Friday, February 22, 2013

Book # 6

Here's me ... again, contributing to James Patterson's $80million a year income.  I like the Michael Bennett series, and I liked this book (I, Michael Bennett).  I like the family dynamic intertwined with the crime thriller element.  It ended rather abruptly, but that only made me ready for the next one in the series.  Since the world of James Patterson knows how to pump out the books rather quickly, I'm sure I won't need to wait too long. 


  1. it's ninety-four, erin. and i tried patterson the other day. but it was sundays at tiffany's or whatever. GROSS. maybe i should try the murder and mayhem instead.

    1. For me personally, I read lots of thrillers. He's great at that genre. Some are definitely better than others. I trade a lot of my books at a second hand store, but if I have any around, I'll send you a couple if you want. I'd rather a writer make 94 mil than the likes of some crazy like Tom Cruise.


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