Friday, September 21, 2012

List # 3

This list is inspired once again by quirky pickings.  She challenged me to name ten of my favorite actors or actresses.  I started thinking about it, and I am not one of those people who has a favorite in the sense that I must see every movie or television show that a particular person has acted in.  I respect the acting talents of some, and others I like because they just seem to have an enjoyable, likable personality. 

I got to thinking some more about this blog, and I did start it as a "style" blog.  So, here's my favorite actresses lookin' oh-so-stylish.  

(Wouldn't it be nice to have stylists, designers, jewelers, and hair & make-up folks to get you ready for a big event?)

Dakota Fanning

Diane Lane

Drew Barrymore

Helen Mirren

Jennifer Aniston

Kate Hudson

Kate Winslet

Nicole Kidman

Rachel McAdams

Sandra Bullock

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