Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#hashtaghumpday: The Destructive Duo Strikes Again

These girls.  Sally & Dolly.  If you've been around here for a while, you've seen me moan groan bitch whinge complain talk about their destructive behaviour before.  Some of these pics have probably been shared as well.  #sorrynotsorry #imlazy #immakingapointhere

Anything that tears, rips, or's history.  If it is made out of foam, even better.  If there is stuffing to pull out of say, a stuffed animal, or a pillow, or a lounge cushion, awesome.  To steal borrow from Megan, let's hashtag #goatdogs #yestheyeatwood

Confession:  We left the backyard looking like this for weeks after about the zillionth time they caused it to look this way.  #notsorry

Dude.  Sally's face kills me in this one.  If that isn't the look of shame, I don't know what is.  #guilty #caughtredhanded #iknowimcutesoshecantstaymadatme

"Oh.  What?  You wanted to use this broom to sweep the porch?  Well, we were trying to help, and it didn't really work out so well." #whenwillilearn #theycantbetrusted 

"You know that loveseat that you put outside for us to sleep on?  We can still use it.  What's the problem?" #yestheyateacouch #yeswethrewitoutwhenwemoved

"And that blanket I ripped to shreds?  There's still a portion of it for me to sit on." #youdontfit #ilikebigmuttsandicannotlie #sillysally

Confession:  They've been given dog beds, blankets, pillows, and rugs...and eaten everyone of them...but I still feel guilty that they don't have something warm and cozy to sleep on. #petparentproblems

"I know you gave me this boring old rope toy, but it's not nearly as fun as those stuffed toys you used to give us." #rippedthemtoshreds #sadfaceaintgonnagetyouanotherstuffedtoy

Notice, in most of these pictures, they don't have collars.  Why?  They chew them off.  #lastonesdidntlast24hours

Being destructive is exhausting.  #obviously  #duh

A girl needs her rest to destroy things.  #wedontsleepladylike 

"Hey.  Don't look up.  I think our human wants to take our picture again."  #leastphotogenicdogsever

"Sit?  What?  I did sit.  Then, I jumped on my sister's back.  You didn't say to sit still and pose for the picture.  You just said 'sit'.  I did that, and I'm done.  You want pet photos?  I hear those cats that get to hang inside the house all day like their photos taken." #geesh #cantbetrustedinsidethehouse

Confession:  I have about ten times the amount of pictures of our cats compared to our dogs. #ourcatsposeforphotos #ourdogsdontpose

Did you see these pics on my instagram?  My guy has off on Tuesdays (days off for a retail worker/shop owner are not always weekend days).  My days off are Mondays; Neil's are Tuesdays.  We get our chores and errands done and have a little "me" time.  Thank goodness this happened on a Tuesday.  As he went outside to mow the front yard, he finds the Destructive Duo trying to join him.  #destructiveduo #escapeartists #peekaboo

Remember.  They chew through collars.  So, if they got out we'd have a BIG problem on our hands.  #yestheyeatwood #goatdogs #thankstehmeganforthathashtag

Confession:  I feel like a lousy pet mama that they don't have collars and tags for this very reason.  But, I don't like metal choke collars, and they've chewed through multiple pairs of collars.  #iaintmadeofmoney #petparentproblems

Confession:  No matter how many things they destroy, I still love them madly.  I wasn't even mad when I saw these photos of them breaking through the fence.  I thought they looked too damn cute to be mad at them.  #lovemymutts #mixedbreedsrock #sweetsisters

I mean c'mon...I fell in love instantly when I saw these faces....... #whowouldnt #loveatfirstsight #sallylostherspots
The day we brought them home
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  1. Holy. Shit. LMFAO!!! THE COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha the picture with the couch and the picture of one of them curled up on the tiny piece of blanket cracked me up! One of ours chewed a layer off of the wall in our bedroom...she would just do it while we slept. That's why we got a headboard, so she couldn't make it bigger... She also chews on the legs of our wooden dining table chairs whenever we're eating because she's jealous or something. Good thing it was free and we're getting rid of it when we move!

  3. Oh my goodness! The looks of shame are real! haha

  4. this is a good reminder for me to not get a dog ha. i was on a pet rescue site just yesterday! but i can barely handle my cat so i know i'd be terrible. even though i LOVE all animals. these pics make me laugh and also cringe for you!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Haha I definitely saw the fence photo on your instagram and thought it was adorable. Now that I see the rest, all I can think is "These devils!"

  6. I know you know how much joy you just brought to me, but I'll express it here anyways.
    YYYYYYAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #goatdogs will be trending sooner than we know! This internet fame is totally going to my head.
    Although it does seem like maybe your dogs have taken it to an extreme, so if maybe you could just keep that on the "down under" (I changed it just for you) so Meri and Phil don't know this level of destruction is possible, plskthx.

  7. Haha!! Omg the worst thing Hawkeye does is chew tissues to shreds. All her toys are fine! She doesn't wear a collar either though. She's chipped, but also she doesn't leave my side or the side of whatever human she's with so I don't need to worry. She doesn't want to escape (why would she, I feed her tacos and she sleeps on a water bed.) That love seat, omg!

  8. Oh my gosh, this brightened up my day - thank you. It's so hard to stay mad at faces like those even if there is destruction all around them. Tee hee!

  9. Oh my gosh I would die if Gunner was that destructive. This makes me feel very, very lucky we've only lost one remote control to him. Good thing we love our pets so much right? Also I'm with Stephanie above, you could get them chipped if you are worried about the no-collar thing. I think it's kind of spendy, but think of it as the money you'd put into new collars every week! haha

  10. Dobie is my #goatdog That's actually what the child calls him. Dobie the Goat. He eats EVERYTHING. His favorite is garbage. And he descimates any toy with a squeaker, leaving entrails of stuffing in his wake. It's hilarious.

    My boys don't wear collars, either, unless they're on leash for a walk. Barkley is a runner. Dobie isn't smart enough to run. They are both chipped, though, so if something happens, it's a little less terrible.

  11. Lolol! Sally can't hide the shameful face to save her life.
    The peekaboo in the fence is just epic. Lol. I guess they wanted to help Neil?!
    The puppy pics are way too sweet. Who would've thought they'd grow up to be little hellions. Lol, I'm just kidding. ;-)

  12. Hahahahaha that love seat!!!!! I cant stop laughing!!! Here I though I had some #goatdogs that eat their beds and shred all their toys. Yours take it to a whole nother level. But they are just as cute as can be!!!

  13. I can't believe they are the couch! I completely understand not wanting to buy them beds that they'll just destroy, but I would feel guilty too! And how could you not love those cute and so innocent looking faces!

  14. Oh my God. I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging wide open as I continued to scroll through this post. They're so cute, but seriously ... So destructive! (I do, however, love the fact that they look so guilty in several of these pictures. Haha.)

  15. I'm pretty sure their destructive long lost cousin Salem lives at my house. Salem likes to locate and dig up tree roots that run through our yard.

  16. The photos of them breaking through the fence are SO DAMN CUTE! I could never be mad at them for long.

  17. Oh holy crap. That is some crazy destruction.

    Gus is my only destructive dog. THANK GOD.

  18. Oh my gosh. I would die. They are so cute, but I couldn't handle the eating all the things!


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