Friday, October 9, 2015

Ten Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Hey there, Friday.  I welcome you with my weekly dose of positivity and linking up with Lindsay and Krysten for Ten Things That Made Me Happy This Week.
  1. Soft serve ice cream
  2. Special birthdays
  3. Sweet note from stepson
  4. Dad saying he is proud of me
  5. Books that give me all the feels
  6. Great things and new adventures happening in the lives of blogger friends 
  7. Buying flowers for a friend that needed a pick-me-up
  8. Getting my hair done; seriously, how can you not be happy with this hair?!  
    Yep.  That's my hair!
  9. Texas A&M Aggies are 5-0 (but, they started out 5-0 last year, then tanked); we're focusing on "happy", so this week, I'm happy with the Ags!
  10. Astros are in the ALDS! 
plus this meme:
yankees daddy
In 2015, Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel pitched against the Yankees for a total of 22 innings; Yankees scored zero runs.  Meme credit: Jerry Solis
plus this picture:
136th ESB had to show off their pride for the Houston Astros and Houston Texans - photo source
What made you happy this week?


  1. Oh my gahhhhh! Your hair is awsome!! I love it girl. :-)

  2. i still cant get over your hair! you look AMAZING! what a wonderful list of happy things :) happy weekend to you friend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. man, i miss good soft serve ice cream. i don't even know where to get it here. i know one can get it in america, i just have never found it in KY. your hair looks fabulous!

  4. I love soft serve ice cream!! OMG!! I LOVE LOVE your hair!! It looks so good!! I love the idea of doing this that made one happy this week. I might have to steal this idea for myself.

  5. Such fun hair, I love it on you!!

  6. You never get too old to make your parents proud :)

    I'm reading a book right now I'm totally sighing in with all the feels :)

  7. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!111 THE PINK IS SOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! It makes me extra miss my blue!
    I resisted ice cream all week, then Teh German tempted me into date night out last night by telling me he'd share an adult milkshake with me. I can't even fight that.

  8. Blah. I'm definitely not an Astros fan. But that Keuchel is pretty amazing to watch. When he's not pitching against my Angels! I gotta admit, though, I'm totally on the Cubs bandwagon this year.


  9. Girl, you are rockin' the do! Don't know you in person, but from what I gather from your online persona, it fits your personality - bold and fun! Enjoy and have fun with it!

  10. I love soft sere ice cream. Rocking the hair girl!

  11. That hair! Love it! Hes gone now, but every girl needs to know she makes her daddy proud! Best thing to hear ever!

  12. OMG your hair is AMAZING! I LOVE it!

  13. I love your hair! Doubt I'd be able to do it myself because it would look horrible with my skin colour but it looks amazing on you.

  14. I. love. your. hair. Seriously!!! It looks awesome. Sounds like you had a pretty good week!

  15. Your hair made me happy too, I love to see adult people doing what they think is cool. I know some people think we should leave the hair color to the kids but I wanted in on the fun too!

  16. I love your hair! Such a fabulous color. I got a haircut as well and it is pretty short now!


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