of you two! So adorable!

    I also love that he's been willing to play along. It's fun to get the guys involved sometimes. :-)

    I feel like I know a lot of people without middle names, but they've all been first generation American. I always thought it was an American thing, then ... But who knows?

    I haven't listened to "Patience" in a long time ... Thanks for the reminder about a great song!

    And now I'm super curious about the website you wouldn't name. Haha.

  16. That's a fun series. I love reading his answers. I do not have a middle name either by the way. Sofia Vergara is definitely beautiful but I think her boyfriend/husband (?) is even better looking! :)

  17. Well now I want to know what website! :-)

    These are fun questions! I might have to borrow them!


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