Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thoughts #21: Courtesy

I know that common courtesy from customer service people can be lacking.  Common courtesy from customers need help too.  I have a couple of rants from today's personal experiences.  And, I have a couple of Maury Povich memes.  This is sizing up to be a very entertaining blog entry...

Christmas shopper rant from a retail salesperson:  Guy comes in...
Guy: "How much are watch batteries?"
Me: "We don't sell individual batteries.  We supply and fit battery by a qualified watchmaker.  It's either $18 or $24, depending on the watch"
Guy: "Why? I just want the battery.  Why does it cost so much for a watch battery?"
Me: "We've charged the same price for a battery change for 8 years.  We offer the service to have the battery changed properly done by professional tradesmen."
Guy (aka Ebenezer Scrooge now): "Fine. How quick can you do it? I don't really want to pay that much, but..."

Comes back 15 minutes later...
Me: "Your watch is ready, set to the correct time, day, and date."
Guy: "Oh, thanks.  I never could figure out how to change the date."
Me: (what I wanted to say): "Maybe you shouldn't complain about paying for a service when they can provide a little something extra like setting the date on your watch that apparently you could never figure out for yourself."
Me (what I really said):  "No worries.  Have a great afternoon."

Another guy comes in...
Guy: "Do you have silver necklaces?"
Me: "We have a variety of sterling silver necklaces over here, and throughout the store we have many options of necklaces and pendants in white gold."
Guy: "Do you have one with a heart?"
Me: "Sure, let me get it out for you.  It is in 9karat white gold with a small splash of diamonds"
Guy (cuts me off): "Diamonds.  I don't want to pay too much."
Me: "This has a very small amount of diamonds, and 9k gold is a more affordable option of gold.  Also, it is discounted, so this necklace cost you $279.)
Guy: "Do you have one with more diamonds?  Do you have one that is bigger? Do you have one where the heart sits straight instead of at an angle?  But I don't want to pay too much, but I want bigger diamonds."
Me: "Do you mind if I ask your budget to point you in the right direction?"
Guy: "Well, $279 is more than I want to spend, but I want bigger diamonds, and a bigger heart, but I don't want to spend more than $200."
Me (I want to stare at him like the dumbass that he is until he leaves the store)
Me (what I actually do): "I can offer you an extra 10% savings on this piece that I'm showing you.  That helps you get closer to your budget.  Unfortunately, bigger diamonds in a larger heart is going to cost more money.  I'm happy to help you with that if you'd like."
Guy: "I think I'll look somewhere else for something cheaper."
Me (what I want to say): "I'm sure your girlfriend will be thrilled with that decision."
Me (what I actually say): "No worries.  Have a great afternoon."

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  1. That guy's girlfriend is getting some fake diamonds for Christmas... I don't even want to venture out into the shopping world right now. I've only been to the mall once in the past month and that was enough to remind me that people are really obsessed with buying things and not obsessed enough with being nice.


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