Friday, October 2, 2015

Blogger Love vol.2

In this here land of the blogosphere, one of the things that I enjoy most is the support and encouragement many bloggers give others.  From time to time, I see a post or link-up that is spreading blogger love.  I decided to jump on that wagon with Megan's link-up.

For some reason, I think most of you who actually read my little corner of the web, read these blogs too.  (I stalk see your comments on their posts.)  But, these were some posts that I particularly enjoyed the past few weeks:

Alyssa shared Ten Things I Know Right Now.  We are unique individuals having different experiences in our lives, yet we relate to each other through our thoughts, emotions, and lessons-learned.  Alyssa packs that into this post beautifully.

Through a couple of blogs I regularly read, I stumbled upon this cute link-up hosted by Elle: The Story Behind The Pic.  She says that she will be hosting it monthly, and I will definitely participate next time.  I thought the stories I read from the link-up were a lot of fun.

I thought Steph's post honoring her fifth anniversary Five for Friday: Years of Marriage was truthful, fun, insightful, encouraging, and yes, full of love.  C'mon.  Y'all know that Steph and MFD are one of our favorite couples in bloggerland.

Booklovers and goodreads fans, you must read this post by Cait about How (She) Will Improve GoodReads When (She) Rules the World.  I sure hope Cait gets to rule the world because some of these changes are exactly what we need.

Laura's post about Online Me vs. Real Life Me had me laughing.  I could relate to every single photographic example that she posted.

Wanna laugh some more?  Read Danielle's FB Status Updates That Make Me Eyeroll . She nailed it.

Sharing the blogger love and linking up with Lindsay and Krysten for another Ten Things That Made Me Happy This Week:
  1. Surprising one friend with another friend's visit
  2. Rekordling pomegranate cider
  3. Pulled pork sandwich with pineapple chutney
  4. Sweet, personal messages from girlfriends that I needed to hear
  5. Hard Rock Cafe with a friend I hadn't seen in three and a half years
  6. Blogger shout outs
  7. Talking to my mom & George
  8. A hot bath with a book and a nice candle
  9. Book Challenge by Erin has rolled into our final month for this challenge
  10. Wearing a sundress with cowboy boots - makes me feel like a true Texan - hey, wait, I am a true Texan!
Want to spread blogger love, positivity, and happiness?  Join one, or both, of these link-ups!


  1. What a great link up! I checked them all out :). That pomegranate cider is the (I'm bringing that back) but I still love the passion fruit one the best.

  2. I liked the story behind the picture link up a lot too. So many great old pictures and post ideas that day.

  3. i love this post and i especially love this list at the end. it's so important we take moments to think about what makes us happy at any given moment. i just love it - the littlest things often have the most impact!

    happy weekend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. The one thing I miss the most about my old house was the huge bathtub. I just don't feel motivated to take baths in the normal tub. But I love me some candle lit baths.
    I also love blogger shoutouts.. and you've been very popular on Teh Blog lately, lol.

  5. I think that I might need to do the hot bath with a candle and book tonight, plus wine because wine is always a good idea! And like they say, you can take the girl out of Texas but you can't take the Texas out of the girl, so wear your cowboy boots and sundresses proudly in Australia!

  6. Thanks for the link love and kind words!

    And links to some other posts I'm off to enjoy now!

  7. I haven't checked out all of these posts yet, but I will, because the Facebook one and the online vs real life one are both good!

  8. Thanks for sharing these links, have just been puttering around visiting them. All solid recommendations! My favourite was the story behind the pic. I'm going to try and join that one next time it comes around, if I get myself together!

  9. Thank you for the continuous love and friendship. <3

    I just had a good laugh reading the real me versus the online me. That was epic :)

  10. Steph and MFD are awesome, such a fun post. Off too see how Cait will rule Goodreads.

  11. I love discovering new links. So glad we've connected.

  12. omg thanks for mentioning me!! that made my day! i'll be doing the link up again oct 22! mwah!

  13. Loved Elle's link-up and definitely want to do it next time! I also loved Laura's online me vs real me post and Dani's FB status one, so funny!

  14. Oh my goodness loved Cait's post on how she would change goodreads. So spot on!

  15. I love the post about how to improve Goodreads! Thanks so much for sharing. I need half-stars as well. I really don't like the 5 star system. It just isn't enough.

  16. I loved Elle's link-up! I meant to participate and totally forgot but it was fun to read everyone's stories! :)

  17. A week of so much love! Thank you for sharing my post. It had me laughing too, which is embarassing. But hey, if you have to be able to laugh at yourself right? Loving these other posts as well, the FB status one killed me!

  18. Thanks for the shoutout girl! Totally made my weekend! I think the only one I hadn't read was Cait's, so I'll definitely have to check that out! Hope you have a fab week!

  19. I am SO behind on my blog reading! I am grateful for this list so I can make sure not to miss anything!

  20. I love when people share their recent favorite posts. I'm bookmarking this page to go read soon as I clean out my own reader. I'm so behind lately!


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